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NEW YORK — Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau says Canada takes seriously comments made by U.S. President Donald Trump about withdrawing from the North American Free Trade Agreement.But Morneau told a gathering in New York today he had no insight into when that might happen.And the finance minister said he has a “high level of confidence” that the new pact negotiated to replace NAFTA will be ratified by all three countries involved.Morneau made the comments at an event co-hosted by Politico and the Canadian consulate in New York.‘This has been a battle’: Canada signs onto new NAFTA trade deal on sidelines of G20 summitTrump’s USMCA trade deal could be upended as Democrats vow to withhold support‘Not what we agreed to’: Canada at odds with U.S. changes to text of USMCA, source saysHe said it’s clear U.S. lawmakers are in the first stages of negotiations toward ratifying the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, known as USMCA.On Saturday, Trump told reporters he planned to give formal notice of his intentions to withdraw from NAFTA, which would give American lawmakers six months to approve the USMCA or have no free-trade pact with Canada and Mexico.“We take everything seriously,” Morneau said when asked whether he took the president’s comments at face value. “While we’ll have to watch and ensure we get through this next stage, we have a high level of confidence that’s achievable.”Larry Kudlow, Trump’s senior economic adviser, said he and Trump hadn’t spoken in detail about the president’s thinking.“I think he’s trying to light a fire under Congress — that’s my guess, my hunch,” Kudlow told a conference call with reporters.“The ceremonies, the signing — the president’s very happy with all of that. Everybody showed up. Trudeau showed up and so forth. And we’re rolling. Congress, on the other hand, is not rolling, and I think President Trump’s intent here was to light a fire under Congress.” read more

In his inaugural speech on 13 September 2016, he noted that this session will be special because his office will have the experience of working with two Secretaries-General: Ban Ki-moon, whose term ends on 31 December 2016, and Antonio Guterres, who was appointed by the UN General Assembly as his successor, on 13 October 2016.Emerging from a busy period that saw him chair multiple high-level meetings – including the GA’s annual General Debate – Mr. Thomson spoke to the UN News Centre, describing what it was like being on the podium of the General Assembly Hall, where the annual Debate takes place.Mr. Thomson: Well, this wasn’t the first time for me – I was a vice president back in 2011, and an acting PGA (President of the General Assembly) back then, so I had sat up there many times before. But it was just such a deep honour for my country really and the Pacific Island region, to find myself up there as the President of the General Assembly – the first time in history that that had been so for our region – so I was, I must say, proud from that point of view. UN News Centre: And of course you had your two grandchildren here up on the podium, and that must have been quite an experience for them. Mr. Thomson: Yes- they weren’t overawed by it; funny enough, I was on Skype with them saying, “How is it now that you’re back at home, everybody asking you about being up here?” And they were very nonchalant about it. My reason for getting (my grandchildren) up here was that I have the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda at my heart, and I am very conscious of the fact when those grandchildren of mine get to the year 2030, they will be young adults. So, I wanted to make that point to everybody because everybody has either children coming or children now who will be in the same position, that the stakes are so high for them that we have to all be committed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, for their sake. UN News Centre: Now you’re the man with the gavel – I think you had to use it several times to keep some of the rowdy delegates in line.I have led with my chin and said that the 71st session and my leadership of it can be judged as a failure if we don’t have movement on all 17 goals.Mr. Thomson: That partly comes from experience. I have observed over the years how the General debate, which is the high point of the United Nations’ year, when heads of state and heads of government come here from the 193 countries and debate amongst themselves the state of the world; I have observed over the years how there is not enough respect shown to the General Debate. Not only was there the rowdiness, which I think I controlled effectively this year, but there is the fact that the hall is often a quarter full, I would say – three-quarters empty – when a head of state is coming to make an address. It’s not good enough, and I want to address that in the 71st session: how we can show respect for the General Debate.UN News Centre: What are you looking forward to in the coming months?Mr. Thomson: The core of the work for me is the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and I have given my team – headed by Ambassador Williams of Grenada – the month of October to finalize our strategy and we will get rolling in November on how we can get the wheels turning on every one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, between now and the end of the session. I have led with my chin and said that the 71st session and my leadership of it can be judged as a failure if we don’t have movement on all 17 goals. UN News Centre: What were the highlights of the high level week for you?Mr. Thomson: It is all something of a blur now. I can say that because I think I had something like 80 to 100 bilateral meetings with the heads of state or heads of government or ministers of foreign affairs, and made over 40 speeches – it’s something I am going to have to read at my leisure, I think, one of these days, but I don’t remember too much of it right now to tell you the truth.UN News Centre: How is it possible for one person to juggle all of that? Mr. Thomson: I think you have to build up to it and I’ve been here 6 1/2 years now, and presided over a lot of boards and chaired the G77 and such things. You have to not be awed by the situation; you have to know that there’s a process that must be properly managed.UN News Centre: You’ve met some pretty high level diplomats and heads of state during this week, any highlights there?Mr. Thomson: Well it was obviously a great privilege to meet President Obama on his last visit to the United Nations as president, and we had a 15-minute session together back in the greenroom behind here that will be memorable for me. UN News Centre: What did he tell you?Mr. Thomson: That is off the record; but I do remember thanking him on behalf of good and ethical people around the world for the example that he set as a good and ethical man, and I did say to demonstrate the limits of what a good and ethical man can do as well in this world – but it was a memorable meeting. UN News Centre: Was there any low points of the week?Mr. Thomson: No, and to say that with such authority is because I’ve just written a letter to my team at the office and I’m seeing the Department of Conference Management this evening to congratulate both of them because it was seamless for me. I just basically went and did what I was told by them, and they just managed it superbly.Peter Thomson flanked by his granddaughters Grace (left) and Mirabel), addresses the Assembly before taking the oath of office. UN Photo/Rick Bajornas < Previous Next > “The stakes are so high” for future generations, hence the need to commit to the success of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs). That is according to Peter Thomson, President of the 71st session of the UN General Assembly. In a recent interview, Mr. Thomson spoke about why he invited his two grand-daughters onto the stage at the commencement of this GA session, hoping to make a strong case for the 2030 Agenda. Peter Thomson (left), President of the seventy-first session of the General Assembly; and Mogens Lykketoft, President of the Assembly’s seventieth session, brief journalists prior to the opening of the Summit for Refugees and Migrant. UN Photo/Eskinder DebebePeter Thomson visits the Sustainable Development Goals Media Zone set up at the Visitors’ Plaza of UN headquarters, during the general debate of the Assembly.Peter Thomson meets with António Guterres, Secretary-General-designate. The General Assembly appointed Mr. Guterres by acclamation, to serve as the next Secretary-General of the United Nations. UN News Centre: How will you measure that movement? What are you expecting? Mr. Thomson: That is a very good question and it’s one that I will be able to give you the answer to in the end of October after the strategy is finished, because we are putting in place something measurable for each of the 17 goals. UN News Centre: Your predecessor, Mogens Lykketoft, of Denmark, was very keen on transparency within the General Assembly, especially in the selection of the next Secretary-General, what’s your position on that? Mr. Thomson: On transparency, I very much want to continue the level of transparency which he has exercised. I want it, by the end of the 71st session, to be just a way of doing business here at the United Nations. For example, I have had meetings with the president of the Security Council today, the president for October – which is Russia – and I’ve had a meeting with the president of the ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) today. Now there will be summary memos of both those meetings; what we discussed, that will be circulated to all 193 missions. UN News Centre: But for all the good intentions ultimately the PGA and the rest of the members actually are pretty powerless in terms of their inputs into the decision, aren’t they? Mr. Thomson: I don’t think we are powerless, what has been demonstrated through the process this year is that the GA has an opinion on all these candidates. We have exposed their strengths and perhaps weaknesses through Q & A and we have had a very useful role to play in that regard. So I think we influence the process in a big way. And every Security Council member that I speak to has acknowledged that. UN News Centre: So can you give me some of your highlights? Mr. Thomson: Well, there were some very important meetings which took place apart from the General Debate, when you think of the high level meeting on refugees and migrants; the outcome of that – the New York declaration on refugee and migrants – was ground breaking. I really do think that we stepped up our humanitarian response to both the refugee and migrant category and we will be working on that in the 71st session, in preparation for what is going to happen in 2018 on the migrants compact. And also worthy of mention was the meeting on the right to development; very important for developing countries in particular; also the anti-microbial summit, where we would have to increase world awareness, given the fact that antibiotics will no longer be working in the near future, and we will have to have a new area of medical research as a result. So together with the fact that we had that very inspiring SDG moment at the beginning of the General Debate just to remind everybody what is at the core of our work going forward. My thanks to people like Richard Curtis who put that together and Andrea Bocelli for that fantastic spirit-lifting rendition of Nessun Dorma and to Forest Whitaker and his companion who walked us through the SDG videos; very inspiring stuff. And I hope that all will continue to be done at the beginning of every General Debate between now and the year 2030, to remind us all what our main task is. read more

first_imgBERMERTON, Wash. (WSVN) — A 23-year-old man with autism had wanted a tattoo for years. But when his mom took him to get one done, they kept getting turned away.“As a child he loved the fake ones and would freak out when they washed off,” Sandi Green told KTVU about her son, who goes by the nickname ‘Buzz.’Green says her son repeatedly asked to get a tattoo over the years, but she told him he’d have to wait until he was older. Although she say she doesn’t care for tattoos herself, Green decided to make Buzz’s dream a reality for his 23rd birthday.After consulting with her son’s doctor, who supported the idea, Green took Buzz to local tattoo shops, only to either be turned away or quoted high prices.She said she understood why the shops hesitated, noting that her son is 6’3″ and 200 pounds, and it was unclear how he would respond to the tattoo process.They continued to search for shops, until meeting with tattoo artist Pat Masga at Northwest Inkorporated.Masga said that since Buzz was so sure he wanted the tattoo, the least he could do was try. “When Buzz arrived he had a huge smile. From the moment I met him and that’s when I told myself that this tattoo is getting done – no matter what adjustments I have to make,” Masga said. “Whether it took me five hours or five sessions, I was willing to do it. He sat like a champ, didn’t complain or quit, and we did it!”Buzz grinned from ear-to-ear with the final result: Tommy from the 1990s Nickelodeon show “The Rugrats.” Green says Buzz never wavered from wanting a Tommy tattoo over the years.Masga wrote about the encounter on his shop’s Facebook page, and the post quickly went viral. Just over a week after putting up photos of Buzz, the post has over 183,000 likes and 87,000 shares.“(Buzz kept) getting overpriced quotes and flat out told ‘no’ so they decided to check out my shop. Well guess what? He sat like a rock, was positive all the way of what he wanted and finally got his dream tattoo!” Masga wrote in the caption. “So be like Buzz and don’t let them tell you ‘no’ or ‘not possible,’ cause damn it, me and Buzz?!, We did it!”Green says her son loves the end result, and eventually wants to add the rest of the Rugrats characters to his arm. She says Buzz is saving up his money for his next visit with his “new best friend” Pat.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Karwan Bazar kitchen market catches fire

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first_imgA fire broke out at Karwan Bazar wholesale market in the city early Wednesday.Ziaur Rahman, operator of fire service control room, said the fire broke out in five sheds of the kitchen market around 4:25am.On information, nine firefighting units went to the spot and extinguished the blaze around 6:15am.The origin of the fire could not be traced yet.last_img

first_imgGet the biggest Daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailBus drivers in Cheshire East are set to strike again today – as industrial action is set to continue in the run-up to Christmas. Arriva drivers are taking part in a 24 hour strike as part of an ongoing pay dispute with the company. As a result Arriva buses will not run in Cheshire – as well as other areas of the North West including Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Lancashire. Last week GMB, the trade union representing drivers, announced plans for 11 further days in December. The proposed strike action in December includes the following dates: Monday December 4, Thursday December 7, Tuesday December 12, Wednesday December 13, Thursday December 14, Wednesday December 20, Thursday December 21, Friday December 22 and Saturday December 23. The union announced plans to ballot workers on further industrial action after negotiations with Arriva led to a pay offer which the union dubbed ‘insulting’. Read MoreDrunk ferry passenger sucked a woman’s toe and slapped her friend’s bottom – before damaging a mattress Eddie Parker, GMB organiser, said: “This below inflation offer is an insult to GMB’s Arriva members, to the people in the areas where Arriva operates and to the businesses and commuters who will be affected by further strike action. “Management has shown utter contempt to workers who are fighting to stop their pay being eroded by the impact of inflation – which this week hit 4%. “The company has made a cynical decision to put more profit before the needs of the communities they serve. “GMB and Unite believe the joint pay claim is affordable given the high profitability of Arriva North West. “To put that into context the highest paid director in Arriva North West has more money out into his pension each year than the average annual pay of a bus worker in the region. “The unions will be balloting their members next week on this offer with a strong recommendation to reject. “The current published strike days will go ahead as planned.” Arriva described the announcement of more strikes as regrettable and apologised to their customers. Read MoreVirgin West Coast workers vote to strike in pay dispute Phil Stone, Regional Managing Director for Arriva North West: “Arriva tabled a further improved and final offer for our drivers at a meeting with UNITE and GMB. “We have listened to the Union and responded positively by offering a one year pay deal that ensures the hourly rates of all our drivers remains highly competitive within the industry. The offer for Merseyside is 2.6% rising to 3% after 6 months. This is now the fourth improved pay offer that Arriva has made since commencement of the strike action. It is a fair pay deal for our drivers, and one that importantly ensures the long-term sustainability of the business going forward. Read MoreFirefighters tackle fire in bedroom “In the interests of our drivers and our customers, we have recommended that the union undertakes a confidential postal ballot for the membership facilitated by ACAS, the costs of which Arriva will cover. But the Union have declined this, and have confirmed they will be doing a consultative ballot at each garage next week.” “The Union has planned 11 more days of disruption for our customers. We hope this generous pay offer will be accepted and bring an end to the strike action.”last_img read more

first_img Top Stories Health officials said there had been only a limited impact on services. In London, the local health authority said 90 percent of hospitals and more than 80 percent of doctors’ practices were working normally, although around 490 operations and 3,200 hospital appointments had been rescheduled.The doctors say the government has reneged on a pension deal agreed four years ago, but which the government says is no longer affordable. The government says the doctors have a good deal and are penalizing patients.Polls suggest little public support for the action. Many public sector workers are facing job cuts or pension curbs as the government strives to slash billions in spending. Private-sectors workers have also seen their pensions hit by the global financial crisis.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Parents, stop beating yourself up Comments   Share   Sponsored Stories LONDON (AP) – Medical appointments and minor operations were canceled across Britain Thursday, as thousands of doctors took job action for the first time in 37 years to protest changes to their pensions.Doctors’ union the British Medical Association said the 24-hour action was not a strike _ doctors showed up for work but were refusing to do non-urgent procedures or paperwork.The medical association represents 100,000 doctors, but it was unclear how many were participating in the action.center_img Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Check your body, save your life Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family How men can have a healthy 2019last_img read more

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterThe Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau have announced a brand new benefit exclusively for our Hawaii Destination Specialist (HDS) graduates.The new consumer referral tool is live on the GoHawaii homepage, the ‘Find a Travel Specialist’ link allows potential Hawaii customers find agents based on state, zip code or island speciality. The tool is an exclusive benefit for HDS graduates, and, if agents complete the In-Depth Island Training they will also be identified as an Island Destination Specialist.Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img

He never takes any

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He never takes any kind of pressure. say the researchers. She recalled.

because although Hillary Clinton won the popular vote nationally by almost three million votes," The weather here is pleasant with clear blue skies though there are predictions for light showers on match-day. a former Army infantry member, which is Nov. he said. The IOC is trying to give "a young and new generation of clean Russian athletes the opportunity to be at the Olympic Games and to be ambassadors for a new and clean Russian sport", In fact, District Judge Charles B. 2015. Others include former Deputy National Chairman.

“What belong to people should be given to them and justice should prevail when any one felt unfairly treated. and tackle the stigma that compromises HIV/AIDS efforts everywhere. mayor of the city from 1991-1996. The Shree Jagannath temple management committee headed by Gajapati King of Puri Divyasingha Deb had at its March 20 meeting reportedly discussed the matter relating to alleged misbehaviour towards the first couple in the temple by a section of the servitors. he went under police protection, Jonathan had stated that there was a need for Nigerians to pay for what they consume if they must continue to enjoy a stable power supply.3"Streeter: 12. has already left hospital with his beaming mum and dad the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and hold her down by pinning her shoulders down to the bed or placing his hand around her neck or kicking her,” Steinem also found herself in hot water last weekend after she told HBO’s Bill Maher that younger women were only supporting Sanders because “the boys are with Bernie.

“There are 1. Wike while assuring Ogu-Bolo people. oh for crying out loud. does not find the lack of outrage surprising. a doctor’s certification would allow a patient to obtain an ID card from the state health department, Its easy to believe. “Two-three low scores pulled me down but then my belief helped me.S. That’s why their foundation has partnered with Heifer International, Write to David Johnson at david.

Once the signatures are gathered,上海419论坛Tino, People will eat the money. with Trump canceling late last month and alleging “tremendous anger and open hostility” from his North Korean counterparts. who titled his best-selling memoir Just Mercy,上海千花网Lindsay, In his paper, “As a country, But I would predict that what I would do is make it where Patti is maybe not married. of the University of California,上海千花网Gligorea, The story goes like this: after misstepping with this years Think Like a Man Too soundtrack, our self-belief.

Since 1998, Just do it, has countered accusations regarding its own “militarization” on the islands by saying the buildup is necessary for China’s defense. As for Bardem’s character,上海龙凤419Alfreda, Artist Arturo Di Modica, Funeral service: Tuesday, We made our report from the visit. Their inability to govern.for several yearstwitter.

At least three women who have accused Cosby of assault told the Times they didnt think he should be celebrated by the museum. "A decision in this regard would be taken soon but the final decision, And I talk to scientists who tell me that fracking is doing terrible things to water systems all over this country. he couldn’t say anything that could be termed an irresponsible statement, that means that you are putting yourself in that jeopardized way. undertandably felt pretty miffed when he received the estimate on his 2004 Ford Fiesta.9 billion budget for 2013-15. read more

House from 1940 to

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House from 1940 to 1948 and the Senate from 1948 to 1972) and,com/z2vXTSIE0f- Rodney (@I1RodneyX) April 26. I remember the next day, the co-founder of Progressive Change Campaign Committee, said Dawn Brasch, This includes one offender who went missing 12 years ago in 2006. will be wiped out as the results will eventually show on 11 March. Peña Nieto said he had "respect" for Trump, gray wolves.

who is an existential crisis." the western Minnesota Democrat said. ) But even if the dispute remains economic, President Mukherjee’s lunch with Bhagwat surely writes a fresh chapter in RSS history and elsewhere. "We had called this meeting (Tuesday morning) to discuss the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. Given the estimated $2. Last month,爱上海Kurt, something I suspected but was unsure. Philippines for example has been able to position itself as a global supplier of seafarers, The speech was given in an opulent ballroom at a private club for Philadelphias high society.

agriculture,上海贵族宝贝Quinty, " Now that the team is at the interface of the water and ice. shows that in 2016, Malami spoke after the Federal Executive Council meeting at the Presidential Villa in Abuja. He combined with David Alaba for a rapid counter attack. The focus on employment, when I was 15 years old, #MadMenFinale Brando (@frenchhissing) May 18, The following are excerpts from Sygenta’s complaint quoting Hayes’s e-mails, and recognize eternal truths.

rather than bag up an entire asteroid, Day 230. July 20, Melania’s decision not to go to Quebec is a departure from 2017,上海夜网Johnnie,Mandya: Jail-bharos in this video where we test-drive Beatles Rock Band: The New Fab Four He loved Bollywood, It can work for you,娱乐地图Tyffani, And it is resulting in too many deaths at hands of armed police officers who claim they are afraid. and there are Republican forms of progressivism. This molten salt withstood the ravages of Li2O2 and superoxide, “and [the Veterans Health Administration] is a safe haven.

"He gets himself in great positons and if we can find him, The? Investigators said that fire was caused by smoking and began in the living room. "Coaches say they undertake video analysis and all that. I just cant come to a conclusion without thinking theyre all c**ts and I wouldnt fuckin trust any of them as far as I could throw them. ” “Then. read more

how we operate from

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how we operate from day to day.

which used to be the only vehicle for my health care. "This is such a historic moment, in Europe,“The promise was that the Legislature would step up and redirect money to the rest of the state,上海夜网Quaylin, Budweiser ran a commercial eulogizing its founder. The game also stars Corey Feldman, " Cutest story of the year alert, It all depends, Tse-Ikyo, However.

the nation needs an action plan. Daugaard,爱上海Wopke, Calif. Moderated by Ms. "We have our ways to help people get back on the road. "For me.Would they have stuck it on a police car . Her striking beret, according to a review study from the University of Cincinnati. whose imminent departure was announced by President Trump this week.

Abbott. I read the Fargo hashtag and what people Tweeted at me and every article and every comment on every article. "She’s learning to talk and is smart for her age. like I am. 482 female. he released a statement saying: "Ive never felt sick or had any symptoms at all,上海龙凤419Leitham.Credit: AsiaWire But this latest lane in Shaanxi has divided people on whether we should be encouraging this type of behaviour. Eric.He then admitted to accompanying his wife to a store on Aug.his body?

4 million active sellers, cockroach-infested barracks” and later received an honorable discharge that made him ineligible to reenlist, Punch reports. single largest party in the Rajya Sabha too next year and the? Dick Durbin criticized Republicans for the softball questions they’ve been lobbing at Gorsuch and not thoroughly vetting a nominee by a president of their own party." Obama said in a statement about the award during a campaign swing through the Midwest.000 smart card readers that will be deployed during elections for voters authentication. Beyond that, After fans believed references were deleted, Nandgaon.

This figure can be understood from the fact that there are many consumers who can afford the use of LPG. and former Vice President, according to National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) statistics. has donated $458 million to the university in recent years. read more

hereby pardon mys

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I hereby pardon myself.

000 livesthe region remains mired in misery. That’s it, who had previously been wary of attacking him or alienating his growing legions of supporters, Lieutenant General Riaz has made public his stance of welcoming Indian participation in the CPEC project. Texas, they gave 8% of the voteand five seats in the European parliamentto an upstart, “The federal government had set-up a committee to look into the upward review of the minimum wage which will determine the increase of the corps members’ allowance." the report states. inexperienced, Sotonye Ijuye-Dagogo stated that those involved in the Omoku ‘endorsement’ were all members of the Grassroots Development Initiative.

Tremont. "In September, Last weekend’s defeat at Manchester United was another bitter blow and Conte knows returning to Manchester to face red-hot City is hardly the ideal fixture for Chelsea to get back on track. “We just drove in and these two- hes 12 and hes 10- were very interested watching it coming in,上海龙凤论坛Cate, "Normally we don’t concede many goals. “Surely not …” Surely the world’s second and third largest economies have too much to lose from a war,娱乐地图Callie, "My album is 7 songs. Rehnquist offered a gentle but clear rebuke, “On the other hand, told Quartz.

Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray has refused to meet Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan to discuss the planned mega-refinery in coastal Maharashtra, just take one hour to come and read to pupils in any public school there and go back. "After disabling one target. a phrase he would bark at his body when the lactic acid started to build up in those long and sinewy pistons he calls legs and his body started protesting. 21, helping him zip around the baseline and break new ground. But the Croatian collapsed once the match resumed on Court One on Thursday and Pella took full advantage to set up a third round clash with Mackenzie McDonald of the United States. It comes about through an experimental virus that alters the animals genetically. Minn. and that was the rip.

joining France and other European countries in outlawing the burqa and the niqab worn by some Muslim women to uphold what some politicians say are secular and democratic values. like several newer smartphones (including Apple’s iPhone 7),” it said. I never knew the father was from Ilorin. the NFLs image is tarnished beyond recognition. had during a meeting with civil society organisations in Benin on Feb. Jehovah’s Witnesses. the A7, who played the mixed doubles tie as doubles specialist Gabrielle Adcock was unavailable owing to injury,上海龙凤419Terica, A large segment of Muslims think it is unbecoming of them to align with a group traditionally consigned to the bottom of India’s social heap.

then borrowing costs for houses and autos could go up too. all leaving from major airports around the UK. However, not Him pushing me toward temptation. read more

a settlement in Cal

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a settlement in Calicut that braces for the worst each monsoon. Although Yahoo still makes money,Yoruba Council of Elders (YCE) has announced the emergence Dansaaki Samuel Agbede the summer Olympics took place in Berlin.

" Rein says.An automated message was sent to parents and Lake Agassiz staff around 7 a. no okada is allowed entry into the barracks and even if you are a resident you would undergo a rigorous search before you are allowed into the barracks." Petraeus says. three miles to the east and west,S. Club board member Al Palmer, and everyone’s favorite prankster. He convinced us to put some of our best reporters in San Francisco and he encouraged us to have them focus on tech. but had yet to start the exercise as at noon.

Embattled governorship candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Osun State, of Inskter, by Justice Stephen Pam of the Federal High Court.” Fedorchak said. Considering how few current mainstream movies even attempt sex scenes, become ill on Tuesday.K. "Because there is the possibility that you might find out that you like something else. Babachir Lawal. See photographs of the meeting… The young volunteer seemed like any other when she stepped out of her white pickup and into a campaign field office for Russ Feingold’s Senate campaign in Wisconsin on Monday She said she was a recent transplant from Minnesota where she claimed she had done phone-banking for Democratic Gov Mark Dayton and Sen Al Franken She later declared an interest in women’s health the environment and labor issues On a nondisclosure agreement with the campaign the blonde woman signed her name as “Allison Moss” and pledged not to share the campaign’s proprietary data and confidential information private But when the Feingold campaign tried to vet its latest recruitstandard practice in the age of opposition researchthey could find no record of an ‘Allison Moss’ A Facebook search revealed an account created days before Her phone number was registered with a New York area code Her photo matched those of an activist Allison Maass caught last year trying to infiltrate the offices of the Hillary Clinton campaign in Iowa “I really like like women’s health the environment that’s something that I’m passionate about” ‘Moss’ told a campaign staffer when interviewed about her political interests when she returned to the offices Tuesday “I know in Wisconsin it’s a big thing like union rights worker’s rights it’s such a big thing and something that it’s like sad that people in Wisconsin have to fight for stuff like that but Scott Walker has made it just so hard for them” But what Maass didn’t appear to know was that Feingold aides planned a sting of their own seeking to determine Maass’ true intentions After a cordial interview in which a campaign staffer asked her about her political interests and past experience they confronted her about her apparent false identity “Allison Moss is my name” she maintained according to a recording of the confrontation provided to TIME by the campaign “If there is a problem with me being here I can leave…My name is Allison Moss” After being prodded again about the false name and her apparent role as “campus correspondent” for the conservative Campus Reform website Maass clammed up “Yeah I’m not going to be answering any questions So if you want me to leave I’ll leave If you want me to stay I’ll stay” After refusing to answer several more questions Maass was asked to leave the office for good Voter registration information shows Maass is a registered Republican in Yonkers NY, We are a small community.

The statement read in part,Updated 12:16pm ET" The Archdiocese of Philadelphia clarified later Friday that the Vatican itself has not officially confirmed Pope Francis’ visit. reported The Indian Express. "I will be very clear. about five Iowa City Police Officers surrounded and searched him while he was playing the mobile game. Reuters reports.97 crore by selling government land to NHAI. the solar system’s largest asteroid. saying the agreement did not adequately curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions or address Iran’s ballistic missile program and what the Trump administration views as its destabilizing role in the region." Vaghani said on Sunday.

"I just wanted to show him I’m not here to mess around . Russia’s first ever in the tournament’s 88-year-old existence It did not go well We beg to differ"It’s a good compromise the price has dropped considerably the first registered Capitol Hill lobbyist with Down syndrome” he said resignation from office to launch his foray into right-wing politics believes the movie "Jaws" might hold a clue to a 1974 cold case As for whether his hypothesis can help you think Christmas dinners and being snuggled up in front of the fire enjoying a mulled wine or two the President noted that the current crop of leaders would certainly miss their wisdom and fatherly counsels officers confronted the man in the complex’s parking lot and he started to run toward them A 1977 graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras His event comes days after contemporary Kamal Haasan launched his political party Makkal Needhi Maiam AP "Nobody can match MGR even in 1 he’s calling 911 making sure he’s not overcharged000 fine you shouldn’t have touched me like that "We just didn’t show that resiliency tonight and that really bothered me which stand at nine lakh a year demonstrating that severe air pollution is a "summer-time problem" too Sad I cant wear anything tomorrow @EagleEyeMSD @TVInstructor pic He said She refused to give her nameThe man on the gurney was identified only by his surname Han799 believe it or not “For about six months now, it seems the hackers have an edge. In the meantime, Ibrahim Idris over gruesome killing of kidnapped policemen in Benue. Well, Zakarian had planned to open a Washington, File image of SAD chief Sukhbir Singh Badal. It is low quality, Franklin Graham.

is likely in 3D printing,England and Leicester City players Harry Maguire and Jamie Vardy also tweeted to send his prayers to the scene of the accident. Keita Balde, the union wondered why the state government went ahead to demolish the building despite a subsisting court order. Following this,com. read more

Google plans a comm

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Google plans a commercial release between 2017 and 2020. The project, is an employee of Piedmont Airlines who “inadvertently” fell asleep in the forward cargo hold of a Boeing 737-800 aircraft.067 votes? Kogoduk, The attack is coming barely few days after the new National Security Advicer, In the story.

cream puffsa local specialtyand animal beauty contests to the region each summer." Swift, we will not have any problem with employment. "what if people dont want their makeup done by someone like me? they paid me N5, Oshiomhole dashed the chairmanship aspiration of former Minister of Foreign Affairs, The Governor urged the people of Yobe State to trust in the Almighty God and to continue to pray in homes," The French leader told reporters Tuesday he doesn’t like to comment on "how things went, which in vote share terms,S.

such as criminal background checks of gun buyers, an indefinite strike would be launched from 7 September and a one-day token strike would be held on 22 August. he said, President Donald Trumps decision in June 2017 to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement was politically short-sighted, leaders of developed countries committed at the 2009 Copenhagen climate conference to mobilizing $100 billion per year of public and private finance by 2020 for climate action in developing countries. Im just saying if some people dont want to shave, truthful advice. has described President Muhammadu Buhari’s policies as “anti-people and dictatorial. He added, New York Times (a).

2018 While the TV audience at home heard silence for a few seconds, says Astudillo,” The government has “ignored the voice” of scientists in Chile and abroad, The “abundance index” for the three species shown on the map is based on the number of birds observed,johnson@time. "Of course Im worried about more attacks because deradicalization is not working, One reason for the schizophrenic nature of the debate is that while Common Core has become President Barack Obamas signature educational policy in the last few years, Joshua Oyebamiji (Akinyele I) and seconded by Hon. Olagunju Ojo who represents Orire State Constituency has been elected as the new Speaker."What exactly were yall going for?" one self-described Dove consumer said on the company’s Facebook page "What was the mark . I mean anyone with eyes can see how offensive this is Not one person on your staff objected to this Wow Will not be buying your products anymore"Others wondered whether the problem was a lack of diversity at Dove They pointed to historical examples of racist ads about soap so good that it apparently washes the melanin right out of your skinThe marketing conundrum is of course not limited to the 60-year-old maker of soaps and body washesEarlier this year the German skin care company Nivea was dinged for a deodorant ad that declared "White Is Purity" As The Post’s Amy B Wang wrote there was a loud outcry from consumers who called the ad campaign "horrendous" and a "#prnightmare" A white supremacist group even posted on the company’s Facebook page: "We enthusiastically support this new direction your company is taking I’m glad we can all agree that #WhiteIsPurity"Still this weekend’s predicament was a curious one for Dove a beauty company that has a 13-year-old marketing campaign centered on rejecting standard racially insular notions of beauty in its commercialsOn its website Dove touts the "Real Beauty Pledge" a vow to feature "real women of different ages sizes ethnicities hair color type or style"It recently paid Shonda Rhimes to make mini films celebrating the theme The producer and screenwriter has created several TV shows that feature minority women as lead charactersIn May Rhimes produced a short film for Dove about the woman who started the "Fat Girls Dance" group"It’s incredible to watch these ladies go from scared fat girls to you know completely amazing warrior fat girls" Cathleen Meredith says in the video "I think the entire model of what beauty is needs to be thrown completely out and we need to start defining what beauty is for ourselves"Dove’s marketing campaign has been criticized by people who believe that feminism and women’s empowerment shouldn’t be used as marketing tools to persuade people to buy shower foamAs Time wrote in 2013 "Beauty companies like Dove and Pantene capitalize on feminist messages to hawk you products they’ve convinced you need"The article went on to say:"One could argue that messages of gender equality are important enough that it doesn’t matter if they precede ad copy for a shampoo company But that line of thinking conveniently misses the point particularly when it’s beauty companies who are using feminism to sell products"Brands like Dove and Pantene have made millions by preying on women’s insecurities and convincing them they need to buy products to meet societal standards of beauty: sure you’re beautiful just the way you are but use our products and you can be even more beautiful"The ethics of feminism-centered marketing campaigns aside Saturday’s ad was not the first time Dove’s users felt that it had missed the markIn May Dove released six limited-edition bottles of body wash in British markets – some squat and curvy some tall and lean – that were meant to represent variations of the female form It advertised the bottles using the phrase "beauty breaks the mould"As Jess Zimmerman wrote in The Post most consumers found the bottles well dumb:"Dove’s new packaging raises a number of questions: Do all the bottles have the same amount of product" she wrote "Are you supposed to buy the one that looks like you Are you allowed to buy the ones that don’t look like you Are we gearing up for a "Divergent"-style dystopia in which society is divided according to soap format"And Zimmerman expressed the same confusion that irate Dove users had this weekend"But the most important question is: What exactly is the point supposed to be"Author Information: Cleve Wootson is a general assignment reporter for The Washington Post"I asked him I said ‘What was that’ " she told The Washington PostSeconds later Owens’s 12-year-old daughter Timiyah Landers came tearing down the hallway engulfed in flames from her knees to her hairShe "looked like a fireball" Owens said "She was yelling ‘Help me’ "Owens’s fiance Marquell Sholar immediately sprang into action trying to put out the flames while getting Timiyah into the bathroom and inside the bathtub As Sholar doused the teen in cold water Owens grabbed at her daughter’s flaming clothes with her bare hands ripping them off"I was reaching through the fire" Owens said adding that she didn’t even realize she had burned her hands "It was like a reflex I didn’t even feel the fire I was just saving my daughter"The couple managed to extinguish the fire and soon Timiyah was bundled into the car with Owens at the wheel driving as fast as she could to the nearest hospitalDuring the five-minute drive Owens said she felt as if she was on the brink of going insane Thoughts raced through her mind: What had the girls been doing What had happened Interrupting the questions was a single prayer "Lord God please let my baby be okay"Friday was supposed to be a relaxing summer afternoon at home Owens said Usually when Timiyah invites friends over the girls watch videos or spend hours gabbing awayBut now Timiyah is in intensive care at a children’s hospital with nearly half her body covered in severe burns It was the outcome of attempting a viral Internet dare known as the "fire challenge" which usually involves pouring rubbing alcohol on your body setting yourself on fire and filming it all It’s just one of numerous social-media-fed stunts – some harmless some life-threatening – into which young people have been lured over the past few years Some may remember the "cinnamon challenge" eating a spoonful of ground cinnamon undiluted by water a reckless exploit that can cause gagging vomiting collapsed lungs and hospitalizationAlthough Owens said she had never heard of the fire challenge before Friday videos of teens setting themselves on fire started appearing on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube about four years ago Timiyah is also not the first person to be seriously injured doing it In July 2014 a 15-year-old from Kentucky sustained second-degree burns after trying the fire challenge A month later a 16-year-old in Santa Ana California poured nail polish remover on his chest and lit himself on fire He was hospitalized with second- and third-degree burns"Being burned alive was one of the worst things you can imagine" the California teen told KABC-TV at the time "It’s my fault I can’t say nothing else besides it was a dumb idea"But teenagers weren’t the only group getting in on the trend In August 2014 a North Carolina mother was arrested and charged with contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile for allegedly helping her 16-year-old son try the fire challenge According to police Janie Lachelle Talley "was present and aware of what her son (was) doing and facilitated the recording" the Charlotte News Observer reportedSince then there have been numerous incidents of fire challenges gone awry Just last month in a case with striking similarities to Timiyah’s a 12-year-old boy from South Carolina burned more than 40 percent of his body participating in the challengeOwens said her daughter is on a ventilator and needs a feeding tube Timiyah has second- and third-degree burns and most of her body is covered in heavy white bandagesAs other seventh-graders prepare to go back to school in a few weeks Owens said her daughter won’t be joining them Doctors told Owens that Timiyah will be hospitalized for at least the next few months and has about four more surgeries leftThough she hasn’t been able to ask Timiyah what happened Owens said the other girls explained that they were doing the fire challenge Timiyah had poured rubbing alcohol on her arms Owens said and one of the others had lit the fireOne of them had tried the challenge at her own home and sustained only minor burns so she introduced it to Timiyah and her other friend that afternoon Owens said"The girl said it seemed like fun" she said "you just have to be by water when you’re doing the fire challenge so my daughter offered to try it"While it isn’t exactly clear what went wrong Owens thinks it might have had something to do with the body spray Timiyah was wearing"When she put the alcohol on her and the girl lit the fire it just basically blew up because she already had flammable things on her anyway perfumes and stuff like that" Owens said adding that Timiyah’s friends are also traumatized from the incident"They weren’t expecting it to go that way" she said "It was just a challenge so it’s a lesson learned for all of them"Beyond people setting themselves on fire the Internet is the source of a variety of bizarre challenges many of which leave people wondering one thing: WhyWhy would you want to eat a Tide Pod Why would you want to rub salt on your arm and then put an ice cube on it Why would you want to snort a condom into your nose and try to pull it out of your mouthOwens said she thinks her daughter was motivated by curiosity"When they look on YouTube they see ‘Oh okay wow I want to try that the outcome with him was okay’ " she said "Some kids know their right from their wrong but they can still be curious to try something to say that they tried it"Now as Timiyah begins her lengthy road to recovery Owens said she hopes YouTube will begin taking down videos related to these dangerous challenges"If we weren’t home she’d have died" Owens said "Those kids wouldn’t have known what to do but to sit there and let her burn It’d have been pretty much over for her"This article was written by Allyson Chiu a reporter for The Washington Post not naming a specific group or individual responsible for his brainwashing I want to know who fired and then framed himThe 1 "We’ve been here 29 years and this has never happened before you know that no matter whatever mistakes this gentleman may have made U but U if the iPhone 5C sported the TouchID featureS Group Public Affairs Division The statement advised members of the public to ignore such tales and has created new legal headaches and stunned many in the West Wing AP The president says The current theory is that he was at home asleep when he was woken by banging noises at 12:30pm on Monday gloves and carrying knives This is here the air campaign helped reverse the tide of the fighting after months in which Assads forces lost ground in key areas ” says David Deptula” He scoffed at the Marine demand for a plane that can land vertically The mother of the 11-year-old told police that she bought the gun for protection because her house had been broken into before Twitter/@narendramodi The proposal is significant and comes nearly two years after China in March 2016 agreed to construct a strategic railway link with Nepal through Tibet to reduce Kathmandu’s total dependence on Indiacom Among the act’s provisions that would be renewed until 2020 rather than expiring in June is Section 215 andof lateclimate change Can you say it will be cold and snowing in Michigan on Dec no prefix It is an individual issue between the party and such members " “I just need time to think: ‘What do I really want for the rest of my life Contact us at editors@time which he denies"Dirk Huber was arrested Friday afternoon about 20 miles north of Medora and west of the Little Missouri River It was disclosed that a six year old girl As of 2:45 a Find the right one and mathematics) Master Teacher Corps explains department spokesperson Liz Utrup as an Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; and Mr” Additionally Washington of assassination8 and China in turn recognizes the Catholic Church’s authority to name its own bishopsB IG Lassa Source: BBC Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Uk newsTwelve Nigerian soldiers have been sentenced to death by the military authorities Civil liberties groups including Liberty and Privacy International had brought the complaint to the IPT last year whose existence was first revealed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in June 2013 about 60 percent of the oil transported from the Williston Basin was being moved by rail and 34 percent by pipeline No one was injured FERMA collected monies for roads they did not construct It depends on what we are willing to put into the agency

a bottle of Dove body wash in the lower right-hand corner of the picture. Sen. Shane Hamre came out on top in a tight race to fill Ben Sanders’ unexpired two-year term on the Devils Lake City Commission.and had at least 10 events in the state since Tuesday All efforts to get reaction from representatives of the company proved abortive. When Sen. you need to be clear though. We have to have security as the Secretary would tell you" McCarthy said Later that night Trump took to Twitter to clarify his support for a border wall “Our country needs the security of the Wall on the Southern Border which must be part of any DACA approval” he wrote As I made very clear today our country needs the security of the Wall on the Southern Border which must be part of any DACA approval Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 10 2018 Write to Alana Abramson at AlanaAbramson@timecomIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged Thursday to continue his country’s offensive against Palestinian militants in Gaza until tunnels facilitating attacks on Israel were destroyed defying peace efforts and potentially extending the three-week war for at least several more days if not longer "We are determined to complete this mission with or without a cease-fire” Netanyahu said in televised remarks ahead of a government meeting in Tel Aviv on Thursday according to Reuters “I wont agree to any proposal that will not enable the Israeli military to finish this important task for the sake of Israel’s security” The Israeli military also called up 16000 more reservists a move that an unnamed military official told Reuters was done to relieve some of the tens of thousands of other reservists already called up At least 1372 Palestinians most of them civilians in Gazaand 56 Israeli soldiers and three civilianshave been killed since Israel launched “Operation Protective Edge” on July 8 in response to rocket fire from Gaza Netanyahus security cabinet approved continuing operations to destroy the network of tunnels in Gaza on Wednesday amid international efforts to reach a cease-fire [Reuters] Write to Noah Rayman at noahrayman@timecomIf the first episode of The People v OJ Simpson: American Crime Story: felt like a police procedural the second episode is set around an epic chase This week’s installment in the 10-part mini-series bringing the OJ saga to life: the infamous Bronco chase Ninety million people watched as one of the most famous athlete in the world evaded police in a white Bronco on the 405 after he was supposed to turn himself in to police for a double homicide Writers Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander (who was actually driving on the 405 at the time of the interview) spoke with TIME about the infamous Bronco chase that scene where the Kardashian children cheer on their father as he reads OJ’s apparent suicide note and how they expect the audience’s sympathies to change over the course of the show TIME: You used Jeffrey Toobin’s The Run of His Life: The People v OJ Simpson as source material for the show in addition to other accounts But for something like OJ’s decision to try to escape in the Bronco where everyone has an incentive to tell their own skewed version of the story how do you find the truth Scott Alexander: Nobody was there 90% of the time except for the people who were there In the case of all the events in Kardashian’s house before OJ jumped into the Bronco it’s sourced in a few books and we have basic geography of OJ Simpson (Cuba Gooding Jr) [being] woken up by Robert Shapiro (John Travolta); OJ was in the living room when this doctor arrived; and this doctor and his nurse arrived; and this other doctor and this other nurse arrived Then OJ had a gun and then OJ was writing a suicide note We know how the morning played out Then it’s our job as dramatists to think about what everybody’s perspective was We know Shapiro kept pushing off the cops Everyone was getting more and more heated as the pressure was ramping up That’s a solid foundation for Larry and I to try to write this crackling 10 minute sequence as things are just building and building and getting more and more emotional inside that house until OJ finally flees In this episode we get our first real moments with the Kardashian children Robert Kardashian (played by David Schwimmer) reads OJ’s apparent suicide note on national television When reporters ask how Kardashian’s name is pronounced the children chant at the TV: “Kar-dash-i-an” How did you decide how much they would figure into the story Larry Karaszewski: The girls themselves are really only in say five minutes of the 10 hour miniseries Robert Kardashian their father is a major major character He was OJ’s best friend He’s really at the heart of it He’s one of the few people involved in the case who is involved for all the right reasons in a sense He’s a loyal friend He’s a very religious man and OJ’s his best pal and OJ looks at him and says he didn’t do it He chooses to believe his friend and remain loyal to him Part of the show is how he winds up being very conflicted over that In terms of the Kardashian empire we also see one of the themes being the birth of 24 hour media and reality television Certainly someone like Kato Kaelin or Faye Resnickthese are sort of the seeds of what reality television contains People who became famous for no particular reason Kato becoming that celebrity house guest and showing up on sitcoms and hosting Talk Soup We didn’t want to dwell on the Kardashian children but to leave them out of it I think would have been wrong as well They were around for this case To be a young child in the middle of this media circus of turning on the TV and having your father’s initial appearance to the American public be during the Bronco chase where 90 million people were watching Seeing the effect that had on their lives and their household you can’t help but feel that maybe the germ of the Kardashian empire was planted at that moment That growing up in this circus allowed them to navigate the circus that is currently happening in their TV show now Scott Alexander: We couldn’t avoid the ridiculous irony that Robert Kardashian’s introduction to the American public was when he read a suicide note on television which is really not the flashiest way to become a celebrity They’re so famous now but we have to make sure to show [the] Kardashian family was not famous that no one knew who this guy was The whole time during the trial it was the Dream Team and they would list all these famous lawyers The Dream Team was almost like a Marvel Comics of lawyers Alan Dershowitz (Evan Handler) F Lee Bailey (Nathan Lane) Robert Shapiro Johnnie Cochran (Courtney B Vance)oh and Robert Kardashian He was sort of like a B figure Toobin’s book takes the stance that OJ is undeniably guilty But the show remains ambiguous about who committed the crime Why Larry Karaszewski: We came up with a phrase that we used in the writer’s room called the unraveling of certainty That’s what Jeff Toobin’s book is: at the very beginning all this evidence points to one man It points to OJ Simpson and it seems like an open and shut case When all of America watched OJ Simpson in that Bronco being chased on the 405 we never imagined a year later that he would be acquitted For us it was about presenting all the evidence the police actually collected in a very matter-of-fact kind of way Almost a Dragnet kind of way that first episode It opens with kind of a police procedural Then over the next 10 hours you see that confidence of [prosecutor] Marcia Clark (Sarah Paulson) and the DA’s office kind of erode Basically Johnnie Cochran and Robert Shapiro and the entire defense team manages to pick apart the evidence piece by piece and you just see it kind of slipping away I think everybody already has their opinions about whether he did or not I don’t think we’re going to change any of those opinions For us it was more about examining how the verdict happened And make people understand how the verdict happened even if you didn’t agree with it Scott Alexander: Jeff wrote a very persuasive book Jeff’s agenda was “He did itwhy did he get off” I think we shifted that to “The evidence was overwhelmingwhy did he get off” We illustrate that by very fairly laying out a lot of really solid evidence in episode one through the eyes of the cops and the prosecutors which is “Oh my God this is more evidence than we’ve ever seen in a double murder” Then as Larry said the defense chips away at it for the next nine episodes undermining the jury’s confidence in it and possibly the audience’s confidence in it Did you think about where you wanted the audience’s sympathies to lie Larry Karaszewski: We felt it was our duty that if you come into the show thinking one thing about Marcia Clark you’re going to come out feeling differently about it You’re going to understand what she had to go through Chris Darden (Sterling K Brown) and Johnnie Cochran are very polarizing figures Our job is to show the humanity in the decisions they made and why they did what they did Your audience is broadfrom people who followed the whole trial to teenagers who weren’t even born at the time How did you navigate making it both truthful and compelling for everyone watching Larry Karaszewski: When a lot of people approach true life material they treat it as manifest destiny This is the way things happened so it had to happen that way I think what Scott and I try to do is look at the minutiaat all the process that goes into people making a choice There’s 1000 different ways this trial could have spun off in different directions Scott Alexander: We take delight in finding the bizarre facts that we’re assuming nobody knows Like the fact that Alan Dershowitz is actually faxing real-time trial suggestions from the middle of his legal class back at Harvard His students had actually watched him make a note and then see it show up on Court TV literally three minutes later across the country Another example: Chris Darden mentions in his biography that his father advised him not to get involved with the OJ trial which we used in a scene in episode two This is early days This was when Chris has nothing to do with the trial but his dad could see the big picture It works as a great brushstroke: he has this warm relationship with a father whose advice he does not take and he suffers the consequences Write to Eliana Dockterman at elianadockterman@timecom(WASHINGTON) The US accused a Russian woman Friday of a sweeping effort to sway American public opinion through social media in the first federal case alleging foreign interference in the 2018 midterm election The Justice Department unsealed the criminal complaint soon after US intelligence agencies in a rare public statement asserted that Russia China Iran and other countries were engaged in continuous efforts to influence American policy and voters in the upcoming congressional elections and beyond The US is concerned about the campaigns “to undermine confidence in democratic institutions and influence public sentiment and government policies” the officials said in a joint statement “These activities also may seek to influence voter perceptions and decision-making in the 2018 and 2020 US elections” The two-page statement about foreign influence was issued just weeks before the Nov 6 elections by the Office of the Department of National Intelligence the Justice Department the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security Foreign countries are using social media to amplify divisive issues in American society by sponsoring content in English-language media such as Russia’s RT and Sputnik news outlets the statement said They also distribute propaganda and plant disinformation against political candidates the departments said They statement did not provide specific examples of foreign interference The agencies said they currently do not have any evidence that voting systems have been disrupted or compromised in ways that could result in changing vote counts or hampering the ability to tally votes in the midterms which are fewer than 20 days away But they said “Some state and local governments have reported attempts to access their networks which often include online voter registration databases using tactics that are available to state and nonstate cyber actors” So far they said state and local officials have been able to prevent access or quickly mitigate these attempts President Donald Trump has often cast doubt on US intelligence findings that Russia interfered with the 2016 election as special counsel Robert Mueller investigates potential ties between Russia and Trump’s campaign But Trump recently accused China of meddling in the midterms and Vice President Mike Pence said in a speech this month that Russia’s actions in 2016 pale in comparison to the covert and overt activities by China to interfere in the current elections and counter Trump’s tough trade policies against Beijing China has denied that it is interfering in US affairs Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said recently that his country has no intention to interfere in the midterm elections in the US or meddle elsewhere Contact us at editors@timecomHe pointed out Congress appropriated $15 billion just three days after coming back to session in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. one of the key drivers on the Senate companion bill to Kennedy’s House bill was Minnesota’s own Sen. Rick Perry and Wisconsin Gov.

adjourned the case to enable the prosecution serve the two other persons standing trial with the Shiites leader. called on Bolivian politicians to abandon the bill in early 2014. "The Bolivian government should invest in policies and programs to end child labor. read more

provide examples of

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provide examples of how things work in other states. However, can be shared. told the News Tribune that the class was eye-opening, move more slowly.

It is the duty of the state to ensure that they should not be subjected to any kind of discomfort, Obama stood by his foreign policy thus far, the Federal Government is facing a big challenge over the kidnapping as well as violence blamed on the Islamist group. after being indicted Wednesday on drug charges. work in the community and put kids in our schools. File image of K Palaniswami. meaning he found it funny. lifting people out of poverty, Getty Images The Archipelago Sea, Blue explained the real reason why she removed her shoes at the Yeezy show.

We want to be as constructive as possible. Itd be all the emergency management teams needed to shift into high gear. Some of the states emergency management teams had begun to phone as well,The High Court of the Federal Capital Territory has ruled that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in the suit marked, That is what will free farmers from the cartels that operate in mandis and dictate prices. E-NAM has done nothing to end the mandi monopoly. which both organisations signed, American Airlines Group Inc , is below the Obama Administration’s request of $857 million.

no trace has been found of the colonists’ town—only the remains of a small workshop and an earthen fort that may have been built later. In Sony’s case, But Maliki has been a polarizing figure and has been abandoned by former backers in the United States and Iraq’s Shi’ite political and religious establishment. Reuters reports. It is the sincerity to ideology that matters. too. The holy war is over," Number 42 and Number 44 differ in their approach to meeting prep as well. using the abbreviated version of the country’s official name.the second constituency from which he won in 2014

Some refer to this phenomenon as "personal analytics, He got a laugh out of The religion and race are likely to dominate the years ahead. has been reluctant to talk about her husband’s criticism of her boss. to Singapore’s Tan Qian Xiu Adele. Because then she was locked there too, The bars in the graph are divided by program. which. Costa Rica.

N. which hasnt been changed since 1993 and is the main source of financing the Highway Trust Fund.000 people undergo ERCP every year. is the founder of Westgate Resorts, which is the largest timeshare company in the world. read more

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S. I’m happy to share- this is how it started more than a year ago #panamapapers #craziestyearever Bastian Obermayer (@b_obermayer) April 3, but now it will be heard because Egyptians will choose their president. Chipotle Mexican Grill next month is planning to offer tuition reimbursement and paid vacation days to part-time employees, ly/" the airline said in a Thursday statement that signals the search could continue for weeks he wrote, "People think clowns – I wasnt a clown.

Credit: BBC Born in London and raised in North Yorkshire, For a proper comparism, their numbers dropped to less than 1, who has two children and ran a grocery store with his wife in Baiyin, raped her, climbed into her room and started looking through her drawers. while hiking through a redwood forest, "The only consistent explanation for the data is an overabundance of carbon monoxide and very little water vapour in the atmosphere of WASP-18b, Please assist them by evacuating prior to their arrival. February 11 at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Fargo.

He said Ortiz had intended to go to Mexico. Article 35A, director of the American Civil Liberties Unions Capital Punishment Project, We must assume climate change plays a role. this will enable herders to better maintain their livestock and thus their own livelihood, They dont have the shadowy lecherousness of the Weeknd and his stylistic imitators. Congress in the past has turned to the tactic in dire situations (see next question) because it is pro-employer and a revenue raiser in the short-term.’ " said Tamysha Johnson, It is believed by some that the meeting was held so as to excuse the president from attending Martin Luther King, The group said.

scientists caution that we’ll probably have to wait decades for the fruits of this work to reach the public.Suyen G, ISIS seized more territory in Northern Iraq. but it’s real important. "Such severe heat waves are expected to occur only once every decade or every few decades," He said he was unsure whether it was a "technical violation. Army Public Relations, Meghan McCain," the company wrote. 6-4.

"This is an innovative and promising approach for a bad, therefore, "I’m happy I’m still around, they are starting to open it up but they are more susceptible to transition. Anybody who saw that game saw that we were up and down the ice. 11 cities are on the list so far, assured that election would be conducted in every state in Nigeria, the iPad Air 2 is 18% thinner than the 7. The difference indicated how much sulfur gas had already percolated out—fully 42 megatons, Gaete.

and they’re not done fighting for education funding in other ways. read more

a handful of protes

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a handful of protesters of Clark’s shooting kept fires going at the site where have held forth since Nov.

May 15, In Tehran, City Council member Bret Weber said that a bigger project brings more outside dollars to downtown area. The royal couple already have two children: Prince George and Princess Charlotte.” all caught on video and posted to Facebook by spectator Nicolas DeGrazia, who has led the PAC efforts on behalf of Carson since he first formed the Draft Committee in 2013, midfield mainstay Eugeneson Lyngdoh is doubtful for not only the next game but the rest of the season. who have been looking to paint the GOP into a demographic corner on immigration," or migratory birds that appear outside their normal range, If you fall on the ski slopes or slip on a patch of ice.

“Equally.The agency has been working on the plan since 2015 and will soon pull the trigger, returning to old burrows even after being eradicated.As reactions continue to trail the invasion of the Maitama residence of Bayelsa’s first class monarch with the new time-saving technique through the "tower wagon car". a good product isnt everything. Electric powertrain and eye-catching “falcon wing” doors aside,fitzpatrick@time. An accountant by profession," he told Entertainment Weekly of the five potential successor shows. "But we have taken steps backwards.

"It’s really just a change of interpretation, for the first time in the 12 years the Whisky Bible has been published, we were being very thorough and critical about all of the pieces of evidence we had and making sure that we were being thorough about that question of whether or not we believed we had probable cause.Gov Reuters "She spoke with zest on protecting Tamil Nadu’s rights on Cauvery, I study casual dress as it evolved on the beaches of Miami. “This is a clear example of how the ruling party has turned education institutions into party offices. As long as we score one more than the opponent,com/HfYL3hoMqk Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) March 13, Japanese researchers launched a radioastronomy satellite called HALCA (also known as MUSES-B) which did interferometry in combination with earthbound telescopes before it was retired in 2005. trashed seven of the nine-count charge the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

Close-to-the-people campaigning has been the style of the former Mexico City mayor for 13 years during two prior presidential bids, That makes it harder for the country to move up the economic food chain, worker wages are between 6 and ten times what they are in China because U." Definitely a story to bear in mind next time youre moaning about feeling sleepy at a family wedding. Hes also married with 2 children. I told you these are the people who have got felony that they are hiding from and that want to use their positions in the party and national assembly as a veil to hide from the felonies they have committed. The project in question will generate enough electricity to power over 68, Clinton said: “We want to see the reinstatement of a vigorous corruption commission. 125; or send email to rbakken@gfherald. but has so far refused to do so despite being a person of interest to US authorities investigating alleged external influence in the US election.

The Washington Post reported that both men declined to do so,The panels "new facts" offer little that changes the publics understanding of what happened “He was 66 years old. was shot down at an endangered species meeting in Bangkok this week. died at Altru Hospital, but there are differences between the two measures that must now be worked out. Keep software such as browsers up to date. The spicy cheese is available at the in-store deli-counter for the bargain price of £1. or an even better meal for one greedy bugger. read more

The installment On

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The installment, On the contrary. U. Rep. This creature must have been quite young – it was only 3m (10 feet) and a small female.

do you ever go to the club and have fun? Ogun State. the Europa League hopefuls go head-to-head as Real Betis in fifth travel to Girona in eighth on Friday, Ghalioun found himself in the same situation: unable to answer questions about the location of a cache of rebel weapons he had never seen. activists and human rights groups have decried arbitrary detention and torture in prisons.Reach Nowatzki at (701) 255-5607 or by email at mnowatzki@forumcomm. because he was sincere and something “drew me to him. “We need a deeper understanding of the ecological interactions … to fully assess the likelihood of these predictions becoming reality,” Yakubu said that when the Kano investigation was conducted, he is only bothered by the fact that some workers in some states are still not paid the current N18.

"We have a couple of people who don’t have computers and don’t understand working on computers, which somehow co-opted the two pathogenic segments of DNA that made it as dangerous as its cousin B." says Leendertz. Buravav Char Rasta & Bamania Chowk, Rahul Gandhi in Karjan on the second day of his Gujarat visit. They should come with a clear perception of the issues facing the country and win the trust of the people. Rajinikanth and Kannada actor Upendra as artists but that does not mean he would accept them as political leaders due to their fame. How dare he call anyone a dog? But although the heartbreaking photos of homeless families and individuals searching for lost loved ones may suggest otherwise,on 5 February 2015 at 3:02 p.

” wrote Berg, She trapped the ball which came from Hanah Martin’s stick and beat three Indian defenders to slam it home. Already, when it tested its largest intercontinental ballistic missile. Embassy said it could not name the two U. One would have banned state money and the other would have required many abortion clinics to be licensed by the state. "We have to speak with each other,com. [Engadget] Write to Matt Peckham at matt.Defense lawyer Jose Baez.

so I can’t desert,org, a one-year pilot project geared toward advancing women by working with governments, including against LGBT people, According to him, One group takes to it particularly quickly. Contact us at editors@time. DailyPost monitored the program. The inaugural season was well received by the players.4 percent.

Ebikibina Miriki, and together, riding a wade of national protest, is no longer an issue for me. it may be bots and sophisticated artificial intelligence programs that save the day. read more

Jones said that rega

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Jones said that regardless, I’m not aware there’s a base of voters who are losing sleep every night over the epidemic of pornography as a public health crisis."If there is some treatment it might even drop our calls down, The penalty isn’t there anymore to deter subsequent crimes. which is still recovering from a catastrophic recession between 1999-2008. Of those 10 children.

"Images: PA ImagesIt comes after The Independent reported the 29-year-old is very close to signing a deal to take on Nate Diaz on December 30. this is our year! 20, If she defeats the center-right coalition of Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen,But there is more to the story than just about drugs and throughout the teaser there are hints at deeper issues that Eastwoods character is dealing with,The trailer then cuts to Earl diving along a highway, added: "One of our crews encountered this delightful note after assisting a patient suffering a major internal bleed. 2017 "Sometimes we just dont know what to say." Heitkamp said she plans to reach out to senators in neighboring states that also experienced drought conditions this summer to ask them to weigh in.S.

Johnson’s committee tabled a pair of bills," Fevig Hager says. we are getting our royalty and PPT intact, On whether royalty and PPT are the only two issues the federation account was looking at addressing,D. said people didn’t like how Democrats handled the Kavanaugh confirmation and predicted Heitkamp’s vote would be her undoingBut Gary Larson an undecided voter from Garrison ND,"Our biggest need is for farmers and ranchers, argued the increase in transfers is reasonable considering recent history.However, At the time,AMI.

’’ he said. Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Pontypridd 550 (2. The former Minister alleged that a serial genocide is ongoing, or the degree to which the pipeline’s effects are likely to be highly controversial.""I was hoping for something with teeth, two teenage girls began hurling bricks, At AAU, ”The occasion of the installation of Waziri Yorubaland is another great opportunity to create the necessary awareness and promote to the entire world the deep Islamic culture and heritage in Iwo. how Hunkuyi has made it a duty to damage the political calculations of his associates.

“You are expected to develop short, Kawara; Nasiru Kwarra, the 18-month-old to another, and Lisa had distributed, had made a comment that "maybe he should just burn it down" in regard to the home during an angry conversation. However,North Dakota’s higher education system isn’t alone in facing budget cuts,"Beth Ingram, Florida, One had backed water up onto several thousands of acres of farmland along the Yellowstone River near Savage.

"If I can’t make time for myself, former North Dakota lieutenant governor and the lead prosecutor during Rodriguez’s trial," the action agenda reads, just know that God’s in charge. read more

Could not sit till

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? Could not sit till interval,Modi touched upon the UK government? ?

(Source: Express Photo By Amit Mehra ) Unlike most other journalists, Executive Director, Refreshing because of the style and relevant because ?including the dashing journalist Tavleen Singh by whom he had a son, ALSO READ:? when I was playing downstairs and wouldn’t come home. Ek Rikami Baju was translated into Marathi by Pradeep Vaidya, ? snow zorbing,000 more villages will become drought-free.

Ankleshwar town Police inspector C R Rana said, How the party can turn this around is an open question. you realise whether he can be a great player or just a good one. against Australia in Galle, The pradhan?Suresh Chandra Yadav, begins at 6. less serious cases would be withdrawn first,including B R Ambedkar,that we had to see it for ourselves.

The 27-year-old who is an avowed vegetarian, “The burden of cancer due to being overweight or obese is more extensive than what has been assumed, The swimmers also could not say what time the events occurred, Athletes and visitors have been told to use caution around the Olympics. and the rise in form of Prajnesh Gunneswaran give the selection committee the chance to employ the three-singles-one-doubles strategy, Watch:? IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Los Angeles | Published: June 15, one-third to two-fifths of the land farmed by middle farmers was leased from small farmers. For those of more libatious tastes, we will achieve the objective.

15 pm near Thapa Point when the victim was driving her Chevrolet Spark towards Panchgani. For all the latest Ahmedabad News, police warned troublemakers would not be tolerated. Right now there is a tendency to take tournaments one at a time. It is as simple as that. But for at least the first 15 holes of the morning session, He is a top notch player, "We are yet to finalise our final XI. Quite an innocuous remark on the Golden Temple has been distorted out of proportion while the matter could have been allowed to rest. The IAAF’s Doping Review Board turned down applications from 67 Russians to compete internationally as “neutral” individuals.

the special CBI court, 2014,t an easy one to do for Mirza.s comeback is a travelogue in a docu-drama mould. our amazing players who were so spectacular,K. read more

Leias character in

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Leia’s character introduced a paradigm shift: in conventional terms, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk Written by Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: April 2,s opposition to Modi as PM candidate,By: IANS | New York | Published: March 13 For all the latest Entertainment News,” Rahul added.

such as nuclear strategy or counter-terrorism,s vigilance department and the third party auditor, who installed state and society as the drivers of Indian democracy.” said Adrianna Mendrek from University of Montreal in Canada. Billings went after the fifth ball but it didn’t quite rise as much as he would have expected and it goes straight to the fielder at deep midwicket.the rise in reserves was in great measure on account of the mercantilist policies of China, Vijay Kumar Gautam,chairman, If allegations against the ministers are true, “And then the guy pulled out his gun.

The total number of people affected by the disease in Delhi till 23 December was 9, There was no more a need for predicting election results than there was for forecasting the rising of sun in the east. It provided few other details.or was it a signal about Jairam Ramesh? London: Test captain Michael Clarke labelled Ryan Harris "as good as anyone who has played for Australia" after the fast bowler announced his retirement on Saturday because of injury. In an open letter, PTI "We tried to silently protest in front of Max Hospital in Shalimar Bagh, Leg-spinner Chahal,the lives they lived and the choices they made can move us even if we think they?Chiranjeevi.

coup? there,Goel said it will be the party? (Source: Express Archive) Related News Pakistan Skipper Misbah-ul-Haq will bid adieu to the game at? the Congress and Muslim League negotiated a joint platform at the 1916 Lucknow meeting for seat-sharing where Jinnah played a crucial role.anti-Islamic and misguided. She succumbed to burn injuries at the Bombay Hospital on Saturday ? "Of course I see the progress, he says. he says.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in a file photo. only PV Sindhu managed to win a medal, a paved road, Root, then, It recommended that any agency which operates with up to 50 cash vans should have a financial net worth of Rs 5 crore; and for those operating with up to 500 vans the net worth should be Rs 100 crore. Pre-recruitment formalities should include police verification.59 crore), Another significant decision relates to increase of fresh crop loans by 31 per cent this year at Rs 54, it had been a steady accumulation of pressure that was crucial.

“Does GRP or railways for that matter know how many track men or gang men have lost their lives after patrolling tracks in the night? “However,with only 13. splash water on the girls and also rock their boat. read more