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first_imgJorge Barrera APTN National NewsA residential school survivor was denied compensation for a rape she suffered as a 7-year-old child after federal government lawyers successfully argued the place of the attack did not qualify as a residential school because a different branch of Indian Affairs cut the cheques for teachers who taught there, according to the survivor’s lawyer.The residential school survivor, who attended St. Michael’s Indian residential school in Alert Bay, B.C., lost her final appeal last autumn under the Independent Assessment Process (IAP) which was created as a result of the multi-billion dollar settlement agreement to determine levels of compensation for abuse suffered by survivors at the schools.Justice Canada lawyers exploited a technicality in the history of St. Michael’s to convince the IAP adjudicator the survivor did not deserve compensation for a rape she suffered while a Grade 2 student at the residential school.Justice Canada lawyers argued, and the adjudicator agreed, that the place where the attack occurred did not qualify as a residential school because Indian Affairs’ day school branch-not the residential school branch-paid the teachers there at the time of the incident.“Nothing else changed except they got their cheque cut by a different department of Indian Affairs and that’s it, but that’s the basis on which she was denied compensation,” said David Paterson, a Vancouver-based lawyer who represented the survivor. “She knows she attended school at the residential school, her mother knows that, her community knows that, even the adjudicator knows that her class was there.”The top official in charge of overseeing the IAP has now called for a halt of all ongoing cases before adjudicators where Justice Canada lawyers use these types of technical legal maneuvers to disqualify institutions as residential schools.The move came following statements from Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett and Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould that federal officials would now be reviewing cases impacted by the tactic used by Justice Canada lawyers during IAP hearings on abuse claims over the past six years.“This is a reasonable request under the circumstances. I ask that you communicate Canada’s request to the parties participating in such cases that are before you, along with your position regarding Canada’s adjournment request,” said Daniel Shapiro, the chief adjudicator, in a bulletin issued last Friday.It remains unclear what the federal ministers will do about cases that have already been denied by IAP adjudicators. The IAP is an independent, arms-length entity created as a result of a settlement agreement which counts Ottawa as one of the parties.Paterson says the federal ministers do have some options including consenting to having these select cases re-opened. Paterson said the parties to the settlement agreement could also amend the agreement to overturn decisions based on the technical disqualification of residential schools.Paterson said the churches, as is apparent in court submissions, and First Nations that are parties to the settlement agreement are on the same side on this issue.“If Canada changes its mind on this then it shouldn’t be all that difficult to reach a conclusion and unwind these cases,” said Peterson. “It really is in Canada’s court.”Justice Canada lawyers have succeeded in using the tactic in a string of cases since 2010 when the previous Stephen Harper government decided to exploit so-called administrative splits or technical anomalies in the history of residential schools.It’s unclear exactly how many cases have been impacted by the tactic. Recent reports have put the number at between 1,000 to 3,000 cases. An official with the Indian Residential School Adjudication Secretariat told APTN National News that an initial analysis put the number below 1,000.The Secretariat official said Indigenous Affairs would have the exact number of cases.Despite a request from APTN, Indigenous Affairs had not provided a hard number as of this article’s posting.It’s believe Justice Canada lawyers have used the tactic against claims from about 50 schools which has impacted at least 500 cases.Paterson said about 50 or 60 of his clients have been impacted by the tactic.Generally speaking, since 2010, federal lawyers have combed through the list of residential schools initially agreed to by Ottawa, the churches and residential school survivors as part of the settlement agreement, to find moments in the histories where Indian Affairs’ residential school branch relinquished some level of administrative responsibility-to a provincial body or separate government branch-over institutional operation.If federal lawyers could link the claimed abuse with an administrative shift or some other technical variance, they would argue, often successfully before the IAP adjudicators, that Canada wasn’t on the hook for the claim because the institution no longer qualified as a residential school at the time.“They are not all administrative split cases, they are using that term, but there are cases about whether one building on the residential school grounds was part of the residential school or something else,” said Paterson. “In some cases it would be a nursery or a sanatorium where kids with (tuberculosis) would be sent…There is a whole series of different things.”Paterson was involved in a precedence-setting court case in Alberta that essentially determined in an April 2015 ruling that IAP adjudicators had the power to disqualify residential schools even if the institution was listed as part of the settlement agreement and students who attended there qualified for common experience payments.The case centred on the Grouard Indian Residential School in Alberta. Paterson’s client attended Grouard from 1956 to 1960. While the survivor usually lived at home, he stayed at the school residence from time to time due to a medical condition, according to summary of the facts contained in the ruling.The survivor alleged he suffered abuse at Grouard, including having an arm broken by one of the nuns and suffering paralysis as the result of a “negligently applied polio shot.”Justice Canada lawyers argued that Ottawa had no liability because the institution ceased to be a residential school by 1957. Justice Canada argued the federal government had had transferred the institution to a provincial body by the time of the alleged abuses.“Treaty Indians” continued to attend Grouard during this administrative shift and the institution continued to receive federal dollars.The IAP adjudicators, all the way up to the then-chief adjudicator Daniel Ish, agreed with Ottawa’s lawyers.Paterson said Ottawa’s lawyers and the adjudicators have taken positions at odds with the spirit of reconciliation promised in the settlement agreement-which created the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.“Does this really…serve the purpose for reconciliation we have set for ourselves as a country?” said Paterson. “Are we really going to go back to a technical, legalistic way of doing things?NDP MP Charlie Angus says IAP officials share a large share of the blame for allowing Justice Canada lawyers to get away with using this type fo legal tactic.“The IAP is broken and the people who have the legal responsibility to oversee it have walked on that responsibility and walked on the survivors,” said Angus. “I am worried at how many cases will be brought back to court because of their failure.” read more

first_imgKent DriscollAPTN NewsThe manager of the Nanilivut project says he has been busy since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to help Inuit find the remains of loved ones who died in southern sanatoriums during the tuberculosis epidemic of the 1940s, 50s, and 60s.“Since the prime minister made the official apology, I’ve been getting gcalls everyday,” said Joanasie Akumalik.“It’s overwhelming.”The apology from Trudeau on March 8, was for how Inuit were treated during the epidemic.More than 4,000 Inuit were sent south for treatment.Close to 900 never came back.Inuit see the Nanilivut project as the beginning of a journey.The job for Akumalik is massive.But, the first few days have been promising.“Since the apology, we have found, officially found one grave, in southern Canada, and it looks like we have another one, but we have to confirm everything,” he said. The family who found their lost loved one will be able to travel to the grave, place a tombstone, and gain some peace of mind.“People are calling, from Kitikmeot region, Kivalliq as well as Qikiqtaliq. I’m working on seven files right now, at this moment.”It may take an entire generation before judging whether the search for graves was a success or not.But at least one family, the exercise was well worth read more

first_imgNew Delhi: Alcohol may no longer be the leading cause of fatty liver in the city. Specialists dealing with the problem reveals that the city has reached a tipping point, with more cirrhosis patients suffering from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) while adding with the alcohol-induced variety.A combination of factors— related to lifestyle and diet — has gradually led to this scenario, experts at AIIMS. According to the experts at AIIMS, reported a high hospital mortality up to 70 percent in patients with alcohol related acute on chronic liver failure. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderThe outcome of alcohol- related acute on chronic liver failure is worse than the other causes like hepatitis E virus and hepatitis B virus. Their is an alarming rise in the number of patients from the citizens of Delhi as almost 40 patients out of 100 patients are suffering from fatty over. However, 80 percent of the patients due to alcohol consumption and sedentary lifestyle mostly in the age bar of 30-40 years. In year 2017, AIIMS have nearly 26,000 new patients and 47,000 follow up patients suffering from liver disorder, however, in liver clinic 15,000 cases were given treatment, in which 2,000 were new cases and 13,000 were old cases, said doctor added. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchingsExperts added that with growing affluence, Delhiites are spending more on food and leisure and cutting out physical exercises, which has had a serious health impact. Along with cardiac diseases and diabetes, NAFLD is arguably the fastest growing disease in the city. He also said that the disorder is triggered by an erratic lifestyle, high blood sugar, cholesterol and obesity, NAFLD remains dormant for several years, often with mild and non-specific symptoms that are ignored. “There has been a sharp spurt in the number of patients over the past decade because of drastic lifestyle changes. Eating habits have turned unhealthy and physical activity is hardly there in our routine,” said Dr Shalimar, Associate Professor, Gastroenterology, AIIMS. He also added that now days alcohol consumption are spurt up rapidly, therefore its consequence are seen in our liver clinics. “Avoid consumption of alcohol which is one of the biggest contributors to liver diseases. Need to avoid sweetened drinks cola drinks, fruit juice containing fructose, butter, cream, excessive consumption of non-vegetarian food and alcohols. Regular daily exercise of 45 minutes every day is recommended, he added.last_img read more

BEIJING — China’s factory activity fell into contraction territory in May amid an ongoing trade dispute with the U.S. that has seen higher tariffs slapped on Chinese exports.The National Bureau of Statistics and an industry group, the China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing, said Friday that the composite purchasing managers’ index of China dropped to 49.4 in May, down from 50.1 in April.That suggests that manufacturing activity for the month shrank since any reading below 50 shows that activity is contracting.In an analysis, ING Greater China economist Iris Pang said: “We believe that the contraction in new orders means domestic manufacturing activity has been affected by both the trade war and the technology war.”The Associated Press

The National Freedom Front (NFF) led by Wimal Weerawansa has decided to withdraw from the Constitutional Assembly.A letter has been handed over to Speaker Karu Jayasuriya indicating that all five Parliamentarians of the NFF with withdraw from the Constitutional Assembly. The Constitutional Assembly in Parliament is tasked with drafting a new Constitution for Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)

FortisBC says it has signed its first term contract to send liquefied natural gas shipments to China from its facility near Vancouver.The utility company, which has operated its Tilbury LNG facility since 1971, says a recent expansion made possible its two-year contract to ship 53,000 tonnes per year by the summer of 2021 to Chinese LNG distributor Top Speed Energy Corp.The division of St. John’s, N.L.-based Fortis Inc. says shipments are to be delivered in 60 specialized shipping containers per week from its plant near the Fraser River, noting the volumes would be sufficient to heat about 30,000 average British Columbia households per year.The contract is modest compared to what’s planned for the Shell Canada-led LNG Canada facility at Kitimat, B.C., a $40-billion project approved last fall that is expected to produce about 14 million tonnes per year after it opens in 2023 or 2024.FortisBC says it has been selling small shipments of LNG in China on a spot basis since 2017.Doug Stout, vice-president of market development, says FortisBC’s $400-million expansion project took capacity from about 35,000 to 250,000 tonnes per year, allowing a facility that had been used mainly for natural gas storage to become a commercial LNG production plant.“This plant allows us to serve the local marine and transportation markets as well as the smaller-scale export opportunities,” he said.“We’re looking at further expansions both for this type of market and for the marine and truck transportation markets.”He says the company is considering a similar expansion in the next couple of years, adding there’s room on site to eventually reach capacity of three to four million tonnes per year.The Canadian Press read more

Annan condemns terrorist attacks on US

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“There can be no doubt that these attacks are deliberate acts of terrorism, carefully planned and coordinated — and as such I condemn them utterly,” the Secretary-General said in a statement issued at United Nations Headquarters in New York.Calling for terrorism to be fought “wherever it appears,” the UN chief said that, in such moments, “cool and reasoned judgement” was more essential than ever. “We do not know yet who is behind these acts, or what objective they hope to achieve,” he said.Expressing condolences to the victims and their families, Mr. Annan said “our first thoughts and prayers must be for them.” He also expressed condolences to “the whole people and Government of the United States.” “We are all traumatized by this terrible tragedy,” the Secretary-General said. “We do not know yet how many people have been killed or injured, but inevitably the number will be high.”The statement was issued after two airplanes crashed into the World Trade Centre in New York — collapsing them both — and a third airplane targeted the Pentagon building in Washington, D.C., bringing a portion of it crumbling to the ground. read more

first_imgBeckham has not publicly responded himself, using his social media to sent out a video of him reading a bedtime story with daughter Harper and paying tribute on the anniversary of the Munich air disaster.Brooklyn Beckham, his son, put a black and white photograph of his father with Harper on his own Instagram, while Victoria publicised her fashion line. A source last night said Beckham’s team were keen for the public to understand the true extent of his charity work, but that the family were otherwise keen to get on with business as usual.A spokesman said: “David and UNICEF are rightly proud of what they have and will continue to achieve together and are happy to let the facts speak for themselves.” The material is understood to have been taken from 18.6million documents hacked from servers of Doyen Global, the firm run by Beckham’s PR chief Simon Oliveira in 2015 and discovered last year.The matter was investigated in Portugal at the time.The emails appeared to show Beckham’s frustration at not being awarded a knighthood and being asked to match the highest bidders at a Unicef auction, as well as haggling with the charity over a hotel upgrade. The Beckham family today put on a public show of unity as they attempted to go about business as usual in the aftermath of an embarrassing email leak. David Beckham, his wife Victoria and eldest son Brooklyn used social media accounts to send out family photographs after an email hack allegedly disclosed the former footballer’s thoughts on failing to be given a knighthood.A spokesman has condemned the leaks as “outdated material taken out of context and doctored private emails”, with a police investigation dating back to early 2016 already long underway. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

PASOK set date

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first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The vote to elect a new PASOK leader will take place, as had been planned, on March 18, party officials decided late on Friday, while the Socialists continued to perform poorly in opinion polls. There had been speculation that PASOK might try to speed up the process of electing a new president but senior officials laid this option to rest during a meeting on Friday. They did not, however, decided exactly when a national council would be held to decide on the candidates that will take part in the contest. Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos is expected to stand and is the overwhelming favorite for the leadership.It is widely held that Citizens’ Protection Minister Christos Papoutsis may run against him. Polls published Sunday suggested that whoever is elected as the party’s new leader will have a huge task on his hands to invigorate PASOK before snap polls that are due in April. A survey by Marc for Ethnos newspaper indicated that the Socialists would gather 13.9 percent of the total vote, while a poll by Alco for Proto Thema put PASOK on just 11 percent. More than six in 10 of the 1,013 people polled by Marc said Greece’s next government should be a coalition administration, while 60 percent favored the creation of new parties. Two in 10 of the 1,000 people questioned by Alco said they would support a party led by interim Prime Minister Lucas Papademos if he chooses to create one. The two polls showed that between 65 percent and 75.9 percent of those interviewed said Greece should remain within the euro area while six in 10 said general elections should take place either in April or by the end of May at the latest. New Democracy was the leading party in both polls but neither gave the conservatives a share of the vote that could secure a clear majority.Source: Kathimerinilast_img read more

Half of Greeks contribute to tax evasion

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first_imgIt is believed that at least half of all Greeks do not pay the entire amount of taxes that they should, while given the option, nearly one in two would refuse a receipt, thereby contributing to tax evasion by others too, according to a survey by GPO for the National Confederation of Greek Commerce (ESEE).The findings point to the fact that many Greeks still do not see tax dodging as a bad thing, even now that the country is trying to emerge from its deepest financial crisis in recent memory. Crucially, 94.1 percent said they would collect receipts if it were to their own benefit.The 1,600 people and 1,000 enterprises surveyed suggested that over half of Greeks (53 percent) systematically evade paying taxes by hiding their true incomes, although only 16.4 percent admit to doing so, while 46.3 percent responded that they had allowed other people to avoid paying taxes by not getting receipts.Topping the tax evasion list, as the respondents see it, are doctors (according to 88.6 percent of those surveyed), followed by tradesmen (85.4 percent), law and notary firms (75.2 percent), food catering stores (57.9 percent) and fuel stations (44.1 percent). Supermarkets were put at the bottom of the list with 17.7 percent. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

GoPro HD Hero 2 lapn de lextrême

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first_imgGoPro HD Hero 2, l’apn de l’extrêmeL’appareil photo numérique haut de gamme GoPro HD Hero 2 va être prochainement disponible aux Etats-Unis. Il est particulièrement dédié aux sports extrêmes.La firme GoPro a annoncé la sortie prochaine aux Etats-Unis de l’appareil photo numérique haut de gamme GoPro HD Hero 2. Il permet de filmer et de photographier les prouesses sportives lors des pratiques extrêmes notamment, sur la neige ou sur mer par exemple. Cet appareil compact et ultra polyvalent est décliné en trois “kits” : Outdoor, Motorsports et Surf Edition.À lire aussiOlympus dévoile le Tough TG-1 pour des photos en conditions extrêmesL’HD Hero 2 permet de filmer en Full HD 1080 pixels à 30 images/secondes. Une nouvelle puce permet un traitement 2 fois plus rapide selon le fabricant. L’appareil peut aussi photographier jusqu’à 10 images de 11 millions de pixels par seconde, contre 3 images/sec de 5 mégapixels, selon Clubic. Enfin, la sensibilité en basse lumière a enfin été rehaussée. La GoPro HD Hero 2 se dote aussi d’une entrée microphone et d’une sortie Wi-Fi, d’emplacements pour carte SDHC, une sortie mini HDMI et port USB. Aux Etats-Unis, chacune de ces versions coûte 300 dollars (environ 216 euros). La HD Hero (simple) vaut désormais 200 dollars, soit 145 euros.Pour vous faire une idée des possibilités du futur HD Hero 2, regarder les rendus du précédent modèle en vidéo sur Maxisciences.Le 24 octobre 2011 à 17:12 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Donors weigh in on port commissioner race

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first_imgThe battle lines have been drawn in the proxy war over the proposed Vancouver Energy oil terminal that is the Port of Vancouver Commissioner District 1 election, and the oil money has chosen a side.Tesoro Corp., one of the companies behind Vancouver Energy, has donated $5,000 to candidate Kris Greene, making the company his second-largest cash contributor, according to the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission’s website.About a month ago, the other candidate, Don Orange, challenged Greene not to take any contributions from oil companies. Greene said he wasn’t aware of it until someone else brought it to his attention.“In any case, Tesoro has been at the port for over 35 years. They’re a local business. … They’ve done a lot of good in the community,” Greene said.Although Greene accepted the contribution, Orange said he still won’t.“Very clearly, we share very different visions for the future of Vancouver … Clearly my opponent sees one of the biggest, actually the biggest, oil terminal of its kind in North America next to downtown as our future and I don’t,” he said.last_img read more

first_imgAndrew SchneiderVoting districts drawn by Texas’ Republican-controlled Legislature helped the party win nearly four more U.S. House seats than it otherwise would have in the last election, which was more than any other state, an Associated Press analysis of the results of federal and state legislative races found.Gerrymandering, in which the party in power alters the electoral maps to favor itself, helps explain why the GOP continues to be so dominant in Texas despite the rapid growth of the state’s Hispanic population, which tends to back Democrats. The findings also underscore years of federal court rulings that have found Texas’ electoral maps to be unconstitutional and discriminatory.Last Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear a case on legislative redistricting, which could have implications for Texas. The AP scrutinized all 435 U.S. House races in November using an “efficiency gap” statistical method designed to calculate partisan advantage.It found that the GOP may have won as many as 22 additional congressional seats than expected based on the average vote share in congressional districts across the country. The AP’s analysis was based on an “efficiency gap” formula developed by University of Chicago law professor Nick Stephanopoulos and Eric McGhee, a researcher at the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California. Their mathematical model was cited last fall as “corroborative evidence” by a federal appeals court panel that struck down Wisconsin’s Assembly districts as an intentional partisan gerrymander in violation of Democratic voters’ rights to representation. The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal.Stephanopoulos and McGhee computed efficiency gaps for four decades of congressional and state House races starting in 1972, concluding the pro-Republican maps enacted after the 2010 Census resulted in “the most extreme gerrymanders in modern history.” The efficiency gap formula compares the statewide average share of the vote a party receives in each district with the statewide percentage of seats it wins, taking into account a common political expectation: For each 1 percentage point gain in its statewide vote share, a party normally increases its seat share by 2 percentage points.The AP used their method to calculate efficiency gaps for all states that held partisan House or Assembly elections for all of their districts in 2016. It showed that Texas provided the GOP with 3.7 extra House seats. The next closest pro-GOP states were Michigan, North Carolina and New York, which each gave the party at least two House seats that they otherwise would not have gotten. Texas’ high number of extra Republican House seats was partly the result of its sheer size. The state’s 36 congressional districts are second only to the 53 in California, where a nonpartisan commission draws electoral maps.Texas’ 10.3 percent efficiency gap favoring Republicans was the 10th highest among the more than two dozen large states that comprise the vast majority of congressional seats, just behind the 10.7 percent Democratic advantage in Maryland. Overall, Republicans won 25 U.S. House seats from Texas in November, including eight in which they ran unopposed. Democrats won 11 seats, including two in which they ran unopposed.Rice University political science professor Mark Jones said Texas’ Legislature has been effective at drawing congressional districts that Republicans win comfortably but often not overwhelmingly, while disproportionately packing liberal voters into districts that Democrats are favored to win anyway. “Republicans have been most strategic in creating as many safe Republican districts as possible,” Jones said.He noted that all 11 Texas’ congressional districts where racial minorities constitute a majority of voters elected Democrats to Congress. But liberal-minded Austin is the nation’s largest city not to anchor a congressional district. Instead, it’s diced into six districts that include swaths of conservative suburbs, helping ensure that all but one of the congressmen representing the state capital are Republican.Hispanics accounted for two out of every three new Texas residents in the 2010 census. Hispanics generally vote Democratic, but a Texas Democrat hasn’t won statewide office since 1994, the nation’s longest losing streak.The Legislature drew congressional districts based on the 2010 census, but they were never used because a federal court found they deliberately diluted the power of Hispanic voters. A three-judge panel redrew the maps used since, though they tracked many of the originals. During years of subsequent legal battles, federal courts have repeatedly ruled against Texas maps, including in March when the state’s congressional maps were declared unconstitutional and three districts’ boundaries voided.Kayleigh Lovvorn, a spokeswoman for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, whose office is defending the state in the redistricting case, declined to comment about the AP’s findings.Voting districts aren’t the only reason that Republicans continue to hold such sway over Texas politics, though. The Hispanic population is quickly growing, but it hasn’t fully flexed its political muscle yet. Hispanic voter turnout in November was 40.5 percent. That’s up from 38.8 in the previous presidential election, but well below the 47.6 percent turnout of Hispanics throughout the country, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.By Will Weissert  Sharelast_img read more

first_imgKolkata: The state Labour department has taken up a project to provide skill development training for youths taking up jobs with the jute industry.Currently, there is an immediate need of around 30,000 workers in the jute sector.Hence, the state government has taken up the initiative to provide skill development training to youths for which the minimum qualification is class V pass.The trainees will be getting a certificate and it will help them to easily secure a job at jute mills. The trainees will be attending theory classes for one month and then for the next two months they will be attending practical training in different jute mills. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedThe state Labour department is also getting the support of the Technical Education department for the training programme.It may be mentioned that the facility for the three month long training is now available in districts including Bankura, Purulia, Kolkata and its adjoining districts.The practical training of the youth at jute mills is also paving a way for them to secure a job in the same place. They might get an opportunity to work if they can pick up the skill well during the practical training.It may be mentioned that the jute industry has witnessed a lot of technical changes in the past few years and an employee has to have some skills to work using the modern machineries. Hence, the training programme will also help in creating industry ready employees. Initiatives will also be taken for more such training programmes.last_img read more

first_imgLooking to buy a pair of headphones? The Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones are $100 off today at Best Buy, bringing the price down to $199.Great Sound, Seamless Pairing and Modern Design – Get the Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones Today at a $100 DiscountBeats has released some interesting products ever since it was taken over by Apple quite some time back. But the real magic started with the release of the AirPods and the W1 chip. The chip allows you to pair your headphones with an iOS device by simply bringing the two together and hit the power button. That’s it.One of the few products that pack a W1 chip is the Beats Solo3 Wireless and they happen to sound great as well. It pairs with your iPhone, iPad or any other device using Bluetooth and offers up to 40 hours of battery life. Needless to say that these will easily last you a week if you listen to music on an occasional basis. Furthermore, with just a five minute charge, you can listen to 3 hours of music on it. Needless to say that this is the kind of thing you need in your life, don’t you?The deal is live for a limited period of time only. Head over to Best Buy (link below) and grab yourself a pair while you can.Buy Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones [Best Buy link] Share Tweet Submitlast_img read more

first_img Travelweek Group Share << Previous PostNext Post >> Trafalgar offers ‘the ultimate Africa experience’ with brand new sub-Saharan trips Posted bycenter_img TORONTO — Trafalgar’s new 2019 Africa program was “72 years in the making”, says Trafalgar CEO Gavin Tollman. The first-ever sub-Saharan lineup for the company pairs 10 Africa itineraries in countries including South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya with the power of a go-to brand.Why now? “We wanted to ensure that when we went to Africa, everything the brand stood for would be executed impeccably,” says Tollman in an exclusive interview with Travelweek.Gavin Tollman, CEO, TrafalgarIt was only after Trafalgar’s parent company The Travel Corporation 100% acquired inbound South African travel company Cullinan Holdings Ltd. that Tollman felt the stars had finally aligned.Offering sub-Saharan Africa was a long-held dream for Tollman, who is South African. Even if they live in other cities now, the entire Tollman family, who head up The Travel Corporation under the direction of TTC Chairman Stanley Tollman, call this part of the world home.The Tollman family in AfricaThe 2019 Africa launch “is incredibly exciting,” said Tollman. “This is truly a passion and we’ve been waiting for this moment.”Tollman adds that he comes from a family “with an enormous legacy” in South Africa.The rebirth of tourism to KwaZulu-Natal can be traced to The Oyster Box hotel, he says, bought by the Tollmans in 2006 and lavishly restored to join The Red Carnation Hotel Collection, headed up by Founder and President Bea Tollman.The Red Carnation Hotel Collection is also behind Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat, voted one of the top three best hotels and resorts in the world just five years after it opened by the readers of Condé Nast Traveler, and Cape Town’s famed The Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa.More news:  Consolidation in the cruise industry as PONANT set to acquire Paul Gauguin CruisesCan clients booking Trafalgar’s 2019 Africa program check out The Red Carnation experience for themselves? Of course, with a stay at The Oyster Box on night six of the ‘Best of South Africa’ itinerary. The 15-day tour winds its way from Johannesburg to Kruger National Park, to Hluhluwe-Imfolozi National Park, to Durban and the Southern Drakensberg Mountains and then on to Port Elizabeth and Tsitsikamma National Park and Oudtshoorn before finishing up in beautiful Cape Town. The two-country tour includes 26 meals and starts at $6,550 per person, with early bird savings worth up to $708 per person.Other trips include the 4-day Victoria Falls Experience, the 10-day Essential South Africa, the 5-day Botswana Delta Experience, the 14-day Namibia Explorer and the 14-day African Safari Adventure.Rounding out the Africa program are trips to Trafalgar favourites Egypt (Best of Egypt and Egyptian Voyager, both 9 days, and the 12-day Wonders of Ancient Egypt) and Morocco (the 10-day Best of Morocco).Departures for the 2019 program kick off in December 2018.With the family’s history and understanding of Africa “we had to make sure we delivered,” says Tollman. “We challenged ourselves.”The timing is right on so many levels, he adds, including the centenary of the life of Nelson Mandela.“We want to give every single Canadian access to Africa in a way that is so easy,” by booking a brand and experience like Trafalgar, says Tollman.He says the program got an enthusiastic endorsement from Trafalgar Canada President Wolf Paunic, who said “this is exactly what the Canadian market has been waiting for.”The Trafalgar brand has gone through a radical transformation over the past 10 years. “The evolution began in 2008, 2009 when we started to look at how we could change the world of escorted tours,” says Tollman, adding “we are a way of travel.” For Trafalgar, it’s all about wanderlust, a common denominator for Trafalgar clients, he says.More news:  Onex paying big to get WestJet and that will send airfares soaring, says CWTOut of Canada Trafalgar is on the cusp of seeing double-digit growth for 2018, says Tollman, capping what will become a four-year run with growth in the double digits from this market. Asked how many of Trafalgar’s bookings come through travel agents, Tollman says “the vast majority”, and that’s not an understatement: the percentage tops 90%.“Agents embrace what we’re doing,” he says, adding that the most successful agents connect people to what they want out of travel. “Start with a simple, basic question. Say ‘Tell me about your last holiday and what was your most exciting memory about it?’”He recommends agents start with the aspirational questions first. “If you start with the rational questions about price and budget, the nuts and bolts, it’s impossible to then turn that into an emotional, inspirational sale”, says Tollman. And it’s the emotional sale that can often create opportunities to up-sell.He adds: “Selling a Trafalgar trip to a client is like selling an annuity.” It’s one that pays back to the agent year after year, because the client keeps coming back for more. Now with all the destinations Trafalgar offers around the world, sub-Saharan Africa is finally part of that lineup.In celebration of the new 2019 Africa program clients can save 10% on select Trafalgar trips when paid in full by Jan. 17, 2019. Tags: Africa, The Travel Corporation, Trafalgar Friday, June 15, 2018 last_img read more

AFTA announces initial agents under ATAS

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first_imgThe Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) has announced the first travel intermediaries to secure accreditation under the new AFTA Travel Accreditation Scheme (ATAS), marking the event a key milestone in the important reforms. The initial successful applicants are About You Travel, Broadway Travel & Cruise Centre, Corporate Travel Management, Ellandale Travel, Epping Travel, H.I.S. Australia Pty Ltd, Landmark Travel, Main Beach Travel, Moss Vale Cruise and Travel, Northern Beaches Travel, Northline Travel, TTFN Travel, and Venture Holidays, Wentworth Travel Pty Ltd, and Young At Heart Travel. “ATAS is about elevating travel industry standards and I truly believe that the benchmark standards that ATAS sets will ensure the professionalism, integrity and credibility of Australian Travel Intermediaries and their attractiveness to the consumer now and into the future,” Westbury said. “These agents have not only met and surpassed the criteria to become accredited, they have publicly backed the new industry led scheme,” ATAS general manager Gary O’Riordan said. These initial applicants been evaluated by ATAS’s quality assessment criteria on key areas, meaning consumers will have peace of mind knowing that they are dealing with agencies that are recognised as upholding a level of quality and reliability. AFTA chief executive Jayson Westbury is especially satisfied with the diversity of the group of intermediaries, which include retail travel agents, wholesalers, inbound tour operators and corporate travel management companies that have found the online process easy, which was a major goal of the organisation. Source = ETB News: Lana Bogunovichlast_img read more

first_img Share January 25, 2019 2,694 Views in Daily Dose, Featured, Media, News, Origination, Servicing 2019-01-25 Donna Josephcenter_img The mortgage industry has been quick to look towards Artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline its processes and efficiency. But the question most lenders face today is how can they adopt this technology and utilize it optimally? At MReport’s webinar titled “Intelligent Lending: The Rise of AI”, presented by AI Foundry, a panel of experts including—Stephen Butler, Founder and President of AI Foundry; Peter Piela, Head of Solution Development at AI Foundry; Rocky Stubbs, Head of Consumer Direct and Digital Mortgage Lending at Flagstar Bank; Rick Bechtel, EVP of Head of U.S. Mortgage Banking at TD Bank, and Robert Bush, SVP, Senior Strategy Manager, Citizens Bank—not only answered this question but also gave real-life case-studies of how mortgage institutions were adopting AI to improve their processes as well as cost-efficiency. Opening the proceedings, Stephen Butler shared his insights into the need for adoption of technology enablers such as AI to make the mortgage industry ready for the future. He also listed some key concerns that organizations grapple with such as where to start the journey, how to execute the technology as well as the role of digital assistants in the future of mortgage. Addressing the approval times taken for loans, Butler said, “with the use of AI, one-day approvals could be the norm within five years compared to the current norm of three weeks.” The panel was moderated by Peter Piela. He talked about how AI can create seamless lending experiences using the exponential data that is available in digital format. Though AI is in its nascent stages in many aspects, he said that “it is changing the way we do everything.” Piela touched upon the use of mathematical and neural networks such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning to deliver promising results on a wide range of problems faced by the mortgage industry. He also spoke about the barriers to the adoption of AI on account of a lack of proven success, and the difficulty in being able to make a clear business case. Social concerns such as privacy and the shortage of expert staff that have a deep understanding of AI act as impediments to the adoption of AI, he noted. Speaking of the impact of voice technology, Rocky Stubbs pointed out that out of a national survey of 1,000 consumers, 90 percent are aware of the technology, and 72 percent have used voice technology. “It’s an exciting time for the industry. We are rapidly moving from an era of product comparisons to an actual intelligent recommendation process,” he said. Rick Bechtel elucidated on the Encompass platform, an all-in-one system that consolidates digital processes on a single ecosystem—which helped increase TD’s overall agility and enabled faster ability to audit in-process loans and cut down on the time consumed in product deployments. “Historically, TD was slow to introduce digital solutions in the mortgage arena. As a result, we could not simply begin launching and integrating these technologies–we had to build the foundation in order to deploy digital offerings that would be meaningful to our customers and employees,” Bechtel said. Addressing some key questions regarding the adoption of AI, Robert Bush, spoke about how organizations can navigate through the process of AI adoption. “Focus on current business challenges across end-to-end experience and then look where AI can be a solution to increase the likelihood of getting AI’s benefits and ensure a better buy-in from stakeholders,” Bush said. Citizens Bank is currently implementing an AI use case in collections for its Consumer Lending business and will shortly work towards implementing this in their mortgage business. Click here to view the full webinar. Creating Seamless Lending Experiences Through AIlast_img read more

first_imgExclusive coverage by Elite Traveler, the private jet lifestyle magazineAcapulco, Mexico — Making an all out play for elite travelers, the Los Cabos Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Tourism Board of Baja California Sur used Tianguis, the annual Mexico tourism trade fair to unveil a presentation “Los Cabos: Setting New Standards in Luxury Travel.”Positioning its appeal to the private jet set, Ella Messerli, a representative of the CVB and General Manager of the Marquis Los Cabos, noted at the opening of her comments the addition of a new FBO (private jet terminal) in late 2009. She noted 43 private jets on the tarmac as she was leaving Los Cabos for Acapulco as evidence the destination has become “a suburb of Beverly Hills.”In conjunction with Baja California Sur Secretary of Tourism Alberto Trevino, Messerli outlined for 25 minutes a continuous stream of new hotels, resorts, golf courses, marinas, shopping and other facilities specifically targeting the high end traveler.Among the high end hotel openings in 2009 she noted Espiritu, Barcelo, Zoetry Casa del Mar and Sirena del Mar while in terms of developments Phase 1 of Tortuga Bay has opened, work on Puerto Los Cabos, a 1,900 acre gated community with Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman golf courses is moving forward, and Phase 1 for Grand Solmar, a 293 suite project is slated to start in January 2011. Montage Los Cabos, a sister of the highly acclaimed Montage Laguna Beach and Montage Beverly Hills is expected to move forward as is Chileno Bay, she said. Yet another project, Diamante Cabo San Lucas, with an 18 hole Davis Love III golf course is in the works.Messerli noted that events continue to draw elite travelers, pointing to the 1st Annual Marine Show held in April, the Puerto Los Cabos (fishing) World Cup October 10-13, four additional major fishing tournaments, including the $850,000 prize Bisbee, plus the launch of the Los Cabos International Film Festival November 5-10, 2010.Other enhancements private jet travelers will find of interest include an expansion of retail complex Luxury Avenue which in December added stores from Chopard, Cartier, Ferragamo, Paul & Shark and Hermes.Additionally Capella, Las Ventanas, a Rosewood Resort and One & Only Palmilla have added new spa treatments, and on the culinary front, six Los Cabos chefs were recently honored with the Star Diamond Award from the American Academy of Hospitality.last_img read more