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Rabat – A group of Moroccans from several countries of the world gathered Friday in Rabat to announce the creation of the Forum of Moroccans of the world.According to the Maghreb Arab Press (MAP), the Forum is a” Think Tank” which aims to bring together the different experiences of Moroccans living abroad.In a communique released by MAP, Moroccans of the World said that their Forum “is a space for dialogue and exchange. “It is a new synergy able to instill a responsible and peaceful discourse on all issues related to Moroccan immigration in host societies, as well as its relations with Morocco,” they added. This initiative led by members of the forum are Moroccans living in several countries in the world including France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, UAE, Ivory Coast, Canada etc. gained the support of the Council of the Moroccan Community abroad.Anis Birou, Minister in charge of Moroccans living abroad and migration affairs, welcomed the initiative, saying that it is a “positive and constructive approach.”

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