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first_imgPerformances are snapshots of what is learnt combined with all the factors affecting us at the same time. Performance levels go up and down constantly, depending on how we feel, the weather and interactions with other people. Everyone competes at different levels. The higher the level, the more important these factors become. Therefore, how well you perform in an event or any sport will depend on the following factors. ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS PHYSIOLOGICAL FACTORS Skill – the more skilful you are, the more likely you are to perform well. Fitness – once the physical fitness components are satisfied, the performance will be better. Physique – You will perform better at an activity that suits your Somatotype (ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph) Age and gender – if an activity depends on strength and speed, the performance will be better at 25 years than 40 years. However, for some activities such as golf age is less important than experience. Age and gender (whether male or female) affects your capacities. Natural physical capacities begin to deteriorate sometimes at age 25. Body composition: Carrying extra weight (excess fat) is not good for performance. Illness and injury – Injury and illness can ruin performance. It is best to stay away from too much activity while nursing an injury, otherwise, it will only get worse. Diet – Diet affects health, which in turn will affect your fitness. What and when you eat before an event will also affect your performance. Drugs – Some drugs improve performance in short term but have long-term damaging effects. Athletes can be banned for using performance-enhancing drugs. Socially accepted drugs such as alcohol and cigarettes impair performance. Personality – Some sports suit some personalities (introvert, extrovert). Everybody has their own distinctive character formed as a result of complexes unique to them and their personal history. Your performance will be better in a sport thats fit your personality. Motivation – This involves a sense of purpose, commitment and determination which comes from whithin (intrinsic). Every performer needs this to do well. Sometimes the motivation comes from without (extrinsic) and must be valued by the performer for it to have an effect. Arousal – There must be a general mental preparation to action, which is focused and sustained at the optimum point at which the performance is at its very best (‘psyched up’). However, it is important to remain in control and not to pass the optimum level (psyche out) where performance declines under pressure (stress, worry, self-doubt, anxiety, etc.). Stress – Any stressful situation ( injury, family issues etc… ) or reasons other than participation in the activity is likely to impair performance. PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS Weather – If the weather is hotter, colder, windier or more humid than you are accustomed you won’t perform to the best of your ability. Changes in weather may lead to change in tactics. Altitude – At high altitudes, the air is thinner, so less oxygen is taken in with each breath. If the body is not adapted to this condition, you are likely to become breathless and dizzy. However, whereas long-distance events are difficult to perform at high altitudes, performance in sprinting, jumping and throwing events are enhanced. Playing surface and equipment – performance can be affected by equipment used and surface performed on. The need for special equipment can prevent some people from taking part, thus restricting their opportunities. Equipment changes as technology influences the design and materials used for increasing durability and performance, e.g. boots are lighter and more flexible than before, Running shoes provide more support and protection in the ability to absorb and disperse shock. If you are used to performing on one type of surface, there can be a dramatic change in performance levels if you have to adapt suddenly to another. The body and mind affect each other, and the environment affects both. Therefore, combined, will tremendously impact performance. If they are all at their best, optimum performance will be achieved.last_img read more

World Bank Re-affirms Commitment to Liberia

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first_imgWorld Bank Country Manager, Inguna Dobraja has reaffirmed the Bank’s commitment to closely work with the Government of Liberia in the successful implementation of the Bank’s Country Partnership Strategy for Fiscal year 2013-2017, which was designed together with the Government to support the country’s Agenda for Transformation (AfT).Ms. Dobraja made the statement on Monday, June 17, during the officially opening of World Bank new office at the German Embassy compound in Congo Town.She said: “It is indeed a great honor for us all to be celebrating the opening of a new office today for the World Bank.  This simple and fine architectural gem represents more than a place of work for our staff and a meeting place for our varied in-country partnerships.”“In all of its granite, aluminum and concrete solidity; in its eerie resonance of Monrovia’s architectural vernacular and landscape; and in its pleasing proportions, this cluster of buildings is more than fitting physical projection of the World Bank Group’s commitment to the long term and strategic partnership with Liberia.  We are here to stay and be a good partner for as long as it takes,” she noted.She said that infrastructure carries a huge pay stub and the involvements of other development partners in addressing the infrastructure challenges have been pivotal. “In this regard, I would like to commend the Liberia Reconstruction Trust Fund (LRTF) for their support to Liberia’s infrastructure agenda. As perhaps all of you know, the LRFT is a multi-donor trust fund for infrastructure, which is supported by contributions from the European Union, and the governments of Great Britain, Sweden, Ireland, Norway and Germany, and the World Bank.”“The LRTF is administered by the World Bank and it is supervised by an Oversight Committee comprising the ministries of Finance and Public Works, Development Partners, and the World Bank.  Let me also commend your Government, Honorable Minister Ngafuan for the very evident progress you have made in the intervening years in executing your infrastructure rehabilitation and investment agenda. “According to her, the World Bank will remain engaged with Liberia in supporting economic growth and poverty reduction.  “This commitment was manifested in our current Country Partnership Strategy for Liberia spanning 2013-2017, which we have closely aligned with Liberia’s Agenda for Transformation (AfT).”She further said, “This Strategy focuses on financing investments in infrastructure, especially energy and transport, along with building the human and institutional capacity necessary to deliver results.”She said over the time, the World Bank has seen strong growth in the size and depth of its program in Liberia – a growth that was foreseen after the country’s successful completion of the HIPC process in 2010.”The building, Ms. Debraja said, was originally built at a time when Liberia was in the forefront of West Africa in such areas as provision of health care, rice production and cutting edge iron ore production.  It was built for a German company, Bong Mining Company that was operating in Bong Mines in Bong County.    “We actually took possession at the beginning of this year and, as expected,   it has taken several months to complete the finishing touches, including developing the gardens and green spaces of this beautiful compound.    I am happy to report that we are now fully operational and have the pleasure to see many of you here for meetings and other events,” she disclosed.She also lauded chief architect, Ms. Christian Furler and her team as well as   the ADI Contractors who did the renovation works. “I will also like to express our appreciation to our many Bank colleagues, both here and in Washington, who have worked tirelessly to make this new office a reality.  Special thanks to Mrs. Maria Ponce de Leon who is the Bank’s architect in charge of this project.”Also speaking, Foreign Minister Augustine K. Ngafuan said the establishment of a new and better Office Complex in Liberia by the World Bank represents a huge vote of confidence in Liberia’s future.By this,“You the WB has joined others including the British Government that last year reopened its Embassy in Liberia with a resident Ambassador after almost two decades of closure.  He also said other countries including Sweden, Qatar and Brazil, amongst others, opened their embassies near Monrovia.Acknowledging the World Bank contribution to Liberia, Minister Ngafuan said the movement of the World Bank’s Country Office from Mamba Point considered as the diplomatic enclave, to Oldest Congo Town   far away from the diplomatic enclave and the center of the city testifies to the ever deepening stability and security that Liberia has been experiencing for a little over ten consecutive years.According to him, World Bank was the biggest partner that assisted in crafting Liberia’s development frameworks – the IPRS and the PRS, and the recent Vision 2030 and its five-year slice – the Agenda for Transformation.Moreover, the Foreign Minister said the Bank was also a key player followed by the IMF in driving Liberia through the HIPC  debt relief process which eventually saw Liberia being unshackled from itsUS  almost 5 billion dollars debt burden. Furthermore, the Bank contributed half of the funds which enabled the Liberian Government to clear commercial debts of over 1billion dollars through debt buy-backs.The Bank has contributed to the rebuilding of critical infrastructure including the paving of Monrovia’s streets under URIRP Project, support to the Monrovia City Corporation under the Emergency Monrovia Urban Sanitation project (EMUS) that provides solid waste services.Meanwhile, Liberia joined the World Bank in 1962, becoming its 75th member. The country later received its first funding to finance the construction of two new roads, including the highway from Monrovia to the Roberts International Airport, and financing for equipment and materials to maintain Liberia’s entire road system.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

‘We Are Still in Crisis’

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first_imgOne of the panelists of the War Memorial Lecture Series (WMLS), Att’y Vulate Hage, has observed that looking at past situations that led to the 14-year civil crisis, Liberians are still in crisis.  As one of the contributing factors to this, she mentioned the unfair distribution of natural resources. The WMLS brought together five speakers: Cllr. Taiwon Gongloe, Att’y Hage, Mr. Kenneth Y. Best of the Daily Observer, Att’y Jerome Kolleh and Rev. Emmanuel Bowier. These speakers provided “surgical” explanations to the genesis of the civil crisis in Liberia and the continuing problems that plague the country and threaten its peace and stability.Addressing the WMLS, which was held at the St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Sinkor last Wednesday, Madam Hage explained that many of the actions that contributed to the brutal civil crisis continue to exist in the current regime headed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.The government has failed the people of Liberia, Att’y Hage declared, stating that she was worried about what older people will tell their children after electing former war lords to lead them. Liberia, she said, is the only country that elects leaders who made pre-election promises but have nothing to show after serving many years in power.“What will we tell our children, especially the younger ones, after we elected former warlords as leaders? What is the example that we as older ones are setting for the young generation, when those we elected are doing the same old things that contributed to the 14-year civil crisis in this country? “We have to find a way to bring about the change we want as people and citizens of Liberia. It is time for each of us, most especially our young people, to get the education we need that will empower us to bring about the change we desire and deserve in Liberia,” she declared.Also speaking, Cllr. Taiwon Gongloe observed that for a long time we heard that this country was a God-fearing one, but it has not materialized because we have all suffered the deadly consequences of our leaders’ failure to deliver good effective and results-oriented governance to the people.According to him, the St. Peter’s Lutheran Church is one of those institutions which suffered most from the civil crisis that resulted from the perennial problem of poor governance in LiberiaCllr. Gongloe was referring to the massacre of over 600 people inside that church at Tubman Boulevard and 14th Street in Sinkor on the fateful night of June 29, 1990.   Hundreds of Liberians had sought refuge in that church from the murderous death squads that paraded the country, especially Monrovia in 1990. But the death squad, allegedly led by President Samuel K. Doe himself, entered St. Peter’s that night and butchered over 600 men, women and children.  Among those killed that night, Cllr. Gongloe said, were a former classmate who duxed his high school graduating class.  His name was Charles Saye Dianyee, who was brutally murdered along with his younger brother Nyan and their sister Yei, and their two children.During that reign of terror under the Doe regime, pastors were editing their Sermons to be on the safe side despite the constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech.  Yet, even though the regime had staged a coup d’etat on April 12, 1980 to “redeem” Liberians, there were things that pastors couldn’t have said to their congregations. This was a clear indication that the redeeming mission of the People’s Redemption Council (PRC) had failed.Reflecting on the historical perspective, Counselor Gongloe said there was another promise that had been betrayed.   The settlers from the United States of America that landed on these shores in 1822 said they had come to ‘Christianize and civilize the country, yet ended up allocating to themselves all of the power, leaving the indigenous majority out of the political mainstream.  This lasted for over a century until the 1980 coup d’etat.Cllr. Gongloe stressed that it was time for Liberia to look back and learn from their history in order to avoid the mistakes of yesterday and today. He further called on Liberia’s young people to continue serving God and strive for education, as the time will come for them.He called on the government to ensure that chiefs and clan chiefs be elected as the constitution requires that these people be elected by the people.  The government must stop violating the rights of our people.Counselor Gongloe said he had observed that the Daily Observer newspaper in the beginning of the regime of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was “regime friendly.”  But he said he had equally observed that the Observer had distanced itself from the regime and had now become critical of many of its policies that tend to lead the country astray.Rev. Emmanuel Bowier, the note historical commentator, also emphasized that all the factors that contributed to the long crisis in the country are still occurring in the current regime and it was important that the older folks begin advising the leaders of the country to change the direction in which they are leading the country.He said it was unfortunate that leaders continue to repeat the identical things that fully contributed to the 14 years of civil crisis in Liberia, adding that such mistakes would lead to additional crises if not arrested immediately by the current regime.“Liberians have suffered from this national crisis for too long and it is now time that we stop those things that have caused the deaths of so many of our people.  We need to speak out to our leaders to ensure that the right things are put into place.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_imgThe topic for this week is ethics and public service. I feel compelled to broach this subject because of all the financial scandals that have been surfacing in our public institutions of late—the National Oil Company (NOCAL), the National Port Authority (NPA), the Forestry Development Authority (FDA), my old stomping ground the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC), the list goes on and on and on.Why is it that those entrusted with leading our public institutions appear to be on a mad rush to run off with our money and nothing is being done to stop them? Is there something inherent in our DNA that makes us incorrigible rogues? I think not. Liberians are not born with any genetic predisposition to steal any more than, say, Americans, Frenchmen, Germans or the British. The difference is in our system of rewards and punishment. It is not that corruption does not exist in these countries. Just pick up the Washington Post or New York Times. On any given day you will read a story about some financial scandal somewhere. But in those countries, if you are caught, punishment is swift and certain. You are prosecuted and, if convicted, you go to jail. An illustration will suffice to make the point.In the 1990s the FBI conducted a criminal investigation into the energy giant Enron. Top executives of the company including its chairman, Ken Lay, were found to have committed criminal offences. Lay was a golfing buddy of George “Dubya” Bush, then president of the United States. But that didn’t save him. Dubya didn’t even try to intervene on his behalf because he knew that, had he even made an attempt, he would probably have been impeached for obstruction of justice. The sad ending to the story is that Lay became so overwhelmed by the shame of what he had done that he committed suicide while in prison.If we want to put a cap on corruption here, that is what has to happen. People have to know that if they are caught, they will be prosecuted, not merely fired or suspended from their job, and sent to jail if they are convicted. A few publicised convictions and jailings of big big people (not small small people) is all it would take to put a curb on corruption. Again, an illustration from personal experience.The year was 1973. I was working in the law office of Cecil Dennis, having recently graduated from college. As a counterpoint to the normal practice of forcing civil servants to an involuntary contributions to worthy national causes by way of payroll deduction, in this case President Tolbert’s Fundraising Rally, Cecil founded an organization called the Big H Committee. Amongst other things, we organized a football tournament.A very, very close relative of mine, whom I love dearly, was hired as a vacation student to sell tickets for the tournament. Unfortunately, he allowed himself to be influenced by his colleagues to dip into the ticket sales. The matter was brought to my attention. I investigated and found out that he and his colleagues had stolen ticket money. I left the others and grabbed my close relative first and slammed him into Central Prison, on South Beach. I was ready to throw the keys away, so angry was I. Others, not me, took him out of prison later. But he learned his lesson and never repeated that offense.Another more recent example. Paramount Togar Glaygboe and others of Kokoyah Statutory District were involved in misappropriation of rental fees paid to the district by one of the GSM companies. I warned him repeatedly to desist. He didn’t. Eventually we had him indicted by a grand jury in Gbarnga. The county attorney in Gbarnga has been dancing around proceeding with the prosecution but we are not going to let this case die. We are seeking a change of venue. Even though I consider him to be a personal friend, I and other citizens of Kokoyah are absolutely determined to put Paramount Chief Glaygboe behind bars, not only to punish him for eating our money but, more importantly, as a deterrent to anyone else in District public service who might be thinking about doing the same thing.And this brings me to a point. As leader of an organization or country, you have to be completely colour blind when it comes to matters of crime and punishment. You cannot pick and choose. Every human being on this green earth is a friend or relative or someone else. So, if you cannot take action against your friends and family when they commit criminal offences, you have no moral authority to take action against anyone else.The writer is a Certified Public Accountant and businessman. He can be reached at .Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_imgOne of the women arrested last week when ranks of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) raided the Diamond nightclub based on information received of illegal activities at the establishment, was on Wednesday charged for entering Guyana illegally.Mariah Alexander Mauchigo denied the allegation against her when it was read to her by Magistrate Fabayo Azore. The charge alleged that on September 20, 2017, at Lethem, she entered Guyana by crossing a land frontier and failed to present herself to an immigration officer.According to the facts of the matter, ranks raided the nightclub and arrested 41 foreign nationals.While in Police custody, Mauchigo’s passport was inspected and found to be without a stamp, and as such, she was charged with the offence.She was granted $20,000 bail and is expected to return to the Lethem Magistrate’s Court on February 12. She is also expected to report to the Police Criminal Investigation Department on a weekly basis.last_img read more

first_imgKilling of ex-boyfriend’s motherBy Shemuel FanfairAs the murder trial of former Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Private Abiola Jacobs continued at the High Court, the daughter of murdered housewife Donna Taylor testified that the accused woman and her mother had a fight on the day of her mother’s demise.Marcelle Collymore and her husband Charles Collymore, both of Diamond, East Bank Demerara, also recalled in their testimonies for High Court Justice James Bovell-Drakes that they were at home when the phone rang, at about 23:00 hrs. Marcelle recalled that she was watching television at the time she received the call informing that something happened at her parents’ Agricola, East Bank Demerara home.After informing her husband, they both travelled to Agricola, where they met with a neighbour and her brother, who accompanied them to search for Taylor.The 12-member jury later heard that in the backyard they discovered Taylor lying on her back with her hands behind her. “Her shirt was wrapped around her neck,” Collymore told the court.Collymore noted that she went upstairs to retrieve a sheet, which they used to place her mother’s body in. Marcelle and Charles Collymore further testified that they saw Taylor’s houseguest, Samantha Sabbatt, with a swollen jaw and with bruises about the body.Abiola Jacobs is on trial for allegedly killing 55-year-old Donna Taylor on January 31, 2014. Taylor had been the mother of Jacobs’s estranged boyfriend. During last Thursday’s court hearing, Jacobs’s defence lawyer Adrian Thompson opted against cross-examining Marcelle Collymore, but briefly questioned her husband, Charles.According to reports in 2014, Taylor was in bed at some time around 23:00hrs when she was attacked. Her throat was slit after she was dragged to the back of the Agricola house that she rented. Her hands were also bound, and she was found by a neighbour.Taylor’s overseas-based friend Samatha Sabatt, who was staying in the upper flat, was injured when persons allegedly invaded the Lot 1617 Agricola property. Taylor’s cause of death has been given as shock and haemorrhage due to incised wounds compounded with blunt trauma to head. Jacobs, of 55 Evans Phillips Park, Agricola, was captured by Police a few days after Taylor had been killed, and was subsequently charged with her murder.State Counsel Lisa Cave is assisting with the Prosecution’s case. The matter continues before Justice James Bovell-Drakes this week.last_img read more

Klopp slams ‘idiots’ who attacked City bus

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first_img0Shares0000Bottles and cans are thrown at the bus as Manchester City players arrive for their Champions League quarter-final against Liverpool © AFP/File / Paul ELLISLONDON, United Kingdom, Apr 6 – Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has hit out at the idiots who attacked Manchester City’s team bus, saying it would be difficult for Reds supporters to welcome their own team to Anfield in future.City’s bus was struck by hurled bottles and cans on its way into Anfield ahead of their shock 3-0 defeat by Liverpool in a Champions League quarter-final first leg tie on Wednesday. Windows were broken and City had to hire a replacement bus for their return journey, so extensive was the damage to the original.Fans have long greeted team buses on their way into Anfield before major fixtures, and two years ago the Europa League quarter-final and semi-final matches against Villarreal and Borussia Dortmund saw thousands of fans line the streets amid a flurry of red smoke flares.Both matches, however, passed off without major incident.But fans may now be barred from lining the route for future games, with Klopp reiterating Friday his disgust at what had happened to City on their way into Anfield.“I have to say, again, apologies for what happened before the game,” said Klopp.“It is so strange because you go with your own bus through the crowd and it feels fantastic, it is passion.“Then you come into the stadium and the first thing I heard is they smashed the bus of Man City and it kills everything in that moment for us.”The German added: “You cannot be happy about that, you don’t feel ‘it’ any more.“Because of a few idiots it will maybe never happen again. It changed everything.“The atmosphere during the game was one of the best I have experienced but these things around it changed my view.“It is not OK. It is not how it should have been.”Given their arrival at the ground and the result of the match, City could have been forgiven for wanting to make as quick a getaway from Anfield as possible.But instead they stopped to assist a woman who was involved in a collision with a car yards from the Arkles pub on Anfield Road, where before the match their bus had been hit with bottles and flares.“The medical staff of Man City did what they did but it is an outstanding thing to do and leaves us even more in a situation where we think ‘Oof, it was all strange’,” Klopp added.Meanwhile Liverpool are set to give Mohamed Salah as much time as possible to prove his fitness for Saturday’s Merseyside derby against Everton.The Egypt forward, the Premier League’s leading scorer so far this season with 29 goals, came off during the European success against English champions-elect Manchester City with a groin problem.“I don’t want to give anything away and I want to wait,” said Klopp. “It makes no sense to talk about what we do with boys in rehab but we’ve tried everything to make him available.“There are 23 hours to go so let’s see what happens.”0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

first_imgA website survey of holidays has found Donegal in a very credible fourth place when it comes to staycations – breaks at home for Irish people.GrabOne Escapes, which launched recently to cater for budget savvy travellers looking to escape at a bargain price, conducted a survey all over Ireland to see what Irish people actually want…from their holiday that is.And the results are good news for Co Donegal with almost one in five people in the survey choosing the county as a destination. It comes in the same week when three local hotels won prestigious awards.49% of those surveyed took a break in the last 6 months, 32% in the last year and 21% in the last month.  When asked who they were most likely to travel with, 66% responded that they primarily travel with a loved one, 45% with their family and 3% prefer to go solo.The most important factor when booking a break is price, according to 70% of those surveyed, followed by location at 20% and time to get there at 6%.  Attractions and activities also play a deciding role.  Interestingly, weather only seems to be important when travelling abroad.A resounding majority of those surveyed prefer to stay in hotels with 82% saying it’s their number one accommodation choice, while 38% prefer self-catering, 8% B&Bs and 6% campsites. The most popular types of breaks for Irish people are beach and city breaks at home and abroad with more than half of all respondents naming these as their holiday of choice.  Spa & wellness breaks are a close second (30%), followed by family fun breaks at 22%, and adventure activities or rural retreats, both at 19%.   Festivals and concerts, foodie getaways and heritage or cultural activities are also popular choices.70% book a holiday or break based on price.82% prefer to stay in hotels.Galway is the most popular destination for a staycation (40%), followed by Kerry (38%), Cork (24%) and Donegal (18%).The Cliffs of Moher and The Burren are our favourite landmarks.Beach and city breaks are the most popular type of holiday at home and abroad.99.5% look for sunshine when they go abroad.Spain is the most popular foreign destination (27%), followed by Portugal (11%), Italy (10%) and the USA (9%).Almost half of those surveyed took a break in the last 6 monthsLEAVE YOUR COMMENT BELOW© 2011, all Rights ReservedThe copying, republication or redistribution of Content, including by framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited by law.Follow us on Follow us on IN FOURTH PLACE FOR STAYCATIONS, SAYS SURVEY was last modified: February 24th, 2012 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:doneaDONEGAL IN FOURTH PLACE FOR STAYCATIONSgrabone escapes surveySAYS SURVEYlast_img read more

first_imgHIGHEST SCORING OPENING DAY FIXTURES1994/95 season: Crystal Palace 1-6 Liverpool1994/95 season: Sheffield Wednesday 3-4 Tottenham1995/96 season: Southampton 3-4 Nottingham Forest2009/10 season: Everton 1-6 Arsenal2016/17 season: Arsenal 3-4 Liverpool2017/18 season: Arsenal 4-3 LeicesterWith a new manager to impress in Unai Emery and an attack containing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Mesut Ozil, you wouldn’t be surprised to see the Gunners sink their chances again. 3 3 Liverpool players celebrate against Arsenal in their 4-3 win 3center_img First, though, at least we have a month of glorious World Cup action, which you can hear all on talkSPORT beginning on 14 June.talkSPORT is your home of the 2018 World Cup. Tune in all throughout the summer to hear live commentary of every game, and visit for expert views and analysis of the big games and key moments from Russia. There are just two months to go until the new Premier League season kicks off and before the fixture list for the 2018/19 campaign is released on 14 June, looks at a few opening day barnstormers.And if it’s goals you want – who doesn’t – then Arsenal is the club to watch.In the last two seasons, the Gunners have been involved in seven-goal thrillers, while they hit Everton for six in 2010. Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang both know where the goal is last_img read more

first_imgA new generation of talented young traditional musicians and singers from around the county can be heard on Raidió na Gaeltachta today.The musicians were recorded before Christmas in Letterkenny as part of the Mol an Óige series presented by Neansaí Ní Choisdealbha.Students from Comhaltas Leitir Ceanainn, Ceol na Coille music school, Coláiste Ailigh and Gaelscoil Adhamhnáin all took part in the recording session. The first of the programmes will be broadcast today.Mol an Óige, Raidió na Gaeltachta, 18.30 -19.00.MOL AN ÓIGE -CEOLTÓIRÍ ÓGA Ó DHÚN NA NGALL INNIU AR RAIDIÓ NA GAELTACHTA was last modified: January 12th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Ceol na CoilleColaiste AilighComhaltas Leitir CeanainnGaelscoil AdhmanainRnaGlast_img read more