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Will the stadium boost property prices?

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first_imgI am often asked about the impact major projects have on property prices in the Townsville area. I remember when the ring road was mooted. People in the Upper Ross were telling me that their properties were now worth more money. The same today with people living around the new stadium. Do property prices soar around major infrastructure developments?In the case of the ring road, we found that it didn’t really add to the sale prices for Condon, Rasmussen and Kelso but it made the suburbs more popular because there was now another access point. In real terms the Upper Ross was not necessarily any better off with the ring road unless you wanted to visit Douglas, Riverside and the army access road. The trip to the CBD was still the same distance, you simply had another route to get there. More from news01:21Buyer demand explodes in Townsville’s 2019 flood-affected suburbs12 Sep 202001:21‘Giant surge’ in new home sales lifts Townsville property market10 Sep 2020But there was a perception that the new ring road would bring prosperity to the Upper Ross. The whole neighbourhood was buzzing with the news of its arrival. Some people even bought property in the Upper Ross hoping that once the ring road was opened their property would increase significantly. It did not happen.The new stadium had, and still has, the people of South Townsville and Railway Estate excitedly talking up a storm. And now that construction has begun the site is buzzing with energy. But we still don’t see it as the silver bullet for house prices. I am confident that some buyers and sellers may have benefitted by the announcement and subsequent construction, but it is my opinion that it has made the area more desirable to live in which will drive buyer interest. But when it comes to infrastructure there is rarely, if ever, one single thing that leads to a recovery for the city. It is almost always a combination of multiple projects coming together at the same time that instils confidence in buyers and the business community. Projects such as Adani, the dual pipeline to the Burdekin, the Singapore Army interest in Townsville, the possible reopening of Queensland Nickel, the new Stadium, the solar farm at Kelso and the extensions to the Townsville port, to name just a few, will all help grow the confidence of our local area and this will attract investment to the commercial and residential sector. When people feel good they spend money and that applies to buying an ice-cream a new car right through to a new property. Let’s hope the projects online for our great city all materialise and put Townsville back on the winner’s podium where it deserves to be and will be in the future. Opinion is divided over whether the North Queensland Stadium will help increase property prices. REIQ Townsville Zone chairman Wayne Nicholson weighs in. North Queensland Stadium under construction in September 2018 Townsvillelast_img read more

first_imgTHE recently-formed Vikings basketball club scored a 74-69 win over Pepsi Sonics on Tuesday evening, when the Let’s Bet Sports-sponsored Georgetown Amateur Basketball Association (GABA) Division-2 Knockout tournament continued at the Burnham Basketball Court.Sonia Rodney, the only female coach in GABA, saw her side led to victory by a team-high 17 points from Seon Lee, while Kevon Dey chipped in with 15 points.Rawle Smith (10), Osafo Johnson (10) and Jeffrey Wilkinson (8) also found their names on the scoresheets for Vikings.Shamar Anderson netted a game-high 20 points, while Troy Glasgow added 14 points.The contest began brightly for Vikings who took the initial lead, compliments of a 15-12 score-line at the end of the first period.However, Sonics responded in the second stanza, netting 25 points while restricting their foes to 12 points to enter the half-time interval in control at 37-27.The sea-saw nature of the clash continued in the pivotal third quarter, as Vikings outscored Sonics 19-11 to reduce the deficit to 48-46 as they entered the final period.The come-from-behind result was then accomplished in the final stanza, as Vikings amassed a mammoth 28 points, reducing Sonics to 21 points.The event, which is sponsored by Guyana Lottery Company, resumed yesterday at the same venue with another round of matches.last_img read more

Obama’s former speechwriter visits campus

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first_imgOn Monday night, the USC Program Board Speakers Committee hosted noted screenwriter and speechwriter Jon Lovett in The Art of Bull$#!t, a commentary on American politics in which he reflected on his years in the White House.Funnyman · Jon Lovett, a former speechwriter for President Barack Obama, encouraged students to pursue careers on Capitol Hill. — Chandler Golan | Daily TrojanThe event, which was held in Taper Hall at 8:00 p.m., was open to all USC students and faculty.“We bring a multitude of speakers every year to discuss topics relating to education, diversity and cultural awareness,” Speakers Committee Director Amanda Schmitt said. “We’ve had people from Barack Obama to Stan Lee, and we were so excited to have Jon Lovett come speak about life in Washington D.C. and American culture.”Dubbed “Washington’s Funniest Celebrity,” Lovett was Obama’s former speechwriter for three years and wrote jokes for the president’s annual White House Correspondents Dinner. Prior to that, he was the chief speechwriter for Hillary Clinton during her presidential campaign.“Politicians are relying on comedy because it’s a way of breaking through to listeners when it’s so hard to get news to people,” Lovett said. “Humor is a way of saying we share the same view of what’s ridiculous or absurd. A laughing response is shorthand for, ‘I understand you.’”Lovett emphasized the continued influence of the media in politics and how it has evolved.“One of the things I learned when I first got into D.C. was how much the daily lives of senators was getting the press to cover what they want to talk about,” Lovett said. “For a long time, it was about finding a great pithy phrase for a sound byte. These days, what we share are honest, emotional, sincere expressions of either moments of surprise and moments of unexpected honesty, when the artifice of politics seems to break down.”Lovett said Hillary Clinton’s widely publicized display of emotion in New Hampshire during her campaign humanized her to the American people.“It was an honest, raw moment when people got to see a side of her they didn’t see before,” he said. “I think this shows we’re moving in the right direction because it demonstrates how the interests of politicians and ordinary citizens become more aligned.”Still, Lovett recognizes that solving many of the country’s most pressing issues are hindered by dishonesty in the public and private sectors alike.“We have serious problems, and we have serious things we need to do, but so much of our culture right now can’t be trusted,” Lovett said. “We’re drowning in partisan rhetoric that’s barely true. It’s dangerous and it affects every facet of our lives. Cynicism is a natural response to the kind of culture we live in.”Lovett stressed the importance of the younger generation in changing the country’s mindset from cutthroat partisanship to valuing honesty.“What gives me hope is ‘peopleship’ — a new generation is coming of age,” Lovett said. “The big test you guys are going to face when you leave here is the test of being the generation that fights for a renaissance of integrity, that fights for something true.”After three years of writing speeches for Obama, Lovett decided to pursue screenwriting. He is a producer on the HBO award-winning series The Newsroom and is the co-creator and head writer of the 2010 NBC sitcom 1600 Penn.“I left government because I wanted to write about things I cared about outside of the visible spectrum of politics, which is very small. There’s a lot you can’t talk about,” Lovett said. “I wanted to have an impact in a different way and talk about things in a different way.”Lovett encourages recent graduates to consider jobs on the Hill.“I think it’s great so many young people go into government,” Lovett said. “It’s a time in which you’re naturally optimistic and that’s a great energy in our government. In a way, we depend on every generation of young people to come into government and bring in a fresh perspective.”last_img read more

Hughes: Bielema undeserving of fans’ ire

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first_imgShortly after the Wisconsin football team lost its second consecutive Rose Bowl – this time to Oregon in a 45-38 blur of offensive prowess – one thing racked my patience more than anything else.It wasn’t that, for the second year in a row, I had driven more than 2,000 miles to ultimately watch the players of some other team sandwich a rose between their teeth and dance in a storm of confetti not cardinal and white.Instead, what upset me so much was the fans who took to the social networking feeds to blame head coach Bret Bielema for the loss and proclaim a desire for him to be fired.Despite the fact Bielema currently has the nation’s fourth-best winning percentage (.759 and, by the way, he’s .688 in the Big Ten) and despite the fact that he brought two more Big Ten title banners to Madison all on his own, there is at least a faction of Badger fans that does not like Bielema and does not appreciate his accomplishments.Unfortunately, that makes it all the easier to (undeservedly) assign blame on him when the team loses games such as the Rose Bowl.For the wolves who surrounded Bielema in the game’s after-hours: Back off. Bielema made a mistake in that game, yes, but the loss wasn’t entirely his fault. Not by a long shot. And the very notion of him being fired right now is entirely foolhardy.So first, let’s put to rest one inflammatory misconception first – that the Rose Bowl was lost thanks to Bielema.Bielema put a course of events into motion early in the third quarter that resulted in Wisconsin being charged its second timeout of the half – still with just over 25 minutes of football to be played. It was one of those moments where, unanimously, every onlooker said to him or herself “that could come back to haunt them later.”And it most certainly did. Wisconsin’s comeback effort ended on the Oregon 25-yard line as time expired. The Badgers never had a chance to shoot for the endzone. A timeout would’ve helped.People can chew Bielema out for that all they want; they are more than welcome to. But don’t act like it was the game’s deal breaker.Two timeouts in the first five minutes of the second half is a big mistake, but I’d argue that allowing an obnoxious 621 yards of offense and a devastatingly late fumble by wide receiver Jared Abbrederis were bigger.Oregon’s offense ran unrestrained all game. The Ducks were just unambiguously better and made Badger defenders look overwhelmed. They made mistake after mistake and couldn’t keep up.You can’t coach speed. If you want to get on Bielema for not recruiting more speed, that’s fine. But right now we’re talking about one specific game, so I think in that regard it’s splitting hairs.And Abbrederis, who otherwise had a superb game (four catches, 119 yards, one touchdown, 201 kickoff yards), made one of the biggest mental mistakes of UW’s season. With four minutes remaining, Abbrederis hauled in a pass that would have situated Wisconsin inside the Oregon 30-yard line.After securing the ball, Abbrederis turned upfield. The sideline rested two yards to his left, and he had four Duck defenders closing in from literally all other directions. He was cornered and had little hope of gaining a substantial addition of yards.Down seven points with four minutes remaining, ball security is the priority and you elect to go out of bounds in that situation. Instead, Abbrederis unnecessarily rammed into the first defender that greeted him, and the ball jostled loose.Then a Duck dived on it like it was bread in the water.You can encapsulate the Badgers’ loss by including all three of those mishaps – Bielema’s timeout, the ruinous defense and Abbrederis’ fumble. Singling one out is unfair and doesn’t quite tell the whole story.On to Bielema’s job security.Losing the big one two years a row has made at least a part of Badger Nation forget that Bielema brought together an exceptional coaching staff and group of players that won two consecutive Big Ten titles. They don’t understand that he’s the architect behind UW’s recent success (need I say again the winning percentage and conference titles?).Critics have again found fertilizer for the assertion that Bielema cannot win a big game, though that argument, used against many a sports figure, is just fallacious to begin with and an inaccurate one in the case of Bielema.Bielema has dethroned a No. 1-ranked opponent, blasted away Nebraska in its first Big Ten game and won the inaugural conference title game. But fans want a Rose Bowl victory.It can obviously still be achieved.Oregon coach Chip Kelly supposedly couldn’t win a BCS big game after he lost a Rose Bowl and then a national championship game. But then he won this year’s Rose Bowl.John Elway apparently would never win a Super Bowl after he whiffed his first two chances to do so. But he ultimately retired with two rings.Certain coaching decisions made by Bielema have gone under the microscope, like the timeouts he used in the first meeting against Michigan State that only aided the Spartans’ efforts to send off a last-second Hail Mary.But what Bielema has proven over his tenure at Wisconsin is that he’s willing to be aggressive in going for the win, something I admire greatly in a football coach. Rather than act conservatively in crunch time and make decisions geared more toward keeping post-game controversy at bay, Bielema goes for the win.You can call it reckless, but it has its benefits like Brad Nortman’s fake punt versus Iowa.Perhaps it was just the heat of the moment for these salty fans. After all, nobody enjoys losing the Rose Bowl. But Bielema has some serious credentials that warrant job security. Talk of him being fired is foolish. Anyone who thinks he bears 100 percent responsibility for the loss probably just has issues with his coaching style, even though his style has proven to be fruitful.In the media room after the Rose Bowl, I watched Bielema hold back tears as he offered a public apology to Badger fans, while calling them the “best fans in the world.”And then he quite rightly said: “I’m not going to apologize for a group that [won] the division title, won a Big Ten title and earned a chance to come out here and play a quality football team and unfortunately came up a little bit short.”Neither should any of the fans.Elliot is a senior majoring in journalism. You can tweet your thoughts of Bielema @elliothughes12.last_img read more

Eaves and Badgers ready to handle change

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first_imgIn the midst of a critical coaching change, the Wisconsin men’s hockey team remains in preparation for its series this coming weekend against Minnesota.Without any games on the schedule this past weekend, Wisconsin (1-4-1 overall, 1-2-1 in WCHA) was relatively lucky with the timing of assistant coach Bill Butters’ departure.Butters announced his surprising decision to step down last Wednesday. The assistant coach was in his third season with the team, but he decided to leave so he could move on from coaching hockey to spend more time with his family in Minnesota.But, as is commonplace in the world of college athletics, change is just the name of the game.“I think part of our world as coaches, in fact, is that change is part of the norm,” head coach Mike Eaves said during his weekly press conference Monday. “Whether it’s injury, whether you’re traveling and have bad weather, whether it’s the middle of the game and the referee makes a call that you don’t agree with.“So I think, once again, change is a constant. It’s what we deal with all the time in the coaching world and I think what we deal with in life.”The shock of the move for the most part has passed over the program, but the team was still, nonetheless, surprised by Butters’ choice.“I think we’ve moved past it, and I think they have in their own way moved past it,” Eaves said. “So we’re moving on.”Still in the wake of the departure, the team is still deciding on how to fill the vacant position. But, as is the case with any hire, the team will take its time deciding on a replacement for Butters.“There are many factors that go into [finding a new coach],” Eaves said. “And being on the inside, you want to do things quickly, and yet you want to do things thoroughly.”The hockey team has its own process in selecting coaches, but so too does the University of Wisconsin. The university holds a separate screening process in which additional checks of a coaching candidate are weighed, according to Eaves.Assistant coach Gary Shuchuk could take on added responsibilities with the program as well with the absence of an assistant coach on the roster.Shuchuk played collegiate hockey at Wisconsin before moving on to the NHL and, eventually, all over the world to play.He was an All-American in 1990 on the Badgers’ squad that won the national championship.Shuchuk set many records for the Badgers during his four years as a player, and thanks to his play at an extremely high level, he has been able to connect with the current players naturally because of his relationship with the game.Eaves said he has been impressed with Shuchuk’s work thus far as a UW assistant and is looking forward to helping him take on a greater role.“I think [Shuchuk] is one of those guys, guys talk about ‘I want this guy in my fox hole,’” Eaves said. “When things get tough, he’s going to do things to get it done.”Along with the coaching change, the team has already had to deal with some other distractions as well.Junior forward Mark Zengerle has watched practice while riding the stationary bike the past week, using the time off the ice as motivation fueling his rehab and his future return. His broken finger will keep him out for an additional four to five weeks.The Badgers are still missing freshman Nic Kerdiles on the ice during games as well. Kerdiles has been able to practice while still under his ten-game suspension from the NCAA. He was originally suspended for the entire season before the NCAA lessened it to just 30 percent of the season.This weekend, the Badgers will head to Minnesota to take on the Gophers (6-2-1, 3-2-1). Minnesota has been impressive so far this season, earning a total scoring differential of 20 goals over their opponents.“They probably have the most depth at forward in our league in terms of ability and talent,” Eaves said. “Three top lines for sure and a fourth line that’s not bad as well in terms of ability.”last_img read more

first_imgAccording to organisers of the lawyers’ league, 19 teams would be participating in the tournament, with seven mergers.“The teams are divided into four groups with eight matches to be played every Sunday over a five- week period, Match time for each game is 20 minutes, including half time & change over time. Matches are scheduled to start at 3pm every Sunday,” observed a statement from the organisers.Last year’s runners-up, Falana & Falana is to begin the 17th edition of the BOA Lawyers’ League against Wole Olanipekun/Dele Adesina in the Match-day 1 fixture. AELEX is also taking on Aluko & Oyebode while Perchstone & Graey LP will be home to George Etomi/ FRA Williams.Other Match-day 1 fixtures include UUBOS/ACAS Law versus a former champion of the tournament, Lagos State Ministry of Justice (LSMJ), SOOB/NICCOM LLP versus Pinheiro LP. The last fixture for the first weekend is between Banwo Ighodalo versus BA Law LLP/ Probitas Partners.The Bankole Olumide Aluko Football Tournament (BOA), a.k.a The Lawyers’ Football League is held in memory of the late notable lawyer, Mr. Bankole Olumide Aluko. a founding partner in the law firm of Aluko & Oyebode (“A & O”).He passed on 17 years ago and ever since, his colleagues and associates have celebrated his life and times with the tournament.He was reputed as a fine gentleman and obsessively passionate about his football.Aluko & Oyebode, a Law Firm he partly founded instituted the tournament in his memory as a platform to promote team spirit and camaraderie amongst legal professionals in Nigeria.Over the last 10 years, Astro Soccer Nigeria Ltd (ASNL), owners of astroturf 2000 football facilities have hosted and managed the tournament, forming a partnership with Aluko & Oyebode to professionalise the planning, features and organisation that a notable tournament involving the top law firms in Nigeria deserves.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram 2019 BOA Lawyers’ LeagueChampions Olisa Agbakoba Legal is to begin the defence of the Bankole Olumide Aluko (BOA) Lawyers’ Football League title against Olaniwun Ajayi on Sunday at the AstroTurf 2000 in Ikoyi, Lagos.OAL will be aiming to start the cup defence with almost the same team that defeated Falana & Falana in the final of the last edition as this 17th edition begins with fanfare on Sunday.Nineteen distinguished law firms are participating in this edition pushed forward due to the elections that held in the country in the past fortnight.last_img read more

Italy boss explains Cassano snub

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first_imgItaly boss Cesare Prandelli has explained why Antonio Cassano has been left out of his squad for the start of their World Cup qualifying campaign.The Azzurri will take on Bulgaria and Malta over the course of the next eight days, but the new Inter man has not been selected.“Cassano has said that he is currently only at 50-60 per cent and, at this moment, I don’t have time to recover players because we need to win games to qualify,” Prandelli noted.“He just has to re-find his form, then there will only be tactical decisions to make.“I can’t take any risks in these qualifying games with players who are not in perfect physical condition. There is a lot at stake here.“Giorgio Chiellini and Thiago Motta haven’t been picked because they are not at their best after Euro 2012 too.” Given the absence of Cassano and Manchester City’s Mario Balotelli, Prandelli has recalled Roma’s Pablo Osvaldo and new Milan man Giampaolo Pazzini in attack.“We wanted to underline with these two selections that everyone has a chance to be picked,” the former Fiorentina tactician continued.“Considering the absence of Balotelli, we’re thinking about changing the way we play and that is the reason why Osvaldo and Pazzini are here.“Osvaldo looked on edge last season, but he is an attacker who could do well for our cause. He’s a modern forward.”Prandelli used a 3-5-2 and a 4-3-1-2 system at Euro 2012 and he’s admitted that he’s hoping to continue evolving his side. “I want a side that plays with more intensity, so I need to have tactical alternatives. We’ll try a few new things in training, starting from today.“A three-man defence? Let’s calm down, I don’t think we’ll change things straight away, even if I don’t think I can say at this point that we’ll play with four at the back on Friday.“I need to try out a few tests.”Prandelli has included a new face in the squad – Napoli sensation Lorenzo Insigne who is one of a number of young Italian players being given a chance.“I’ve seen some good football in these first two rounds, it has been at a good level and there has been intensity,” the CT added. “We are taking steps in the right direction. In the Italian Super Cup two years ago between Roma and Inter, there were just two Italians playing, now things are changing…”last_img read more

LA Clippers’ troubles fall on Doc Rivers

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first_imgThe Clippers aren’t lacking when it comes to having targets of criticism, and maybe the biggest, easiest target is the team’s president of basketball operations.See, Doc Rivers wasn’t just going to leave the Boston Celtics for any opportunity, and the chance to do more than coach – to run a competitive team in his vision – helped get him out West.But three years in, the results have been mixed at best.The Clippers haven’t gotten to the Western Conference Finals, let alone reaching the NBA Finals and hoisting gold at the end of the season. Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error Re-signed Austin Rivers (2 years, $6.4 million, player option in year 2): After a courageous performance in the Clippers’ Game 6 loss to Portland, no one is crying “nepotism” anymore about the team’s back-up point guard. Truth is, despite some offensive inconsistencies, Rivers was everything you could want from a bench player. He was prone to offensive outbursts while making regular contributions as a defender. Like Aldrich, he’ll likely opt out and get a raise this summer.Signed Luc Mbah a Moute (1 year, $947,000): The Clippers lucked into a starting small forward late in free agency, signing Mbah a Moute to a training camp deal after his contract with Sacramento fell apart under the guise of injury concerns. Mbah a Moute moved into the starting lineup and the defense instantly improved. His versatility on that end of the court was especially valuable with Blake Griffin injured for most of the season.The missesSigned Paul Pierce (3 years, $10.5 million, team option in year 3): There was no storybook season for Pierce as he returned to his hometown to reunite with his long-time coach. Pierce never got into rhythm, even when his minutes ticked up midway through the season. The Clippers didn’t spend a lot on Pierce, but with so much money tied up at the top of their roster, every penny matters, and Pierce didn’t matter enough.Signed Josh Smith (1 year, $947,000): It wasn’t much of a financial gamble, but adding Smith was a bet Rivers lost. From wall-penetrating arguments with coaches to ill-advised jumpers, Smith never gave the Clippers the boost they hoped.Traded for Lance Stephenson (acquired from Charlotte for Spencer Hawes and Matt Barnes): Another offseason gamble, Stephenson’s erratic on-court play didn’t mesh with either of the first or second units. The locker room enjoyed his presence, but ultimately, Stephenson’s contract was more valuable to the team than his performance.Signed Pablo Prigioni (1 year, $947,000): Prigioni had a couple of bright moments, and for a time he stablilized the second unit by throwing pocket pass after pocket pass to Aldrich. But, the veteran point guard struggled when the Clippers needed him most – in the playoffs after Chris Paul was injured.The in-betweensTraded for Jeff Green (acquired from Memphis for Lance Stephenson and a future first-round pick): The talent that’s tantalized NBA people for years was on display about half the time of Green’s short Clipper tenure – a plus athlete who is great in transition and a matchup problem in the half court. The Clippers, like everyone else, just didn’t see it all the time. Green, an unrestricted free agent this summer, helped in the playoffs, but unless they re-sign him and get useful minutes from him, was it worth the future first-round pick?Signed Wesley Johnson (2 years, $2.3 million, player option for year 2): Johnson wasn’t the shooter the Clippers hoped, but he became a better defender than they could’ve expected after an uneven start to the season. Johnson, like Green, wasn’t very consistent, but at the price, it doesn’t qualify as a miss.Drafted Branden Dawson (acquired from New Orleans for cash considerations): Dawson re-tooled his jumper and showed flashes of being an impact defender, but his trouble grasping the Clippers’ system and off-court problems (arrested on domestic violence charges that were later dropped) make his future with the team unclear. His contract for next season is non-guaranteed.Signed Jeff Ayres, Alex Stepheson to 10-day contracts: Ayres and Stepheson didn’t move the needle on the court, but both guys were pleasant to have around the locker room.As with most of Rivers’ tenure as a Clippers executive, this season was all over the map. He re-signed the team’s top target, he hit on a few bargain players and missed on some other key signings.With limited salary options provided the team keeps its core intact, he’ll have to be even better this summer, starting with the draft.If the hits don’t outnumber the misses, the Clippers could again find themselves done early next spring.center_img That’s partly been due to bad luck. It’s partly been due to the players. It’s partly been due to coaching. And, it’s partly been due to the roster construction.As the Clippers enter a pivotal offseason in which they are faced with major decisions about their core and some key free agents, let’s look back at how Rivers the executive has fared since last summer.The hitsRe-signed DeAndre Jordan (4 years, $87.7 million, player option in year 4): Drama aside, the Clippers and Rivers accomplished their No. 1 goal last offseason, keeping Jordan in a Clipper uniform with a four-year deal for max money. While having a third max player creates salary cap challenges elsewhere, Jordan lived up to the contract, rebounding from a slow start to finish with a season that should end with him making the All-NBA team.Signed Cole Aldrich (2 years, $2.3 million, player option in year 2): The Clipper bench didn’t really hit its stride until Rivers benched Josh Smith, opening the door for Aldrich to contribute. A high-effort player, Aldrich notched career-bests in two advanced stats categories – PER and win shares – thanks to his strong play in the pick-and-roll offense and on the defensive end.last_img read more

first_imgLet us just pray that these issues do not psychologically erode the players and we get the best of performance from the boys. Every one is now set to goWe don’t have to find excuses and blames but pray for the bestIt is Our Game, It is Our Country#ProjectCameroon2019RELATED STORY Share on: WhatsApp MATCH PREVIEWcenter_img FILE PHOTO: Magogo addresses the press. FUFA MEDIA PHOTOThe Confederation of African Football (CAF) has postponed by 24 hours the‎ Group L Day One clash between Cape Verde and Uganda, originally scheduled for Saturday, 10 June 2017 in Praia .The decision was taken by the Organising Committee for the Total Africa Cup of Nations due to the difficulties faced by the Ugandan team in arriving in Praia.The ‎flight of the Ugandan team did not take-off as expected from Dakar (Senegal), where they held a training camp due to a technical problem, which constitutes a case of force majeure.Here below, FUFA president Moses Magogo explains the circumstances.Dear fellow Countrymen,The full contingent of 31 persons has finally made it to Cape Verde Capital Praia. Arrived at Stadium at 4.15pm and finally hotel at 4.40pm (Kick off time was 4.30pm)Going to Cape Verde continues to be a challenge to teams from Africa mainland. It is not once or twice that teams arrive hours before kick off. Normally teams charter flights to be able to get here but as we all know chartering is not our league as FUFA.The only flights which connect Africa Mainland and Cape Verde is the Airline of Cape Verde that comes 3 times to Dakar a week. We planned and booked early for 31pax on this flight to arrive on 8th June 2017, 2 days before match.We were only told on 7th June that only 8 persons could travel with a list chosen by the Airline that we could not change. And the rest to arrive 6am on 10th June (match day). We did not have options we obliged. It is just a 45 minutes flight anyway. When the first batch travelled the flight was half empty. We later almost failed to get a place for one player Karisa who was a late inclusion by the coach from the friendlies performance despite needing to just replace a name of a dropped player. We paid 3times the cost and still we travelled the flight was half empty.There was an official communication in writing from the Airline that there is a technical fault with the aircraft. Meanwhile word at Dakar airport was that you guys have to only arrive at match time. It looked like a usual plan by the hosts.We ceased this opportunity to ask CAF to postpone the game as the players had not had a real meal and had not rested since 2am and only arrived at kick-off.It is therefore nothing like poor planning but the connection between the Airline and Federation seemed planned. We managed to state our case and the game was postponed to allow last training and proper rest for the players yet not losing our return itenarylast_img read more

first_imgNew Zealand’s 35-17 win over Argentina in Buenos Aires at the weekend ensured another southern hemisphere championship for the All Blacks but that will not lead to any slackening of against the Springboks in Pretoria says Perenara.”We’re so focused on the next job and winning games and being the best footy players that we can be that we don’t often have time to reflect on what we’ve achieved,” Perenara, who celebrated his 50th cap in Velez Sarsfield win, told New Zealand media.”We’ve finished that game and my mind’s not about my 50th game, my mind’s on (this) week in Pretoria and trying to right a wrong from a couple of weeks ago.”That will be a part of the motivation. Knowing they beat us a couple of weeks ago is disappointing and it hurts,” he said.”Our major motivator is that we want to be better than we were the week before… if we don’t improve on what we did tonight (against Argentina) that’s a failure for us. We need to be growing day to day and week to week.”The All Blacks head into the match at Loftus Versfeld with renewed confidence in first five eight Beauden Barrett’s kicking. He enjoyed a perfect night off the tee against Argentina after missing four of his six shots against South Africa.”That’s the kind of character he is,” Perenara said.”He doesn’t read too much into the hype or what the media… or the critics say. He does his job. Every now and then he’ll miss a couple of kicks, but that’s part of being a goal kicker.”last_img read more