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Leslie Valiant wins Turing Award

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first_imgThe Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) today (March 9) named Leslie G. Valiant the winner of the 2010 ACM A.M. Turing Award for his fundamental contributions to the development of computational learning theory and to the broader theory of computer science.Valiant, the T. Jefferson Coolidge Professor of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), brought together machine learning and computational complexity, leading to advances in artificial intelligence as well as computing practices such as natural language processing, handwriting recognition, and computer vision. He also launched several subfields of theoretical computer science, and developed models for parallel computing.The Turing Award, widely considered the “Nobel Prize in Computing,” is named for the British mathematician Alan M. Turing. The award carries a $250,000 prize, with financial support provided by Intel Corp. and Google Inc.“Leslie Valiant’s accomplishments over the last 30 years have provided the theoretical basis for progress in artificial intelligence and led to extraordinary achievements in machine learning,” said ACM President Alain Chesnais. “His work has produced modeling that offers computationally inspired answers on fundamental questions like how the brain ‘computes.’“His profound insights in computer science, mathematics, and cognitive theory have been combined with other techniques to build modern forms of machine learning and communication, like IBM’s ‘Watson’ computing system, that have enabled computing systems to rival a human’s ability to answer questions,” Chesnais said.Valiant’s “Theory of the Learnable,” published in 1984 in Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery, is considered one of the seminal contributions to machine learning. It put machine learning on a sound mathematical footing and laid the foundations for a new research area known as computational learning theory.“Google joins in recognizing Leslie Valiant for his profound impact on the computer science research landscape,” said Alfred Spector ’76, vice president of Research and Special Initiatives at Google Inc. “His ingenious concepts and original research have significantly influenced the way computers learn, with applications in medicine, transportation, finance, telecommunications, image processing, game theory, and strategic planning, to name a few.”One of Valiant’s key contributions to computational complexity was his work on enumeration problems. Its impact was to show the inherent difficulty in counting the number of solutions not just to computationally hard problems, but also to those whose decision complexity is relatively “easy.”“Les Valiant is known by researchers the world over for his revolutionary contributions to theoretical computer science,” said Michael D. Smith, dean of Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the John H. Finley Jr. Professor of Engineering and Applied Sciences. “His work has reoriented this entire field in recent decades, single-handedly creating or transforming any number of key research areas. Les is clearly deserving of the Turing Award.”“From the first inklings of artificial intelligence to the early days of the ARPANET to the personal computer revolution and social networking, Harvard students, faculty, and alumni have been a driving force behind innovations in computer science,” added Cherry A. Murray, dean of SEAS and John A. and Elizabeth S. Armstrong Professor of Engineering and Applied Sciences. “Les Valiant is yet another pioneer in this remarkable tradition.”More recently, Valiant has contributed to computational neuroscience, offering a concrete mathematical model of the brain and relating its architecture to complex cognitive functions.  In his 1994 book “Circuits of the Mind,” he details a promising new computational approach to studying the intricate workings of the human brain.  The book focuses on the brain’s ability to quickly access a massive store of accumulated information during reasoning processes despite the extreme constraints imposed by its finite number of neurons, their limited speed of communication, and their restricted interconnectivity.  The book offered a new approach to brain science for students and researchers in computer science, neurobiology, neurosciences, artificial intelligence, and cognitive science.“Les Valiant stands out for having essentially initiated multiple research areas within computer science,” says Michael Mitzenmacher, Gordon McKay Professor of Computer Science at Harvard. “Learning theory, the complexity of counting solutions, the bulk-synchronous parallel model of computation, and holographic algorithms are just some of his outstanding contributions.  He is a truly profound thinker who has never feared bringing the power of theoretical computer science to entirely new areas, and he and his work have taught and inspired a generation of scholars.”Michael Rabin, Thomas J. Watson Sr. Professor of Computer Science at SEAS, won the Turing Award in 1976, and three SEAS-affiliated alumni have also been bestowed with the honor: E. Allen Emerson ’81; Richard M. Karp ’55, ’59; and Frederick P. Brooks Jr. ’56.To read the full release.last_img read more

How Customer Feedback Spawned a Global Business

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first_imgA lot of companies claim to listen and act on customer feedback but how many can actually back that up? Fact check! Did you know that a division of our company – now over a $4 billion business in its own right – was set up 21 years ago in direct response to customer demand? Seriously – it’s true.OEM started with Industrial AutomationBack then, when we visited Emerson Automation Solutions, located close to our global headquarters in Texas, they told us that they wanted to keep their existing hardware platform for an extended period. They also asked if we could help them add customization features so that they could provide a standard yet tailored system solution for their industrial customers in vertical industries.A complementary but separate business divisionWhat we doWhat does this boil down to? In a nutshell, we take care of all aspects of bringing a product to market from solution design through to inventory management, customized manufacturing and field support. We offer expertise in IoT design and deployment plus in-depth knowledge of more than 40 vertical industries, for example, industrial automation, healthcare, telco, security and defence.Specifically, we help customers select the right compute power for their solution, modify the appropriate Dell EMC system to optimally run their IP, certify it to industry standards or regulatory requirements and build it. We work closely with key partners like Intel and can deliver pretty much anything the customer wants, including adding specially designed brackets and switches, labelling, integrating third-party cards, creating custom bios as well as managing branding and validation.Beyond system customisation and certification, we also offer ruggedised systems for punishing environments, long lifecycle products with managed product transitions plus specialist expertise through a range of partners – channel, application and IoT. Customers enjoy access to a team of dedicated engineers and project managers, a global supply chain, shipping and logistics expertise, award-winning support and importantly, tier 1 tried and tested architecture.Fast forward to today and we are now proud to serve over 3,500 customers worldwide. Our solutions can be found in factories, mines, oil-rigs, laboratories, sports stadiums, hospitals and supermarkets around the globe. You name it – we are there! In fact, thanks to our customers and partners – we achieved the hard-won status of #1 OEM Provider worldwide.[i]Industrial Automation is personalFor me, the moral of the story is that it always pays to listen to feedback and act on good ideas. We certainly owe that first customer a debt of gratitude for planting the seed of a multi-billion dollar business. As you can guess, for me, the industrial automation market is special – after all, it was the trigger for the business that I now head up in Europe. It’s where it all began.Alive, well and kickingToday, industrial automation continues to be one of our biggest revenue drivers globally. While the industry certainly has had to contend with ups and downs over the last few decades, the good news is that contrary to many reports, it’s alive, well and kicking.Spirit of innovationIn my view, that’s largely down to the great spirit of innovation and continuous improvement in the industrial automation industry. Instead of resisting technology, those guys have always embraced new ways of doing things faster, smarter and better. Today’s factories now have the IT tools to collect, analyse and act on data in real time to optimise operations, lower costs, increase throughput and gain a competitive edge.From the Edge to the Core to the CloudFor the last twenty years, our customised PowerEdge servers and Precision workstations have been integrated into central automation and control rooms (now called the “Core”) to collect data .In contrast, the factory floor (now known as the “Edge”) was traditionally characterised by proprietary hardware and software solutions.Standardisation, cyber security and IoT servicesThat’s all changing now. With the Industrial IoT, data needs to be collected, analysed and integrated with different “data consumers”, close to the action on the factory floor, either on the premises or in the Cloud. As a result, we are seeing a big move towards standard hardware devices at the Edge (Embedded PCs and Gateways) and software interoperability in the field.One-stop shopThe good news is that we can provide everything from the Edge to Core to Cloud, depending on the amount of data being processed and your analytics requirements. And of course, in terms of cybersecurity and services, we offer a one-stop-shop with customers also enjoying access to the broad Dell Technologies portfolio, including RSA and VMware Pulse IoT Center.Powering control roomsA picture paints a thousand words so let me give you a few examples of how we help our industrial automation customers solve problems. Our customised solutions power the control rooms at some of the biggest energy plants around the world. Their focus is on reducing downtime and improving profitability by remotely monitoring critical equipment (think of a power station, mine, refinery or an off-shore oil rig) with sensors, edge gateways and sophisticated cloud-hosted analytics tools.Detecting quality in car manufacturingIn other industries, such as automobile manufacturing, factories are using our technology to conduct real-time testing and quality control during the assembly process in order to make adjustments and prevent potential problems before they occur.For example, one customer uses our products to power 3D metrology industrial machines that use robots with rotating cameras to precisely measure production parts down to micron level. In fact, we even have experience in connecting Dell EMC systems to non-IT equipment, such as trucks, trains and planes and are actively involved in delivering a customer solution for car testing and certification.Predictive maintenanceBy using the Internet of Things and our Gateways, other customers are tracking the condition of manufacturing equipment, second by second and accurately predicting when customer maintenance should take place to increase uptime and save money.Looking aheadThe industrial automation market continues to play a huge role in the global economy and leads the way in the adoption of new technologies. In fact, I believe that it’s driving huge innovation worldwide. Where industrial automation leads, others eventually follow. Emerging trends include augmented reality, 3D printing, robotics, artificial intelligence, cloud-based supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems and programmable automation controllers (PACs).Transformation not happening fast enoughThe key question is, what is the current state of play? We recently commissioned Vanson Bourne to survey 3,800 business leaders from around the world to gauge their predictions and preparedness for the future. The research shows businesses are split by divergent views of the future.82 percent of business leaders expect their workforce and machines will work as integrated teams within five years.Leaders are divided on what this future means for them, with 50 percent saying automated systems will free-up their time, while the other half disagrees.Organisations are united in the need to transform and how; but they are not moving fast enough.It’s the futureI know a lot of people are afraid of automation and worry about impacts to employment. I understand that fear but believe that we need to keep using technology to reinvent processes and strengthen the industry’s ability to hire workers with the right, high-tech, high-touch skills needed in this digital age.Just as there was a move from farm work to factory work back in the early 20thcentury, almost every sector will need new kinds of workers. The truth is that the industry will continue to need talented people who can manage new operations, programme the robotics and adapt and maintain new equipment.Dell EMC OEM is proud to contribute to the transformation of this important industry. And customers, don’t stop telling us what you need – we’re listening! Please join the conversation. I’d love to hear your comments and questions.Join us on November 1st for a global webinar on Industry4.0 : find out how industrial customers can drive business value today. This link will turn into an On Demand offering after the 11/1 live date, so please check it out: more about our work in industrial automation here: in touch. Follow us on Twitter @dellemcoem and @dermotatdell.Join our LinkedIn OEM & IoT Solutions Showcase page here .[i] [i] OEM Global Share based on 2016 Dollar Volume Shipments, VDC Researchlast_img read more

first_imgWNY News Now File Image.MAYVILLE – The Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office will start a speed enforcement blitz on Thursday as part of Speed Awareness Week, a statewide enforcement campaign organized by the NYS Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee. Officials say the intensified enforcement effort against speeding drivers underscores the severity of the problem, both locally and across the nation.“Speeding translates to death on our roadways. It greatly reduces a driver’s ability to steer safely around another vehicle, a hazardous object, or an unexpected curve. Speeding drivers put themselves, their passengers and other drivers at tremendous risk,” says Sheriff Jim Quattrone.In 2018, the most recent year for which final data is available, speeding was a contributing factor in 26 percent of all traffic fatalities in the U.S. More than 9,300 people were killed in such crashes, according to figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In New York, NHTSA data shows that nearly one-third (29%) of the state’s 943 traffic fatalities in 2018 were caused by speeding. 274 people lost their lives and 1,984 were seriously injured in these preventable collisions. The number of fatal crashes caused by unsafe speed increases in New York during the summer months with the highest totals in June, July, August and September.NHTSA says 3 in 10 Americans speed. These drivers are also more likely to engage in other risky behaviors, such as not wearing a seat belt, drinking and driving, or using a cell phone while driving. In New York in 2018: 40 percent of speeding drivers involved in fatal crashes were unbelted at the time of the collision, compared to 11 percent of non-speeding drivers; speeding drivers were also more likely to have been drinking (38% versus 21%) than those drivers who were not speeding.“During the Speed Awareness Week blitz, from August 6-12, officers will intensify enforcement of posted speed limits in various communities in Chautauqua County. We’ll stop and ticket anyone caught speeding—especially on Route 60, Route 430, and Route 394, where most of our speed-related crashes occur,” said Sheriff Quattrone.Forty-two percent (116) of all speed-related traffic fatalities in New York in 2018 occurred on local roads — where the posted speed limits were 55 miles per hour or under. According to NHTSA, a crash on a road with a speed limit of 65 mph or greater is more than twice as likely to result in a fatality than a crash on a road with a speed limit of 45 or 50 mph and nearly five times as likely as a crash on a road with a speed limit of 40 mph or below. About 15 percent of the nation’s speeding-related fatalities occur on interstate highways each year.A NHTSA research report, “Analysis of Speeding-Related Fatal Motor Vehicle Traffic Crashes,” shows that a major proportion of fatal, speeding-related single-vehicle crashes occur on rural roadways. NHTSA considers a crash speeding-related if the driver was charged with exceeding the posted speed limit or if the driver was driving too fast for conditions at the time.According to NHTSA, the economic cost to society from speed-related crashes is $52 billion annually.“During this enforcement blitz, officers will be observant for and ticketing speeding drivers,” said Sheriff Quattrone. “Our goal is to save lives, and we’re putting all drivers on alert – the posted speed limit IS THE LAW. When it comes to speeding: Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine.” Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_imgCVPS Cow Power, the first manure-to-energy program in the country, was named the top utility renewable energy choice program in the United States on Monday. CVPS Cow Power was presented the Green Power Leadership Award and named Utility Green Power Program of the Year at “Renewable Energy Markets 2009,” an international energy conference sponsored by two federal agencies and the Center for Resource Solutions.The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Energy, and CRS sponsor the Green Power Leadership Awards, which recognize the actions of individuals, companies and organizations that significantly advance the development of renewable electricity sources through green power markets.CVPS won the Utility Green Power Program of the Year award for designing and implementing the voluntary renewable energy program, which competed against hundreds of utilities, including municipal, electric cooperatives and investor-owned utilities that offer voluntary renewable energy programs to their customers.“CVPS Cow Power™ promotes a manure management system that provides clean, renewable energy and strives to help solve numerous environmental problems,” the DOE said. “Since the program’s inception in 2004, a total of over 42 million kWh have been sold through customers’ enrollment. In 2008, sales increased by over 1.3 million kWh, over 10 percent.”“We are thrilled to receive this recognition, which honors all of our Cow Power farm owners, the thousands of customers who have enrolled in the program, and all those who have supported it, including our regulators and several state and federal agencies,” CVPS President Bob Young said.  “Cow Power is successful only through the collaboration of many partners.”Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie, who was an early supporter of CVPS Cow Power™ and nominated CVPS for the award, said it was a model for others to emulate.  “The thinking that created Cow Power, turning a waste stream into an asset, is just the kind of thinking we need as we face growing energy and environmental challenges,” Dubie said.  “We hope to inspire other states and regions to follow our success with the Cow Power program.”Dave Dunn, who manages CVPS Cow Power™, and Steve Costello, who until recently managed enrollment and customer outreach for the program, accepted the award on CVPS’s behalf.  “When we started Cow Power, we simply wanted to offer customers a fully renewable choice and help Vermont dairy farmers improve manure management and their finances,” Dunn said.  “Thanks to their courage, we’ve been able to go far beyond that and help educate hundreds of thousands of people across Vermont and around the world about the possibilities.”“We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our Cow Power customers, who have made significant and sustained commitments to the program,” Costello said.  “Green Mountain College, Long Trail Brewing Company, Handy Toyota, JC Image and others make enormous financial contributions to Cow Power, and help market it.  Every customer enrolled shares in this award.”The Cow Power process is simple: manure and other agricultural waste are held in a sealed concrete tank at the same temperature as a cow’s stomach, 101 degrees. Bacteria digest the volatile components, creating methane and killing pathogens and weed seeds. The methane, which is roughly 20 times more harmful than carbon dioxide in trapping heat in the atmosphere, fuels an engine/generator.  The process kills most manure odors, and provides a peat-moss-like material for bedding animals.CVPS customers can choose to receive all, half or a quarter of their electrical energy through Cow Power, and pay a premium of 4 cents per kilowatt hour.  It goes to participating farm-producers, to purchase renewable energy credits when enough farm energy isn’t available, or to the CVPS Renewable Development Fund, which provides grants to develop on-farm generation. CVPS Cow Power™ has been repeatedly honored since its creation in 2004.  The program won the Vermont Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence in 2005-2006 and the Finalist’s Commendation in the 2007 Edison Electric Institute’s annual Edison Award competition, named for Thomas Edison.  In 2008, “Power Magazine” named CVPS Cow Power™ one of five “Top Plants” worldwide.  For more information, visit is external). Source: CVPS. Atlanta. 9.14.2009last_img read more

Brazil to Get Technology in Jet Deal

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first_imgBy Dialogo February 21, 2011 A profile of the Inter American Defense College.THE BEST SOLUTION TO FREE OURSELVES FROM THE USA AND THE EU: 1-BRAZIL MUST OFFICIALLY CHANGE IT’S LANGUAGE TO SPANISH. THIS IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE AND QUICKEST WAY THAT EXISTS BECAUSE YOU ARE GUARANTEED THE MILLIONS OF THE COUNTRY’S POPULATION; IF WE HAVE MORE PEOPLE THAN THE USA, WE AVOID IT’S MILITARY THREAT. 2-CREATE THREE COUNTRIES IN SOUTH AMERICA; BRAZIL+COLOMBIA+PERU+CHILE+BOLIVIA+VENEZUELA+ECUADOR (345 MIL POP.). ARGENTINA+PARAGUAY+URUGUAY (52 MIL POP.). GUYANA+SURINAM+FRENCH GUYANA (1.5 MIL POP.) 3-AUDIT AND REDUCE OUTSIDE DEBTS. 4-COMPOSITION OF THE RESERVES OF THE NEW COUNTRY’S CENTRAL RESERVES: 40% LOCAL CURRENCY, 30% CHINESE CURRENCY, 20% INDIAN CURRENCY, 10% US CURRENCY. 5-MINIMUM SALARY=2/3 THE US SALARY. 6-BUILD NEW CITIES ON THE EDGE OF RIVERS AND AMAZON BASIN TRIBUTARIES-DE LA PLATA-ORINOCO. ESTABLISH THE SAME AMOUNT OF INHABITANTS IN EACH CITY; DEMOLISH AND REUSE THE LAND OF THE CITIES THAT ARE NOT BUILT OVER A RIVER, LAKE OR NEAR THE OCEAN. 7- BUILD A MEGA-DOUBLE BRIDGE ACROSS THE SOUTH ATLANTIC TO UNITE SALVADOR (EX-BRAZIL) WITH KINSHASA (DOM. REP. CONGO) THAT WOULD ALLOW PEDESTRIAN AND VEHICULAR TRAFFIC, HIGH SPEED TRAIN AND PIPELINES; TO STREAMLINE COMMERCE AND THE IMPORTATION OF RAW MATERIALS, ADD VALUE HERE AND THEN RESELL. Brazil would receive a “significant technology transfer” if it buys U.S.-made fighter jets, a U.S. Defense Department official said on 17 February, seeking to ease concerns before Brazil selects a winning bidder. The transfer of military technology is a key factor for Brazil as it considers Boeing’s F-18 Super Hornet, the Rafale by France’s Dassault, and the Gripen NG made by Saab of Sweden, for a contract worth between $4 billion and $7 billion. “I would argue that the technology transfer that we are offering of this magnitude would put Brazil at par with our close partners,” Frank Mora, deputy assistant secretary for Western Hemisphere affairs, told a legislative committee. When asked if it were accurate that Brazil should not have doubts about the commitment to the technology transfer, he replied: “That is correct.” “The United States has made a robust proposal of the Super Hornet technology — a significant technology transfer,” he said. The contract is for 36 fighters with the possibility of many more aircraft in the future. The competition for the contract has dragged on for years, with President Dilma Rousseff inheriting it from her predecessor Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who had declared a preference for French planes. Arturo Valenzuela, Assistant U.S. Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, said during the hearing that “we always raise this issue” in talks between Brazil and the United States. President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit Brazil in late March as part of a tour that includes stops in Chile and El Salvador. Brazil and the United States signed a military cooperation agreement in April 2010.last_img read more

first_imgWhile Morrison can not be ousted as party leader after changes to Liberal party rules following Turnbull’s fall, he will not want poor polling to impact his legislative agenda before the next election that must be held before 2022.Morrison came under fire from voters in December when it was revealed he was on a family holiday in Hawaii as the country’s bushfire crisis escalated.When two fire fighters were killed, forcing him to return, his initial inaction and later refusal to link the fires with climate change drew criticism that he lacked leadership at a time of national crisis. Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison will on Tuesday front parliament for the first time in three months as he seeks to repair his standing with voters angry by his response to the country’s bushfire crisis and a scandal over sports funding.Morrison secured re-election in May 2019, defying polls that had indicated voters would punish his conservative government for ousting its former leader Malcolm Turnbull in 2018.Less than nine months after what he described as his “miracle” re-election, Morrison is now unpopular with voters and under pressure from opposition Labor lawmakers. The prolonged bushfire season has killed 33 people and an estimated 1 billion native animals since September. About 2,500 homes have been destroyed and more than 11.7 million hectares of tinder-dry bushland have been razed.Public anger at Morrison and his government has also been fuelled by an independent audit of public spending which found the government used a A$100 million ($68.4 million) sport development fund to target votes in marginal electorates ahead of the last election.The Australian National Audit Office said 400 projects received funding, with more than 70 percent done without any endorsement by the governing body for sport in Australia.When the report was first released Morrison refused to discipline the former sports minister who approved the funding, drawing more voter criticism.Bridget McKenzie, the deputy leader of the Nationals – the junior member of Morrison’s conservative coalition – on Sunday resigned after she was ruled to have breached ministerial rules when as sports minister she approved a A$36,000 grant for a shooting club where she was a member.Topics :center_img This photo illustration taken on May 19, 2019 show Sunday newspapers in Melbourne displaying the victory of Australia’s coalition government after they clung to power in a general election they were expected to lose. Australia’s ruling conservative coalition defied expectations to retain power in national elections on May 18, prompting Prime Minister Scott Morrison to declare: (AFP/William West)”The Labor party will be like a mosquito on a nudist beach, they are so many fleshy issues for them to bite into,” said John Hewson, former leader of the Liberal Party, now headed by Morrison.”They will go after him on issues of climate and he’s defence of the sports funding. He will be under huge pressure.”A Newspoll for The Australian newspaper on Monday showed Morrison’s approval rating was at its lowest level since he assumed office, while his government is trailing the Labor party by a margin of 52% to 48%.last_img read more

first_imgAdvertisement Mesut Ozil is one of three players Arsenal players who have reportedly refused to accept a 12.5% pay cut (Picture: Getty)Former Rangers striker Ally McCoist believes Mesut Ozil has been deliberately damaged by one of his Arsenal teammates following reports that the club’s highest earner has refused to take a 12.5% pay cut. Arsenal chiefs have been embroiled in tense negotiations with the playing staff and head coach Mikel Arteta over the course of the last 10 days, with the club attempting to find ways of offsetting the financial ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic. On Monday the club announced that the majority of its playing and coaching staff had accepted a cut, on the condition that any losses incurred would be repaid should Arsenal qualify for next season’s Champions League.AdvertisementAdvertisementSubsequent reports emerged, however, citing Ozil as one of three players who had refused to accept a salary deduction. The 31-year-old earns a reported £350,000-a-week but is said to have wanted to defer a sizable portion of his wages.ADVERTISEMENTOzil has been roundly criticised for his decision, but former Scotland international McCoist believes the Arsenal playmaker has been deliberately hung out to dry and fears the leak only serves to highlight the lack of unity in the dressing room. Mesut Ozil signed his most recent Arsenal contract extension in February 2018 which was worth £350,000-a-week (Picture: Instagram)He told talkSPORT: ‘It tells you about the quality of teammate you’re dealing with because you’ve effectively got a snitch. And no matter what you think about Mesut Ozil, it’s completely out of order that a private conversation over a wage reduction has been made public.‘It’s been made public for a reason, to make him look bad. Taking the issue of a wage reduction to one side, straight away he’s got a problem with someone in that dressing room or somebody at that club.More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal‘I’ve read so many good things about Mesut Ozil and what he’s done for charities all over the place. I think it says more about what’s going on inside Arsenal at this moment in time. ‘Could you imagine a story like that coming out of Liverpool or Man City at this moment in time regarding one of their players? It just wouldn’t because they are solid as a unit, solid as a team and I think it tells you more about Arsenal and his standing in the dressing room that someone has tried to damage him.’MORE: Piers Morgan ‘sickened’ by Mesut Ozil refusing to take a pay cut and slams Arsenal starMORE: Arsenal star Mesut Ozil refuses to take pay cut on £350,000-a-week wagesRead the latest updates: Coronavirus news live Comment Metro Sport ReporterTuesday 21 Apr 2020 8:46 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link1.6kShares Advertisement Mesut Ozil has been deliberately damaged by an Arsenal snitch, claims Ally McCoistlast_img read more

first_img8 Tokely Court, Murrumba Downs. Picture: from newsNew apartments released at idyllic retirement community Samford Grove Presented by Parks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus19 hours agoThe four-bedroom house had plenty of people interested in it according to marketing agent, Phillip Harrigan of Ray White New Farm.Bidding started at $800,000 with six bidders actively taking part until it went over $1 million.Mr Harrigan said it then came down to two bidders, one from Sydney and the other a local buyer, with the house selling to the local buyer. 8 Tokely Court, Murrumba Downs. Picture: said potential buyers loved the design and finishes of the house and the master bedroom was like a one-bedroom unit it was so large. 8 Tokely Court, Murrumba Downs. Picture: 100 people inspected this house when it went on the market and eight bidders registered to try and buy it at auction.The house at 8 Tokely Court, Murrumba Downs ended up selling under the hammer for $1.105 million. 8 Tokely Court, Murrumba Downs. Picture: was the first time the home on a 1200sq m had been offered for sale in more than 17 years.It had an elevated sky-deck with sail, a lap pool and landscaped gardens. 8 Tokely Court, Murrumba Downs. Picture: read more

first_imgNBIM’s policy document adds: “We expect companies to address sustainable water management in a manner meaningful to their business models and wish to support them in their efforts to manage the risks and pursue the opportunities.”It said all incentive structures should be designed in such a way as to integrate sustainability concerns into the running of businesses to best support its long-term profitability.The manager also called for the introduction of a shadow price on water to help companies monitor the financial risks associated with shortages, as well as systems to promote third-party expert advice on water management.Echoing recent calls by asset owners over company transparency on climate change lobbying, NBIM said companies should have policies on engaging with governments and regulators, and be “transparent about associated spending and activities”.Investors worth $2.6trn (€2.3trn) recently called on food companies to better assess the water risks associated with its own production and supply chains.NBIM also recently urged companies to pay greater attention to matters of energy efficiency, including the disclosure of renewable energy consumption quotas. Norway’s sovereign wealth fund has urged companies to be transparent on lobbying surrounding water management and risks.Companies should also promote best practice of water usage and consider putting in place a mechanism that allows third parties to consult with them directly on matters of water management, according to a revised paper released by Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM).The manager for Norway’s Government Pension Fund Global, long active in the area of water management and a supporter of charity CDP on the matter, also urged companies to engage directly with local communities about water reclamation.It argued that companies seeking to tackle the challenges associated with water shortages could gain a strategic advantage.last_img read more

first_imgCongressman Frank Pallone, Jr. has announced additional beach replenishment projects in Long Branch, Sea Bright, and Monmouth Beach.In the announcement, Pallone said that additional federal dollars will allow for expanded work in these Monmouth County towns.“I’m pleased to announce these additional replenishment projects that will be critical to our beaches and communities in Coastal Monmouth,” Congressman Pallone said. “Restoration projects like beach replenishment ensure our beautiful beaches will remain safe and enjoyable for residents and tourists for years to come. I would like to thank Colonel Asbery and the Army Corps staff for their dedication to this important work.”USACE plans to do the work on the expanded projects in the fall of 2020 through spring 2021.In Long Branch, sand will be placed in the northern part of Long Branch from south Broadway to Joline Avenue.The additional replenishment projects in Sea Bright will begin at the southernmost border of Sea Bright near Sunrise Way and continue north to Island View Way. Another replenishment project will begin at Trade Winds Lane north to Sea Bright Borough Hall.In Monmouth Beach, the additional beach replenishment project begins in the area around Cottage Road and continues to Monmouth Beach’s northern border.The Congressman noted that the Army Corps should complete the original beach replenishment projects awarded last year in the Monmouth County Shore towns before the summer.“The original project for Monmouth Beach from the Monmouth Beach Bathing Pavilion near Valentine Street north to Cottage Road was completed in January. The original Sea Bright project from Island View Way north to Tradewinds Lane was completed in February. The project in Long Branch originally awarded last year is expected to start and be completed between April and June 2020. This includes the area in West End from Howland Avenue south to Sycamore Avenue in Elberon,” Pallone said.Following Superstorm Sandy, Congressman Pallone requested the Federal Emergency Management Agency allocate emergency funding to address immediate needs of impacted homeowners and businesses, as well as repair breached dunes and damaged beaches to protect New Jersey’s coastal areas from future flooding. As a result, the beaches from Sea Bright south to Manasquan were filled, which was the largest beach replenishment project ever undertaken by the Army Corps.last_img read more