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The oldest endowed professorship

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first_imgLittle could a wealthy London merchant know that his gift to Harvard in 1721 would transform how students are taught in today’s universities, and lead to a fundamental shift in the School’s founding ethos.The seeds of change took root with creation of the Hollis Professorship of Divinity, the oldest endowed professorship in North America, enabled by Thomas Hollis, a philanthropist with a passion for liberty and religious expression.Though he never visited New England, Hollis was familiar with Harvard by way of his uncle Robert Thorner, who had left the sum of 500 pounds to the College in his will. Hollis was interested in, he wrote, “the liberties the Baptists in New England enjoyed.”“Hollis had come to believe that Harvard was an academic institution that would be broad-minded toward all sects, and he was interested in encouraging the liberal spirit that was gaining strength in Boston and Cambridge,” wrote William Bentinck-Smith and Elizabeth Stouffer in “Harvard University History of Named Chairs” (1995).The Londoner understood religious intolerance, since his Baptist faith put him at odds with the Church of England. Worried about the perceived intolerance of New England’s Congregationalists, Hollis stipulated several conditions for the new professorship, aimed at preventing religious bias.In the rules laid out by Hollis, the holder of the chair would have to “be a Masters of Arts, and in Communion with some Christian Church of one of the three Denominations, Congregational Presbiterian or Baptist.”Hollis’ philanthropy ran deep. Prior to creating the chair, which he endowed at 80 pounds a year, he sent casks of nails and cutlery along with scientific instruments to the College and regularly contributed books that reflected liberal thinking. In 1727, he established the Hollis Professorship of Mathematicks and Natural Philosophy. Some observers say his generosity even outmatched that of Harvard’s most famous benefactor, namesake John Harvard.While remaining true to their Calvinist trainings, early holders of the professorship gradually began to move toward a more liberal ideology. During his 43-year tenure as the first appointee, Edward Wigglesworth offered “antithetical views on a theological subject, forcing the student to think and draw his own conclusions,” wrote Russell V. Kohr in a 1981 master’s thesis for Western Michigan University. Edward Wigglesworth II, who took over for his father in 1765, was an authority on both theology and mathematics and an original member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.“The establishment of the chair really marked a critical step toward more ecumenical training,” said Harvey Cox, Hollis Research Professor of Divinity who held the Hollis professorship for several years until 2009.But trouble erupted in 1805 when Henry Ware, a Unitarian minister and the valedictorian of Harvard’s class of 1785, was elected to the position. The decision sent shockwaves through the Harvard campus. The move broke with the tradition of appointing an orthodox Calvinist to the post in favor of a more liberal Unitarian. So angered were some conservatives, led by acting president Eliphalet Pearson, that they decamped for nearby Andover, where in 1807 they founded the Andover Theological Seminary, the nation’s first formal school devoted to the education of ministers.But in addition to stirring controversy, Hollis’ gifts prompted an understanding of the need for professors who were authorities in their fields, as opposed to tutors who would instruct students in a variety of topics. The shift set the stage for creating more endowed professorships and gradually restructuring instruction at Harvard and beyond.“The establishment of the chair broke the lockstep of the practice inherited by Harvard College from Oxford and Cambridge Universities, by which a tutor taught all members of a class all subjects,” said Kohr in his essay. “Henceforth, the divinity professor taught only divinity, and thus the vertical, or departmental, system of curricular organization was begun at the College.”The Hollis Chair, as legend suggests, also came with one important right, resurrected by Cox: the right to graze a cow in Harvard Yard. As one of his parting acts before stepping down from the chair, Cox borrowed a bovine from the Farm School in Athol. The animal’s presence, Cox told a crowd near the steps of Memorial Church in 2009, represented “how much closer we need to be to the animals that sustain us, to the Earth, the grass, the vegetables.”The current holder of the professorship is Karen King, whose research centers on women and heresy in ancient Christianity. The first woman to hold the post, she called her selection extraordinary.“Appointing me to this chair connects the history of women at the University back to a time when women weren’t present,” said King, a member of the faculty at Harvard Divinity School.  “I think my appointment shows us, too, a lot about how far the University has come, and the direction Harvard has taken from a narrow piety of male clergy to the embrace of women and many religious traditions.”last_img read more

first_imgIt was a movement that went viral with a hashtag, but for Tarana Burke, the work that galvanized millions of survivors and allies was the result of a life dedicated to interrupting sexual violence and systemic inequalities. #MeToo has brought waves of survivor stories to the forefront of our social consciousness, but the struggles disproportionately facing women of color are even more severe in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.Burke is using her platform to create empowerment through empathy, with a focus on creating a journey for healing for all survivors. As a Bronx native, she worked in her neighborhood to address issues of racial discrimination, housing inequality, and economic injustice. After graduating from college, she moved to Selma, Alabama, and served as a director for the 21st Century Youth Leadership Movement, an organization that supports young people to be community leaders. Through that work, she encountered dozens of Black girls who shared stories of  sexual violence and abuse — stories with which she personally identified.  In 2007, she created JustBe, Inc., an organization committed to the empowerment and wellness of Black girls.  In 2017,  #MeToo went viral and Burke emerged as a global  leader in the evolving conversation around sexual violence.During the annual Phillips Brooks House Association (PBHA) Alumni weekend, Burke will be honored with the Robert Coles “Call of Service” award, recognizing her commitment to survivor-centered, survivor-led solutions.  In 2007, PBHA established an annual lecture and award that brings a significant figure in public service to draw attention to important social issues and inspire future generations to serve.  This award honors Robert Coles, a renowned child psychologist and civil rights activist who taught at Harvard for more than 50 years.  “I find myself looking forward to the Coles Lecture & Award every year because it fills me with so much hope and awe to be in the same room as such esteemed and instrumental changemakers,” said PBHA President Meherina Khan ’21. “Tarana Burke is someone who constantly inspires me to think critically as to how I can use the privilege that I have to be in service of others and continue to look out for the most vulnerable among us.”PBHA’s Alumni Weekend is a call to action centered around racial equality and social justice work. The weekend offers alumni a way to connect with student leaders, staff, and one another.PBHA’s Alumni Weekend will begin with the Robert Coles “Call of Service” lecture on Friday, Nov. 13 at 6 p.m. and continues on the afternoon of Saturday, Nov. 14.  For registration information, visit read more

But Who Will Do the Work Then?

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first_imgArtificial intelligence is transforming knowledge work“Machines that can change society, and have been much dreamed of, are now here in the shape of networked computers and robots, fed by data whose figures far exceed the human imagination, and increasingly autonomous artificial intelligence.” — Richard David Precht, in ‘Jäger, Hirten, Kritiker: Eine Utopie für die digitale Gesellschaft’ [Hunter, Shepherd, Critic: A Utopia for the Digital Society]Artificial intelligence (AI) has little to do with human intelligence, even if it may seem that way. You could sum it up by saying that it merely resembles human intelligence. After all, even the most complex processes can be reproduced on machines using AI – not just in production halls, but increasingly in offices too.This is what differentiates AI from conventional automation and rationalization. It isn’t just limited to rule-based workflows and basic tasks anymore, but now comprises of increasingly complex activities. Anyone who has been following the news from the world of AI for the last two to three years will have learned about some amazing new technologies. In the meantime, AI is now able to take on tasks, partially or even wholly, that we were fairly certain could only be done by people until now.A change in activities of this magnitude also spells a change to entire professions, especially those in the field of knowledge work. Here are a few examples of professions that might be affected in the future:Doctors: Automated medical technology is already capable of replacing doctors in some subtasks. For example, there are AI-supported diagnostic methods that utilize medical imaging and analysis to detect tumor cells. The AI used can detect tumors far better than doctors.Lawyers: AI-supported analytic tools are able to analyze contracts and independently redraft new ones. These kinds of ‘machine lawyers’ are trained using legal documents, case studies and proposals, and are, of course, able to make evaluations faster than any human lawyer ever could. I recently read about a piece of software that can analyze a large quantity of documents in the space of a few seconds. The same task would take legal professionals 360,000 hours.[1]Journalists: Content providers have been experimenting with automatically generated texts for quite a while now. Of course, an AI system won’t win a Pulitzer Prize any time soon, but that’s not really the objective here. The idea is to create simple bulk texts, such as stock exchange summaries or sports news, and maybe even basic technical descriptions.The list of professions that AI has on its radar is indefinite. For example, we could talk for hours about employees at insurance companies and banks whose tasks have already been taken over by intelligent systems in part, or drivers whose jobs could be taken by autonomous cars, or call centers that might be replaced by bots, or robots who cook and offer nursing care, etc. The list goes on and on. Maybe one day, preachers, artists, and politicians will be the only professionals who remain unaffected by AI – but I wouldn’t even be sure about that.Of course, doctors, lawyers, and journalists won’t be made redundant by AI. Knowledge workers will always be needed. A doctor’s work doesn’t just revolve around analyzing images, a lawyer doesn’t merely draft contracts all day, and not all journalists write about the world of finance. We will always need doctors, but whether we’ll need as many lab physicians by 2030 remains to be seen. Doctors, lawyers, and journalists in 2030 will carry out their tasks in a different way to those in 2018.For other tasks and professions, however, this may mean that qualifications become ‘devalued.’ Expertise and experience that has been considered gospel up to now will no longer be fit for purpose in these new partially or fully AI-supported processes and job profiles. But a devaluation of qualifications doesn’t mean that people won’t be needed anymore. They will just have to do different things to what they do now, and that in turn means they will need new or different qualifications. The fact that we will need a new approach to education and training is indisputable. But that’s not all – We have to be aware that these newly qualified employees will not necessarily be the same people as those who have carried out this work until now.This kind of revolution will not be possible without friction on the labor market or within society as a whole. And apart from dealing with new technology, we will have to find intelligent answers to this question. This is where we’ll have to rely on our natural resources; I’m afraid that AI won’t be able to help us here.[1], 20 December 2017; [in German]last_img read more

Colombian Army Seizes 2.3 Tons of Marihuana

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first_imgBy Dialogo August 08, 2013 The stash was hidden in wheat sacks inside a truck found in a public parking lot in the city of Cali, the third largest in the country, located 470 km southeast of Bogotá, according to a statement. The report did not specify the final destination of the drugs, and added that its value was approximately $ 211 million, “a figure that could triple if traded in other countries.” The Colombian Military seized 2.3 tons of marihuana that, according to intelligence, belonged to the FARC guerillas and were to be sent abroad, the Army reported on August 7. Intelligence reports had warned about a vehicle leaving the town of Caloto to the port of Buenaventura, the main port in Colombia on the Pacific coast, and that the stash would then be shipped from that location. No arrests were made during the operation. last_img read more

Selden Sex Offender Nabbed for Public Lewdness

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first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A fugitive sex offender from Connecticut living in Selden has been accused of committing four acts of public lewdness in Suffolk County over the past nine months.Suffolk County police arrested Angel Laporte after a woman witnessed him masturbating at the Barnes and Noble book store on East Jericho Turnpike in East Northport at 9:50 p.m. Friday, authorities said. The woman yelled and the 54-year-old man fled, but officers apprehended him at his home Saturday.Second Squad detectives suspect Laporte also committed public acts of lewdness at the Deer Park Public Library on Jan. 5 and at the Commack Public Library and the West Babylon Public Library on May 7, 2012.Laporte is wanted by the New Milford Police Department in Connecticut for failing to register as a sex offender. Special Victim’s Unit detectives are also investigating.Laporte was charged with public lewdness and will be arraigned Sunday at First District Court in Central Islip.last_img read more

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Tyreek Langs (SCPD)Suffolk County police detectives conducting surveillance in Central Islip Thursday afternoon arrested a man for allegedly selling heroin while holding his 8-month-old baby girl in his arms, police said.The father, 23-year-old Tyreek Langs, was nabbed after he walked out of 46 Peters Boulevard at 3 p.m. with his daughter in his arms and made his way down the street where a customer was waiting, police said.Police swooped in after the alleged drug deal and made the arrest. Langs, of Central Islip, was charged with criminal sale of a controlled substance, criminal possession of a controlled substance and endangering the welfare of a child.The child was released to her great grandmother, police said. Child Protective Services was also notified.Langs was held at the 4th Precinct as he awaited his arraignment Friday at First District Court in Central Islip.last_img read more

Valley Stream Shooting Kills NYC Man

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first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A 51-year-old Bronx man was shot and killed outside of Bronx Barbeque, a restaurant in Valley Stream, over the weekend, Nassau County police said.Gary Harris was seen leaving the eatery on West Sunrise Highway while accompanied by a woman and two men when shots were heard in the parking lot and the victim, reentered the restaurant and collapsed on the floor at 12:30 a.m. Saturday, police said.The victim was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead eight hours later.Homicide Squad detectives are continuing the investigation and ask anyone with information regarding this incident to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-244-TIPS. All callers will remain anonymous.last_img

first_imgIn its hotels and camps in Novigrad, as well as in hotels in Orebić and Korčula, Aminess employs 650 employees in the high season, including temporary and indefinite employees, trainees, pupils and students. The high level of quality of working conditions in Aminess is also evidenced by the Employer Partner certificate awarded by the company specialized in consulting in the field of human resources SELECTIO, of which Aminess has been the holder since 2017. This year, we are looking for 100 new employees, mostly in the kitchen, restaurant and household departments, but we are also looking for employees for the reception, horticulture, maintenance, animation and sports departments. “At Aminess, we nurture friendly relations with employees, and their work is continuously monitored by mentors, managers and facility directors. Every year we work on improving working conditions and increasing income, and with numerous trainings, we try to approach each employee individually and prepare a plan for personal development and advancement in accordance with the interests and achieved results. In participating in fairs like this, we see an excellent opportunity for further growth of the company through the experiences of new employees and the promotion of the tourism and hospitality industry and related occupations.” said Sanja Žužić, head of human resources at Aminess hotels and camps.center_img Aminess hotels and camps will present all the advantages of working in the company and at the fair Job Days in Tourism, at the Gripe Sports Center in Split, and you can see open job vacancies in Aminess hotels and camps HERE The company provides food and accommodation to all seasonal employees in the destinations in which it operates. Regardless of the employment status, all employees are provided with a wide range of training, development program for trainees and future managers, as well as talent development through experience in various jobs and through mentoring. Also, in hotels and camps, professional internships are conducted for students of tourism and hospitality high schools, and Aminess currently provides scholarships to 11 students.last_img read more

Absentee Voting In Ripley County Saturday

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first_imgRipley County voters unable to cast a ballot during the Primary Election on May 6 will have an opportunity the next two weekends.Clerk Mary Ann McCoy announced that there will be absentee voting in the Election Room of the Ripley County Courthouse Sat., April 26 and Sat., May 3.Voting hours are 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.Questions can be fielded by calling (812) 689-4783.last_img

Carmel Tennis

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first_imgForty-two year old Mike Bostic is retiring as the tennis coach for Carmel High School.  In his 8 years as a tennis coach at Carmel, his boys team won 5 state titles and the girls team 3.  The girls team did this in the last 4 years.  On their run to the state championship game this year they went 39-1 in their matches, including a 5-0 state title over Munster.In his 8 years at the helm of the Greyhounds, his teams were 181-2.  You might ask why a 42-year old with such a record would be retiring.  He has 2 young sons and he wants to spend time with them.  From another point of view, what does he have to prove?  Good luck, Mike, in your retirement from tennis.  Oh, by the way, most of the girls team is back for next year.last_img