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first_imgThe renewal of Javier Eraso with Leganés (will continue to be blue and white until 2022), leaves Alexander Szymanowski, captain of the cucumbers (31 years old) as the only Lega-owned footballer to end his contract this season, is on June 30 or later depending on what the Covid-19 pandemic dictates. Its continuity south of the capital is, right now, an unknown factor, although after five seasons with Madrid residents, his options to continue in Butarque are getting smaller.The Hispanic-Argentine wants to renew. This is how he transmitted it in the locker room and also to the environment of a club that already knows that the footballer would be happy to continue wearing the cucumber shirt. With the laurel’s shield, Szymanowski is a legend. He is one of the two survivors of the squad of promotion that remains in the team. The other is Bustinza. Until last November he was the club’s top scorer in Primera with ten goals. One of them, in front of Athletic in San Mamés in 2017, he gave the first stay to Madrid residents. In the elite. The wardrobe wants and appreciates it. “Alexander is a captain, a true captain. Hopefully both he and Eraso will stay”, said Rubén Pérez, another of the captains in a recent interview. The renewal of the Navarrese has already occurred. It remains to be seen with Szyma. The problem of injuriesWith him his problem has been injuries. On December 9, 2017, in Riazor, he played his last match in good physical condition. Since then, he has accumulated a rosary of ailments that have kept him away from the playing fields except in sporadic periods. Last season he was able to play 10 minutes from the last day, but he wanted the misfortune that, two and a half months later, occurred a broken crusader in preseason that still keeps him on the dry dock.The potential lengthening of the season could give him the opportunity to play this course, something that would have been difficult if he had followed the normal rhythm. Despite this, the footballer’s physical condition raises many doubts. No one is clear in Butarque when he will return and under what conditions. Hence, for now, the option of its continuity is not contemplated with optimism.In any case, it is not ruled out either. The scenario of unknowns that is drawn around Leganés (in which category he will play, what his economic potential will be, etc.) means that nobody closes the door to the extreme left, one of the most charismatic and historical footballers of the Blue and Whites’ club.last_img read more