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first_imgHave you always played as a midfielder?At first, he played as a second striker or playmaker. But we soon made him a midfielder, which I think is the position in which Dani has always performed best. He started to change because he was having trouble doing that defensive work and seemed to be doing it at a slower pace. Ángel López, the former Contra coach in Romania and many other places, also helped him a lot. He also worked with Míchel. We had him as a physical trainer one day a week and that served Parejo a lot when he made the leap to Madrid.He was talking about his rhythm. There are people who have confused that with apathy …Honestly, if there is anyone who thinks that, it is that they have not had much knowledge of the game. Each one has its characteristics. Parejo always stood out for making his team play and for that cold blood. That has taken him to the highest level.Even, the second starting from the right in the bottom row, with the Coslada fry. Go live in Coslada …You can not even imagine. It was a constant pilgrimage of scouts and reps every time we played. That was atypical and I have never seen it again. That follow-up they did was not normal. Word of what Parejo was doing spread and many people came to see us. I remember there were scouts who called me at home the night before a game to see if I was going to put him in eleven or not to come the next day to see him.Why Madrid?He bet heavily on him. He went ahead of everyone. He spoke to his father formally and Dani opted for Madrid. It was not easy because I have a very good relationship with his father and he had a lot of representative cards, from all possible agencies. I insist, I have not seen a boom like that with Parejo. Did he have a goal as a child?Yes. He was always good at fouls and the stopped ball, in addition to shooting from outside the area. Almost all the balls that fell in the vicinity of the area ended in a goal.Did he rehearse a lot?He was sick with soccer. He was pissed off after training if you didn’t stay rehearsing penalties and fouls. We had to call his attention to go to the locker room because he always stayed with the doorman.Did you already have personality?A lot, like now. I have always said that he was the defender of lost causes. He had a very strong personality and was very aware of his peers. That leadership has led him to the elite.What exhibition do you remember?We beat Atlético, who was coached by Sabas. He made an incredible match. He dominated the game as he wanted and Atleti was unable to take the ball from him.After leaving Coslada, did you track him down?Yes. Madrid did well. In addition, the support given by Di Stéfano was definitive. He said he was the greatest talent La Fábrica had given in recent years. That put him even more in the window.Even, seated and the third from the left, with the Coslada cadet. From what Parejo says, not much has changed in terms of football …No. It has the same characteristics as then. The last time I saw him at Mestalla, he caught my attention. It was against Atlético last season. Marcelino was the coach and I saw him drop to the ground twice to steal a ball and he seemed to me a more sacrificed player. But that change came in handy and Marcelino brought out the best. I thought I had lost some conditions to win in others, but the talent was still there. Then, I saw that trot so peculiar that it has always had.At first it cost …It is like Curro Romero. There are people who find it difficult to assimilate their football.In Valencia its best version has been seen …It takes many years to the highest level. I’m glad because Valencia has always been my second team. My mother was Valencian and now, with Dani there, I have a special affection for that club.Are you still in contact with Parejo?Yes. He is a charming boy. I have his shirts. I have gone to see him several times in Valencia and whenever we have needed his help he has been there. In fact, we recently asked him for a video for the kids and he showed a lot of predisposition. I suppose that Dani will also be grateful because in his day we bet on him being a modest club. Where do we start?Well, I will tell him that I trained Dani for two years and he always made a difference, in fry and cadet. At Coslada, we bet on it and we upgraded it. He always played with people older than him and it never showed. It caught everyone’s attention. He had a tremendous following. Sevilla, Liverpool, Atlético, Madrid came to see him … Dani was a confessed Atlético.last_img read more