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first_img Injure yourself playing Pokemon Go? Learn about physical therapy!1/7″Neighborhoods everywhere have been invaded by Pokémon Go players! As players capture more of their favorite 90’s characters outside of the comfort of their own homes, many participants are winding up with unexpected injuries.”Yes, if you stare at your phone all the time while walking around, you’re probably going to get injured and I’m probably going to laugh at you before limping away because I did the same thing. But now that everyone is trying to catch Pokemon instead of just texting, there’s a new hook for… talking to a physical therapist about the dangers and treatment of motion injuries.<><> I’m not saying that the Pokemon Go craze is a troubling obsession that has everyone fixated on a weird, simple video game, but we might need Wil Wheaton and Ashley Judd to get us out of this mess. Until that happens, everyone is trying to jump on the Pokemon train, and for tech journalists it’s become pretty hilarious.I get hundreds of press pitches every day for both Geek.com and PCMag.com. Some are contacts I’m familiar with and brands I recognize. Some are relative unknowns who deserve some attention. Some are poorly translated offers to purchase industrial pumps in Shanghai. And over the last two weeks, all of them have struggled to connect whatever they’re repping with Pokemon Go.Some have indirect but fairly clear connections to Pokemon Go, like pitching battery packs because the game is a horrible battery hog. Some have nothing to do with the game at all, with the most desperately tenuous links offered. But a ton of them want to get on the Pokemon Go train at any costs, because it’s all anyone’s paying attention to right now.I don’t want to sound like a complete asshole, so I won’t name names. These PR guys are just trying to get some attention when Pokemon Go is the big thing, and I’ve seen much more obnoxious and weird crap hit my inbox in the past. Still, here are some of the most hilariously tenuous pitches we’ve gotten in the last week trying to find some connection to Pokemon Go.last_img read more