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Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on October 12, 2018Categories Electric Vehicle News Now, it’s only a matter of time before Tesla will be ahead of Porsche YTD (probably not this year, but like sometime in 2019):Nine months of 2018 results:Porsche – 196,600Tesla – 154,200Jaguar – 136,000 Source: Electric Vehicle News Tesla Now Outsells Jaguar Globally, Model 3 Outsold Jag In Q3 Porsche is now selling way fewer cars than Tesla.Not only Jaguar, but Porsche too is not able to keep pace with Tesla anymore. According to industry analyst Matthias Schmidt (schmidtmatthias.de), Tesla sold 26% more cars than Porsche during the third quarter.Q3’2018 results:Tesla – 83,500Porsche – 66,000Jaguar – 41,900Clearly, it’s the Tesla Model 3 effect (over 55,800) and we don’t see any circumstances that would allow the situation to reverse in the near future.Tesla sales Tesla Production And Deliveries Graphed Through Q3 2018 #Tesla delivered more vehicles in Q3 than #Porsche* in the same quarter. Full story in next @AIDNewsletterAs previously reported Tesla delivered more vehicles globally YTD than #Jaguar*. Tesla still lie behind Porsche at this stage*Porsche report sales, Jaguar retail sales pic.twitter.com/d3aUl6jo5L— Matthias Schmidt (@auto_schmidt) October 12, 2018 Tesla Model 3 Sales Against Its Nearest Rivals read more