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first_imgHow cool would it be to flash a ROM and not have to worry about reinstalling apps or losing your data? MoDaCo.SWITCH might be a real step in that direction.There’s a small but incredibly active group of users out there that love messing with their phones. As fast as developers can work out new features for homebrew ROMs for Android phones, these users are all too eager to flash their phones to get the latest thing to play with.There are varying degrees of excitement here, but the behavior is neither new nor is it going away anytime soon. It comes with an inherent downside, which is that every time you flash a ROM you lose everything. You have to restore your data through a backup tool or by logging back into your social networking accounts. There’s ways to make this slightly less painful, but you’re still starting over.Enter MoDaCo.SWITCH, an app geared towards allowing HTC One users to easily flip between the Google Play edition ROM and the Sense 4.2.2 ROM currently available in the UK. What makes this software special is the ability to flip back and forth between the two without losing any of your data. Basically, the apps and information you have stored in one ROM are available on the other. This is possible because the underlying systems between these two ROMs are so similar. The HTC One GPe ROM features a lot of the Sense frameworks, so despite the visual and feature differenced these ROMs are pretty similar.While this app looks like a lot of fun for those of us who love flashing new software to our phones just because it’s available, this is a niche app even for ROM geeks. What is exciting aboutMoDaCo.SWITCH isn’t so much what it can do now, but what it could do next. If you could apply this same concept to a wider variety of ROMs, you could largely do away with the restore process between each flash. It’s not quite as simple as I just made it seem, but the idea is incredibly intriguing.There’s also the possibility that, in the future, we’ll be able to plug and play features from different ROMs in an a la carte fashion. Google Play edition HTC One with the Sense camera and CyanogenMod privacy features? Sign me up, please.last_img read more