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first_imgSome members of Student Council have voiced objections to the motion. As recorded in the Council’s minutes, one student argued that the motion would “either restrict what students are eating, or allow students to buy food elsewhere, which would decrease usage of University catering services be in the best interests of the University.” To this, the proposers of the motion responded that Cambridge actually saw an increase in sales after they stopped selling beef and lamb in canteens. The VP Women, Alex Foley, has spoken in support of the motion: “We should focus on the motion as it is and avoid slippery slope arguments. This is about changing people’s habits, not dictating what they can and can’t do.” Foley warned against “overestimating how hard-done-by people will feel if they’re not served beef at an event.”Others believed the motion’s demand were too harsh. A student at St. Antony’s College suggested lobbying for a reduction, rather than a cessation in red meat sales.The motion passed in its original wording, with 31 votes for, 9 against and 13 abstentions.Ben Farmer, Oxford SU Vice President Charities and Communities, told Cherwell: “I welcome the mandate to engage the University on this important issue. However, it is important to recognise that food-based changes may not be possible for every student or staff member at the University. Further, food-based changes are just one part of changes we’d like to see the University make to tackle the Climate Crisis.“We look forward to updating students at future Student Councils regarding the progress of this motion.”In Hilary Term 2020, a motion to campaign for a ban of beef from college canteens was not passed after the Student Council meeting did not meet its required quorum. Although motions that fail a quorum are rolled over to the next meeting, the motion was subsequently referred to the Council’s Steering Committee after Student Council members voted to refer the motion to an all-student consultation. Some Student Council members raised concerns over the policy’s effect on students with eating disorders.Earlier this year, the London School of Economics Students’ Union passed a similar motion to “ban beef” from campus. Last year, Cambridge and Goldsmiths University both removed beef from all university menus. A motion mandating the Oxford SU executives to lobby for banning beef and lamb from University-operated canteens and events has passed with a two-thirds majority in this week’s Student Council. The motion does not extend to college butteries which have their own menus and food policies.The motion mandates the Oxford SU Vice President Charities and Communities to “request fortnightly meetings with the university authorities to advocate for the adoption of a university policy surrounding meat reduction and removal, especially in respect of beef and lamb [and to campaign for] the University to issue advice to faculties, departments, and colleges on how they may follow suit in removing beef and lamb”. In addition, the SU executive is mandated to inform staff and students within the University as to Oxford SU’s support for banning beef and lamb and raising awareness of the policy’s benefitsThe motion, proposed and co-written by Vihan Jain (Worcester), Daniel Grimmer (Pembroke) and Agatha Edevane (Wycliffe Hall) refers to the EAT Lancet report for sustaining planetary health. The report argues that in the Global North, consumption of red meat should be severely limited and the intake of fruit, vegetables, nuts and legumes increased. The motion states: “As the UK’s premier university, the nation looks to Oxford for leadership, but Oxford has shown a lack of leadership in addressing climate change. The banning of beef and lamb at university-catered events and outlets is a feasible and effective strategy to help the university meet its revised 2030 goal. A change at the university level will open the gates for similar change at the college level.” Citing the University’s anti-racist efforts, the motion continues: “The university has a commitment to anti-racism, and this requires urgent action to minimise greenhouse emissions.” An item for discussion proposed by Jain to the Student Council’s 3rd Week meeting states: “The worst effects of human activity related climate change are felt by Black and Brown peoples in the Global South, with women and disabled peoples being disproportionately affected. The University has a duty to minimise its participation in human activity related climate change.” last_img read more

first_imgBack in Brooklyn for their second year, the Vulf has officially landed. Kicking off the first evening of their three-night run at the famed Brooklyn Bowl, with proper fist-pumps galore, the LA-based, Michigan-transplants returned to the stage after an impressive SummerStage debut last night. To follow up the sweet summer evening in Central Park would have been a difficult task for most, especially considering their tight and narrow songbook, but fans of Vulfpeck were treated nonetheless to yet another incredible evening of music.For the second night in a row, the four-piece rhythm section featured some of their musical idols and frequent collaborators, including guitarist Cory Wong, keyboardist/vocalist/songwriter Joey Dosik, percussion master Richie Rodriguez, trombonist Melissa Gardiner, vocal powerhouse Antwaun Stanley, and of course (drum roll, please), Bernard Purdie. Pretty Purdie has been a lifelong musical icon to those hailing from Vulf Records, so to play together – for several nights in a row – was an obvious honor for all those involved.Only the real Vulf-freaks got Brooklyn Bowl tickets during the few minutes they remained on-sale following the run’s initial announce. The evening’s ceremony began with a “Speed Walker” > “Sky Mall” narrative, with Cory Wong immediately taking his place as an obvious “should-be” member of the band, earning his position to remain on stage throughout the entire set.The night was moving at a comfortable speed, progressing in levels similar to a video game, 1…2…3…! before “Fugue State” showed up to roll the dice into another Woody Goss classic, “The Birdwatcher.”The anthemic “Rango” screamer showcased another heavy Wong highlight, proving his seriously spec-strat-ular musical prowess before the crowd joined in for some Theo Katzman-led bee-bop, scooby-doo’s. It wasn’t long before “Christmas in BK” became a venue-wide chant – bringing the collective energy in the room to its first real peak.Bernard Purdie was then introduced by a room full of chanting lovers, for Steely Dan‘s classic “Kid Charlemagne” with Katzman doing an admirable job imitating Donald Fagen on vocals, while also keeping perfect harmony with Wong to re-create Larry Carlton’s famous guitar solo. Rodriguez added his impressive fills throughout, confirming his two-year residency with Vulfpeck NYC shows and seat on 2015’s Thrill of the Arts. The feel good attitude was contagious as all getout, with shoulder snaps all around as the band spread their smiles of gratitude in playing alongside the drummer responsible for the original recording itself.Joey Dosik, the true “Game Winner”, joined the stage to lead through his tune with the band that helped popularize it. A fantastic sing-a-long for all members of the Vulfpack, now featured on their newest shirts of merchandise, and perhaps a slight inspiration to their upcoming album title The Beautiful Game (due out October 17th). The undeniable musical charm of the LA-based songwriter was an important member of the night, as he also performed in the opening slot in support of his recently-released Game Winner EP.With Purdie still on stage, Stratton called the drummer out to perform his legendary “Purdie Shuffle,” leading directly into “Something” by The Beatles, which was performed live only once previously on the night before. It was a true magical moment, as Vulfpeck surrounded themselves with the exact players needed to take their musicianship to an obvious next level.Dosik remained on the stage for another cover, The Jackson 5‘s “Never Can Say Goodbye”, before signaling the final drum kick – subsequently leading every musician in the room to dramatically fall to their knees in gratuitous awes of the legend before them. The expressions across the stage were priceless, as the lyrics changed slightly to fit the admiration of the shufflin’ hero in the back.Soon after, Mrs. Alice Stratton – the mother of Vulf Mon – joined the stage to provide a tutorial of the official “Funky Duck” dance. Watch how it all went down below, featuring Antwaun Stanley on vocals and the fabulously funky Melissa Gardiner on trombone:Stanley stuck around for his famous “1612”, providing the code to everyone’s heart before surprising fans with their favorite Stevie Wonder cover of “Boogie On Reggae Woman”, featuring Katzman on the talkbox and another Wong shred-confirmation.“Wait For The Moment”, Stanley’s first big dig from 2013’s My First Car was another moment for Vulf-fanatics, as they reminisced to past times spent on the Internet watching the geniuses before they’d explode. It was a true sing-a-long from the heart, with a pulsating trombone from Gardiner to follow the piano’s typically closing notes. The conclusion of the song ultimately ended in a classically-trained “jam”, of which Jack explained, “oh, this is a conference call now” in reference to the musical communication happening between the improvisational players.The crowd was once again given the opportunity to join in on the “Back Pocket” sing-a-long, dividing the room into vocal sections that ultimately harmonized a vibrational energy so thick that it had the potential to start an actual fire. As if it wasn’t hot enough, Gardiner joined in for a show-stopping trombone solo – literally. The band lost themselves for a second, having to stop the music completely to relocate their place – and like true professionals, they used the time to provide a teaching moment to the audience of music appreciators. The Pocket resumed and it continued to broaden.Then there was “Beastly”… Can I get a hallelujah for Joe Dart? With bass lines soaring from traditional 60’s Motown to a neck-breaking, head-snapping, and rip-roaring, almost psychedelic funkitude, the world must wonder how many love letters he has in his back pocket (a pocket so deep, you can practically drown in it).“Outro” closed the night with the return of Joey Dosik – only this time, he stood impressively with the alto saxophone, a necessity to the 2012 Vollmilch opener. The band clearly planted a seed when they played the Bowl last year, and its starting to bud into something truly special. Jack Stratton, the true bandleader, the Vulf Mon, the rotating instrumental genius, the one with the jokes, the one who can jump super high, the absolute mind-keeper of the entire operation, closed the night with the final bow – as the crowd. went. meltingly. wild.The machine is well-greased and ready to go for a night two tonight, with a promise of many special guests. See you there.Thanks to taper Eric McRoberts, we can stream some full audio from last night’s exciting Brooklyn Bowl run opener. Check out the full stream here, and see below for a beautiful gallery of images as taken by Patrick Hughes/Faces of Festivals. Enjoy the grooves!Setlist: Vulfpeck at Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY – 9/8/16Speed Walker/ Sky Mall, Fugue State, Birdwatcher, Rango, Christmas in LA, Kid Charlemagne, Game Winner, Something, Never Can Say Goodbye, Funky Duck, 1612, Boogie On Reggae Woman, Wait For The Moment, Back Pocket, Beastly, Outro[4k videos via LazyLightning55a] Load remaining imageslast_img read more

first_imgHere’s a quick roundup of stories you may have missed today. Daveed Diggs: Part OneHamilton’s Daveed Diggs will join forces with the previously reported Tony winner Annaleigh Ashford, Allegiance’s Telly Leung, the Wicked-bound Judy Kaye and more for Broadway Belts for PFFF on February 29 at the Edison Ballroom. Emceed by Julie Halston, the sixth annual concert, featuring Great White Way stars in an evening of music and comedy, will honor the late AP theater critic Michael Kuchwara and others with Pulmonary Fibrosis. Sounds like we should all be in this particular room where it happens! Oh, and more Diggs to follow below…Bernadette Peters’ Scottish BowBernadette Peters is set to play her first ever Scottish date at Edinburgh Playhouse on June 7. The Tony winner and doganizer’s date will follow her previously reported summer concerts at London’s Royal Festival Hall on June 3 and Manchester’s Opera House on June 5. One Broadway.com staff member is still looking into his air miles.New Kenneth Lonergan Movie in Bidding WarGood weekend for Kenneth Lonergan at the Sundance Film Festival—after intense competition, the domestic rights to Manchester By The Sea, which he both penned and helmed, are likely to be picked up by Amazon for $10 million, Deadline reports. And this is not going to be one of those straight-to-streaming scenarios—a traditional theatrical release and awards season campaign is planned for the movie, which stars Casey Affleck, Kyle Chandler and Broadway alum Michelle Williams. Meanwhile, Lonergan’s Hold on to Me Darling will soon see its world premiere off-Broadway, and Williams returns to the Main Stem in Blackbird on February 5.One to Watch in London: The TruthAnother production to keep an eye on from London’s buzzy Menier Chocolate Factory (Broadway’s The Color Purple revival started out there). Florian Zeller’s The Truth will make its U.K. premiere at the venue in a new version by Tony and Oscar winner Christopher Hampton. The very same Hampton who adapted Zeller’s The Father, which will begin previews on the Main Stem on March 22 and is returning to the West End this spring. Directed by Lindsay Posner, The Truth is scheduled to play March 10 through May 7 at the Chocolate Factory, officially opening on March 16. According to press notes, the show follows: “Two couples. Friendship, suspicion, deceit….and the truth.”Daveed Diggs: Part DeuxMore Diggs of Hamilton news! Broadway’s Thomas Jefferson (and Marquis de Lafayette) will appear on Law & Order: SVU on February 3 alongside Anthony Ramos, who of course plays John Laurens / Phillip Hamilton in the hit tuner. In 41 Witnesses, Ramos takes on the role of a man accused of rape; Diggs appears once again as Louis Henderson (below), who is the lawyer for one of Henderson’s alleged partners-in-crime. Mr. Diggs, you can defend us any time!(Photo by Will Hart/NBC) Daveed Diggs View Commentscenter_img Star Fileslast_img read more

first_imgImmediately after breaking the Bucksport High School record in shot put, Mavis Taungatu’a runs to hug her father, Sione Taungatu’a, who was working the scoreboard at Saturday’s Eastern Maine Indoor Track League meet at the University of Maine’s New Balance Field House. Mavis Taungatu’a, a junior, threw for 36 feet and 0.25 inches, almost two feet farther than the school record of 34 feet and 5.25 inches set 29 years ago by Frani Hollowell. PHOTO COURTESY OF KARIN BOS OF MERIDEN PHOTOGRAPHYORONO — When Mavis Taungatu’a broke the Bucksport High School record in shot put at Saturday’s Eastern Maine Indoor Track League meet, she immediately ran to the man working the scoreboard and gave him a hug.That man was both her coach and her dad.“Her father is not only a supporting parent, but Mavis’ biggest fan,” said Bucksport coach John Hunt. “He offers very good coaching tips that I appreciate.”Taungatu’a and her dad, Sione Taungatu’a, were all smiles after the junior threw for 36 feet and 0.25 inches, almost 2 feet farther than the 1986 school record of 34 feet and 5.25 inches set 29 years ago by Frani Hollowell.This is placeholder textThis is placeholder text“It’s very unusual for a throwing record to be broken by that much,” Hunt said. “Mavis is one of the hardest working, dedicated athletes I have coached. Yet she maintains a light-hearted attitude and is very attentive to her teammates.”Hunt said he noticed Mavis Taungatu’a’s potential her freshman year when she set a Penobscot Valley Conference outdoor shot put record.For the past two meets, Hunt said Mavis Taungatu’a has been toying with the indoor record, consistently throwing for 33 feet and hitting 34 feet several times. Her performance on Saturday earned her a first-place finish out of five throwers, with the runner-up Anna Bryan of John Bapst throwing for 28 feet and 6.50 inches.“Mavis deserves all the accolades for this outstanding achievement,” Hunt said. “I am so proud of her.”The meet held at the University of Maine’s New Balance Field House was separated into two competitions classified as Meets A and B.Bucksport’s Skyler Fraga runs in Saturday’s Eastern Maine Indoor Track League meet at the University of Maine’s New Balance Field House. Fraga won the boys’ one-mile run with a time of 5:13.89. PHOTO COURTEY OF KARIN BOX OF MERIDEN PHOTOGRAPHYFor the boys in Meet A, Mount Desert Island won with 106 points, and Ellsworth placed fifth with 10. In Meet B, the Central boys won with 92 points; Sumner placed third with 51; and Bucksport placed fifth with 11.For the girls in Meet A, Old Town won with 116 points; Ellsworth placed third with 43; and MDI placed fourth with 19. In Meet B, the Mattanawcook girls won with 67 points; Bucksport placed fourth with 44; and Sumner placed fifth with 10.Sumner’s Baramee Janla scooped up three first-place finishes. In the boys’ 55-meter dash, Janla won with a time of 6.89 seconds; in the 200-meter dash, 24.50 seconds; and in the 400-meter dash, 54.62 seconds.Bucksport’s Natalie Coleman collected two wins. In the girls’ 800-meter run, she finished first in 2:46.32; and in the two-mile run, 13:34.03.Other winners for the boys included Sumner’s Christian Kimball in the 55-meter hurdles with a time of 9.73; and Bucksport’s Skyler Fraga in the boys’ one-mile run with a time of 5:13.89.Bucksport, Ellsworth, Sumner and MDI will compete next on Saturday at the UMO Field House. Latest posts by Taylor Vortherms (see all) Latest Posts EHS names new boys’ soccer coach – July 13, 2016 Part 1: Invisible, incapacitating concussions are sidelining high school athletes – July 19, 2016center_img Bio Part 2: When the injury is inside your head, some “don’t get it” – July 26, 2016 Taylor VorthermsSports Editor at The Ellsworth AmericanTaylor Vortherms covers sports in Hancock County. The St. Louis, Missouri native recently graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism and joined The Ellsworth American in 2013.last_img read more

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