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first_imgBy Liz McNealIf you ask Emil Martinelli how he juggled his duty to his country, his civil citizen career and being a family man, he says, “when you’re motivated, you can do whatever you want.” However, he would never take all the credit himself. He declares that he owes it all to two things; the liberty one has to serve this country and the support of a stable career from Broadley’s, the local energy solutions specialists.Emil graduated high school in 1969, the same year the Vietnam Lottery draft was in full swing. Nevertheless, he decided to serve his country at his own will in the New Jersey Air National Guard (NJANG). On June 10, 1969, Emil graduated and had only a few days to relax and celebrate his success. He was quickly met with his duty to boot camp in Texas on June 21. That August, he was released to return home to South Jersey for on the job training (OJT). This gave Emil just enough time before beginning OJT to squeeze in a concert with his brother; Woodstock. To his dismay, he had the shortest hair there. After their quick trip to New York, Emil served in the 177th Fighter Wing until 1975.In 1983, Emil was able to begin his career at Broadley’s as the Service Manager. The routine of his nine to five was altered in 1991 in reaction to The First Gulf War. Emil describes it as his “patriotism being resurrected.” After 17 years in military retirement, Emil rejoined the NJANG at 41-years-old. He made the conscious decision not to sacrifice any aspects of his life, balancing his time between his responsibility to Broadley’s, along with extra training time on base.Then, on September 11, 2001, a routine day of checks and training did not go as expected. Emil was on base in Pomona, NJ acting as the Weapons Shop Maintenance 3 Supervisor in the NJANG. He had just finished prepping the fighter jets for their regular morning routine flight and was ready at the end of the tarmac to give the pilots the salute for liftoff. As soon as he heard on the radio “Red Ball, Red Ball. Back to the shop!” the aircrafts had to turn around. They quickly replaced their practice munitions for active air-to-air munitions. His life, everyone’s life on that base and everyone’s life in our nation had changed that day. At the time, Emil’s son was only 16-years-old and a senior in high school. He had always had his sights set on joining the military after watching his father on NJANG duty. On that day, he became absolute on following his father. Emil, his son and his son’s best friend from preschool went on to work in the Weapon’s shop on base. They all even completed a temporary duty in Qatar together.Intermittently between active deployment and routine time on the base training others, Emil was promised his previous job at Broadley’s. He was welcomed back with open arms after his recommitment to his service with a promotion. Emil’s impressive character can be seen in several milestones throughout his life, including rising in the ranks from a three-striper to an E9 slot, in addition to earning his third-degree black belt. All the while, this month marks his 33-year anniversary with Broadley’s. He is well assessed in just about every department and is currently a vital, full-time member of the team. Emil has worked with several other veterans, current and past employees at Broadley’s, including Eric Cherry, Bill Hernisey, Lee Weed and Matt Burke. Perhaps Broadley’s is such an integral part to employing military personnel because of its original founder, Gam Broadley, who joined the Marine Corps in reaction to the attack on Pearl Harbor and served in active duty during World War II.To all the men at Broadley’s who have served, and the men and women around the world who have served and are serving on behalf of our country, we say a special thank you. While we encourage celebration of our veterans every day, we urge you to take an extra moment this Veteran’s Day to reflect on all those who have sacrificed their lives and time with their family to serve our country. There is a lot to be admired by those who have the ambition and heart to serve. Whether it’s by cooking a meal for a vet, volunteering time to convene at your local VA or expressing gratitude by simply saying thanks, any act of appreciation will leave a lasting impression that our veterans deserve.last_img read more

first_imgA new study released by Bankrate, Inc. (Nasdaq: RATE) shows that the cost of getting a mortgage has fallen nationwide, a reflection of the price shift in the housing market. Nationwide, the average origination and title fees on a $200,000 mortgage this year totaled $2,732, down from $3,118 in 2008. In the study’s geographical breakdown, Texas leads the nation at an average fee of $3,855, with New York City, Florida, San Francisco and Oregon rounding out the top five. Nevada is the least expensive area with an average fee of $2,276, replacing North Carolina at the bottom of the list. To view the complete study and analysis of the data, as well as tips on what to look for in closing costs when getting a mortgage, go to http://www.bankrate.com/finance/mortgages/state-by-state-closing-costs8-(link is external)…. “Consumers need to keep a look out for the standard fees when figuring out the true cost of their new home,” said Holden Lewis, senior reporter with Bankrate.com. “Even as the average closing costs go down across the nation, some of these surprise costs can make your new home deal more expensive than you initially thought.” For this study, Bankrate surveyed one area in 49 states, two areas in California (Los Angeles and San Francisco) and the District of Columbia. Researchers picked a ZIP code in some of the largest cities in each state and requested information on the closing costs for at $200,000 loan. They requested fees on a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage for a borrower with a 20 percent down payment and good credit to buy a single-family house. Bankrate’s survey includes lenders’ origination fees and title and settlement fees, and not taxes or prepaid items. Title and 2009 2008 State or city Origination closing Total —- —- ————- ———– ——- —– 1 2 Texas $1,566 $2,290 $3,855 2 1 New York – NYC $1,038 $2,370 $3,408 3 4 Florida $1,369 $1,999 $3,368 4 11 California – San Fran $1,264 $1,853 $3,117 5 19 Oregon $1,310 $1,750 $3,059 6 9 Alaska $1,183 $1,829 $3,012 7 8 Pennsylvania $1,137 $1,872 $3,009 8 5 Oklahoma $1,238 $1,748 $2,986 9 12 Ohio $1,222 $1,760 $2,982 10 34 Washington $1,329 $1,578 $2,906 11 41* North Dakota $1,349 $1,555 $2,904 12 24 Tennessee $1,285 $1,616 $2,901 13 6 New Mexico $1,143 $1,739 $2,882 14 13 California – Los Angeles $1,264 $1,597 $2,861 15 35 Virginia $1,312 $1,546 $2,858 16 45 Utah $1,238 $1,614 $2,852 17 31 Arkansas $1,232 $1,620 $2,852 18 21* Massachusetts $1,132 $1,689 $2,822 19 17 Michigan $1,398 $1,404 $2,802 20 15 West Virginia $1,106 $1,640 $2,746 21 20 Hawaii $1,224 $1,515 $2,739 22 38 Wisconsin $1,430 $1,304 $2,734 23 32 Louisiana $1,082 $1,637 $2,720 24 16 Connecticut $1,188 $1,512 $2,700 25 30 Mississippi $1,229 $1,459 $2,689 26 25 South Carolina $1,159 $1,528 $2,687 27 29 Idaho $1,214 $1,446 $2,660 28 7 New Jersey $931 $1,725 $2,656 29 10 Colorado $1,161 $1,494 $2,655 30 21* Alabama $1,276 $1,369 $2,645 31 43 Georgia $1,151 $1,487 $2,638 32 52 South Dakota $1,369 $1,256 $2,625 33 36 Montana $1,287 $1,324 $2,611 34 49* Wyoming $1,346 $1,256 $2,602 35 26 Delaware $1,135 $1,443 $2,579 36 41* New Hampshire $1,147 $1,428 $2,575 37 49* Iowa $1,027 $1,546 $2,574 38 40 Minnesota $1,143 $1,418 $2,561 39 27 Arizona $1,088 $1,453 $2,541 40 23 Maryland $1,095 $1,418 $2,513 41 28 District of Columbia $1,117 $1,384 $2,502 42 39 Rhode Island $954 $1,542 $2,495 43 48 Illinois $1,279 $1,207 $2,486 44 14 Kentucky $1,071 $1,401 $2,472 45 44 Nebraska $1,167 $1,286 $2,453 46 56 North Carolina $1,155 $1,276 $2,431 47 54 Missouri $1,186 $1,243 $2,429 48 47 Vermont $1,040 $1,386 $2,426 49 53 Maine $1,097 $1,322 $2,419 50 46 Indiana $1,145 $1,272 $2,417 51 55 Kansas $1,019 $1,341 $2,361 52 33 Nevada $946 $1,331 $2,276 *tiedAbout Bankrate, Inc.The Bankrate network of companies includes Bankrate.com, Interest.com,Mortgage-calc.com, Nationwide Card Services, Savingforcollege.com, FeeDisclosure, InsureMeCreditCardGuide.com and Bankaholic. Each of thesebusinesses helps consumers to make informed decisions about their personalfinance matters. The company’s flagship brand, Bankrate.com is a destinationsite of personal finance channels, including banking, investing, taxes, debtmanagement and college finance. Bankrate.com is the leading aggregator ofrates and other information on more than 300 financial products, includingmortgages, credit cards, new and used auto loans, money market accounts andCDs, checking and ATM fees, home equity loans and online banking fees.Bankrate.com reviews more than 4,800 financial institutions in 575 markets in50 states. In 2008, Bankrate.com had nearly 72 million unique visitors.Bankrate.com provides financial applications and information to a network ofmore than 75 partners, including Yahoo! (Nasdaq: YHOO), America Online (NYSE:TWX), The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times (NYSE: NYT).Bankrate.com’s information is also distributed through more than 500newspapers.For more information contact:Chris SpagnuoloPublic Relations [email protected](link sends e-mail)(917) 368-8671www.bankrate.com(link is external)SOURCE Bankrate, Inc. NEW YORK, Sept. 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ —last_img read more

Bayern Munich to resume training on Monday

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first_img“In order to further slow the spread of the coronavirus, Bayern asks fans to continue to follow the instructions of the authorities and therefore please do not come to the Bayern training ground,” added the statement.More than 1,300 people have died in Germany from the coronavirus. Topics : Bayern Munich said Sunday that players will return to training on Monday for the first time since the Bundesliga was suspended due to the coronavirus.Bayern led the table by four points when the season was halted on March 13.”The Bayern Munich first team will return to training in small groups from Monday, April 6,” said a statement from the club.center_img “This will be done in coordination with government policy and the relevant authorities. “It goes without saying that all hygiene regulations will be strictly observed.”German football league officials had already advised a break in training until Sunday at the earliest.Bayern said that training will be held in private with no members of the public allowed.last_img read more