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Motorola Atrix Lapdock dropped to 50 by ATT

September 21, 2019 | mrhtxubs | No Comments

first_imgWhen it  launched at the beginning of this year, the Motorola Atrix was dubbed “the world’s most powerful smartphone.” It was also the one with the most interesting accessories, which included a dedicated multimedia dock for hooking up the Atrix to your home theater and the lapdock, which turned the phone into an Android-powered laptop.Unfortunately, the lapdock first hit the street with an exorbitant $500-plus price tag that most folks seemed to find a tad off-putting. You can buy a pretty solid Windows laptop for that kind of money, really. Later the dock dropped to $299, which made it a bit more interesting — but now it’s an absolute steal at just $50 from the AT&T web store.For those of you who already own the original Atrix, picking up a lapdock at this price is a no-brainer. For those who don’t, well, if the idea intrigued you and you have an extra $400 lying around, grab an unlocked Atrix on eBay and then hurry back to AT&T and buy the dock before they run out of stock.This is the closest the Atrix lapdock has come to its introductory pricing at Best Buy in quite some time. It’s almost certainly a move to clear out any remaining stock by AT&T — not an attempt to generate interest the way RIM has been with its repeated price changes on the PlayBook in recent months. It’s high time for the Atrix 2 to take center stage, after all, so its predecessor and accessories need to make room.More at AT&Tlast_img read more