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first_imgThe Duo / Joe Russo’s Almost Dead’s Marco Benevento is definitely known for his mastery of anything involving the keys, but apparently he has been polishing his skills as a DJ as well. This weekend, Benevento will perform a special dance party at Catskill Mountain Pizza Company in Woodstock, NY, spinning vinyl on the turntables….you know, the old-school way.The set will take place this Saturday night, January 7th from 11pm – 1am, to a limited audience of only 75 people. So, if you are looking for a dance party up in that area, get on tickets quickly. They can be purchased here.[via Jambase]last_img

Departing governors reminisce, offer advice

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first_img Departing governors reminisce, offer advice Senior Editor“Don’t never give up.”Outgoing Bar President Tod Aronovitz ended his final Board of Governors meeting May 30 with those words, a theme he picked up in college from a golf course groundskeeper who became his friend.The occasion was the annual “Comments for the Good of the Order,” where departing board members offer thoughts and suggestions for the Bar. The comments are typically laced with appreciations of friendship and camaraderie developed on the board, along with serious suggestions on challenges facing the Bar.Topics ranged from attacks on the independent judiciary to lawyer advertising, with speaker after speaker emphasizing that the Bar must remain true to its principles. Or, in other words, don’t never give up.Board member Tony Abate said he has the “highest regard” for the Bar’s grievance process, but thinks the process could move faster.“It’s important to show the public that we police ourselves and we police ourselves quickly,” he said.Abate also praised Aronovitz’s Dignity in Law initiative, but said much of its good work in improving public attitudes toward the profession is undermined by lawyer advertising. Abate called for an overhaul of advertising rules.“If Dignity in Law is bailing water out of the boat, lawyer advertising is holes putting water into the boat,” he said.The Bar should also do more to help lawyers’ quality of life, including those battling depression, and should continue its effort to technologically help lawyers, Abate said. He added that the planned Web portal, free for Bar members, “is one of the biggest things this Bar has done in many years as far as helping members.”Board member Richard Gilbert warned members about attacks on the independence of the judiciary, on the legal profession, and on the public’s access to courts.“Alexander Hamilton, one of the great liberals of his day, said there is no democratic government without an independent judiciary,” he said.Lawyers face challenges from restrictions on their abilities to represent clients to suggested rules that could undermine loyalty to the client.“We need to debate them,” Gilbert said. “Sometimes you have to draw a line in the sand. Sometimes you can’t compromise. Sometimes you need to be brought home dead on your shield rather that be brought home dead of a thousand cuts.”Efforts to reduce awards and cut fees for lawyers are really attempts to keep some people from having access to the courts he said, and that too needs to be opposed.“Some of you will say to me that’s politics, and my suggestion to you is what is happening in politics is the rich and powerful are imposing their will on the legislative and executive branches at the expense of those who are poor and powerless,” he said. Lawyers need to ensure “the scales of justice are not unbalanced.”Public board member Royce Walden thanked board members for the friendship and allowing him to participate, including as a member of the Investment Committee and chair of the Audit Committee.Walden, a former director of the Jacksonville Federal Reserve Office branch, said he was somewhat taken aback four years ago when he realized he would have to work with 50 lawyers on the board.“I prayed to God. I said, ‘Lord, give me patience,’” he recalled. “He sent me an e-mail back. He said, ‘I gave you life, Royce, it’s up to you to learn patience.’“I’ve enjoyed working with you and I’ve found out one thing about you: You’re human beings.”Outgoing YLD President Juliet Roulhac said the experience with the board brought highs and lows. “I’ve worked with some of the most professional and expert lawyers here. That’s a high for me,” she said. The lows, she added, were working on discipline cases and seeing some of the “egregious acts of some of our colleagues.”Roulhac also thanked outgoing President Aronovitz, saying, “You’re always so gracious in everything that you do. Despite different experience levels, you’ve always treated me with the utmost respect.”Board member John Yanchunis agreed that a highlight was working with other board members, including listening to their debates.“I had a phenomenal time and again was humbled many, many times to listen to the greatness of the debate and the intellects in this room,” he said. “I want to thank you again for listening to me when I couldn’t keep my own counsel and rose to make some inane comment.”Out-of-state board member Denny Whalen said out-of-staters have the chance to compare The Florida Bar with other state associations. “The Florida Bar ranks right up there,” he added. “It’s been an honor to serve with you and service is what this is about. The Florida Bar certainly gets high marks.”Board member Andrew Needle cited the debate over multidisciplinary practices as an example of the importance of lawyers sticking to their core values.He noted at his first meeting, the board was “told that MDP was a train that none of us could stop. We had to get out of the way or we would be run over. And one day we picked up the paper and saw Enron and Arthur Andersen and suddenly that train was stopped for the very reasons we predicted it would be stopped,” Needle said. “We stood up. . . and said it was wrong.”Needle also said many Bar members don’t understand what the board does, a view endorsed by board member Buck Vocelle who said board members need to change that.“The work we do is done in anonymity. In my small circuit (the 19th) trying to tell lawyers what we do is like talking to a brick wall,” he said. “In recent years, trying to get lawyers involved in the Bar is like trying to pull teeth. You must keep up the fight.”And Vocelle cited Enron and the MDP issue as showing the importance that even a single lawyer can make, saying if one executive or accountant at Enron had stood up, its problems might have been avoided.“Time after time in the last eight years I’ve seen a single voice turn this entire board around,” he said. “Don’t give up the fight. Don’t give up your passion. Don’t give up your perseverance.”In his eight years, board member David Welch said he’s seen many issues arise again and again, especially legislative proposals that damage the independence of the courts.“Don’t forget who you’re here to represent. There are 70,000 members of The Florida Bar out there who expect us to do the work of The Florida Bar for their benefit and for the benefit of the public, generally,” he said. “One of the most important aspects is the preservation of the rule of law and the preservation of the independence of the judiciary.”Aronovitz closed the session by thanking board members and others for their support.“Ralph Waldo Emerson is quoted as saying, ‘nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm,’ and I want to say to you I undertook every act as president with faith and great enthusiasm,” he said.He also quoted a prayer given by YLD board member Lorna Brown-Burton at a recent meeting: “God help us to remember at this meeting. . . that all things work together for good. I do not need to understand why things are happening the way they are as I trust in the divine plan. Teach us to accept ourselves, other people, and situations as they are, not as we want them to be. Teach us to develop the courage, strength, obedience, and discipline to act on what we know to be true. We all have something to do and contribute to the vision and business of this organization and our profession. Once we understand all of this, then it is with God’s guidance that success is achieved.”Aronovitz added, “We in this room have the talent and the ability under [new Bar President] Miles [McGrane’s] leadership and we have a great message. It’s been my honor to serve as your president. Don’t never give up.” Departing governors reminisce, offer advice July 1, 2003 Gary Blankenship Senior Editor Regular Newslast_img read more

Duterte lambasts medical workers

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first_imgDuterte responded to the call of the medical group as he placed National Capital Region, Laguna, Cavite, Rizal, and Bulacan under modified ECQ for 15 days starting today. In an address to the public late Sunday night, Duterte said that the healthcare workers could just have written a letter or asked for an audience to request Metro Manila’s enhanced community quarantine (ECQ)  shift instead of going public.“There is no need for you and for the guys, 1,000 of you, telling us what to do publicly. You could have just written us a letter. Lahat naman ng sinasabi ninyo sinusunod namin,” Duterte said. MANILA – While he has approved the grant of additional benefits to them, President Rodrigo Duterte unleashed a rant against healthcare workers for trying “to demean the government efforts.” In a letter to Duterte over the weekend, medical groups had pleaded for a “timeout,” asking for a two-week return to ECQ in Metro Manila as coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) cases in the country continued to surge. “Pero huwag kayo magsigaw-sigaw rebolusyon. Sa totoo…Magsabi ka rebolusyon, go ahead, try it. Sirain natin, patayin natin lahat ng mga may COVID. Is that what you want? We can always end our existence in this manner,” he added.“I dare you, do it,” he further said. “I don’t give a fuck if you gather one thousand, two thousand, but bear in mind na kayo mismo ipa-take over ko…tingnan ko kung ano ang lagay ninyo. We are not incompetents here because we are not doctors.”Earlier in his speech, Duterte has approved healthcare workers’ additional benefits like risk allowance for private sector healthcare workers treating COVID-19 patients; P10,000 to P15,000 for every healthcare worker that gets sick; life insurance; free accommodation; transportation; and testing./PNcenter_img “I am sure that is not in your heart, I am sure that in your despair, I would like to tell you na ang iyong gobyerno ay hindi nag-iiwan ng mga trabahante. We are doing everything possible to alleviate the situation, to assist our healthcare workers,” Duterte said. “Kung sabihin ninyo you raise the spectacle of agony ninyo, you treat it as if you are about ready to stop work, huwag naman ganon kasi kawawa ang mga kababayan. Sino ang aasahan namin?” he added. He said that while he understands that the health workers are “bone-weary” after several months of battling the infectious respiratory illness but he said that they should not demean the government efforts against COVID-19.last_img read more